Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First day in The US

Sunday, June 24th
The Apartment

24 June 2012
T’s bedroom is so cosy and the bed so high. Bedding by Ralph Lauren all the way to the scatter cushions. Fancy! I almost didn’t want to mess it up. It was so so hot! You wouldn’t believe the weather here! When i walked into the apartment the night before, it felt like walking into an oven!
I must have slept for 6 hours, far less than I’d anticipated. I was up around 8am. I felt lost without my phone, I couldn’t reach anybody. I took a shower and got ready to go to Mc Donald’s for internet. I saw one down the road from the apartment the night before. As I was about to open the door to leave, I heard a knock. WHO COULD THAT BE! I was hesitant to open the door, only for a split second though, thereafter I ran to get it! “Hi, Bar...ber...Bhabhalwe?” Errr, yeah, that’s me? “T Sent me here, she said you don’t have a phone, she will call you on my phone in a minute”   HALLELUJAH!  ‘Oh, are you her boyfriend?’. “Yes, sorry, I’m Dick”. Nice to meet you Dick.........
T called and told me Vic would take me to the supermarket, and anywhere else I needed to go, for example, the cell phone shop to get a new SIM Card. I couldn’t be more grateful. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Had  he arrived a minute later, he would’ve missed me and I don’t know where he would’ve found me because I wouldn’t have left a note on the door, I wasn’t expecting anyone. He was surprised that I figured out my own way to get to Connecticut from New York. Well, when you haven’t got much of a choice, you do what you’ve got to, don’t you?

He took me to Shoprite , just down the road from the apartment, I got groceries for the week, back to the house, to the mall, which was a bit further than Shoprite but not much, I got a new SIM Card, they activated it immediately, the messages came flocking thereafter, one from T, from Facebook, explaining how she couldn’t pick me up from the airport and  how I should take the trains to Connecticut because they run  24/7. I wish she had sent me a text instead as I didn’t have Facebook access and I’d told her that and it never would’ve cost her a thing to send me a text. Anyway, what’s done was done. I was able to text my  loved ones and tell them I’d arrived safely.
We had fast food for lunch, I asked him to take me to KFC, I was still on my KFC Trip, I wanted to try the grilled chicken. It was nice, it tasted just like regular KFC. I paid, yeah, I had some $, what do you take me for? ;)
Lauren by Ralph Lauren

He dropped me off at the apartment and left. I spent most of the afternoon chatting, and trying not to fall asleep, what with jetlag and all. I fiddled with the television and managed to turn it on, all I wanted to see was what’s currently playing over here, then I switched it off. I didn’t want the roommate to get home and find me watching her TV. Another knock on the door.  Oh, it’s T. It was nice to see her. She didn’t say she was coming. She said she did, but oh well. She stopped by for a minute and had to rush back for work.
N, the roommate came home Monday night. It must have been around 10pm. She was from work. She told me just about everything about herself, her amazing life, her bubbly personality, how much men love her and how she plays them, etc and etc. After 1am, I had to excuse myself and go to bed.  Not the worst first two days in The US of A.

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