Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Night With You

We drove off. We started off at the supermarket. He asked me what my favorite meat was. I told him, Pork. He tried to by collard greens, I've never even eaten those, I know they are an African American staple aka soul food. I jokingly told him that was a racist move. He bought some veggies. Something about that experience reminded me of my time with Spotty who would also take me to the store to grab a few things before cooking me dinner. It was sweet. I'm all for that! He asked if I wanted wine or something. I politely declined, and told him it would take more than a couple of wines to get into my pants. We went to the house. He was house-sitting for friends who were out of town. 

He changed into shorts and grabbed a towel. We went to the pool which was down the street from where we were. He happened to have the key for that pool. I don't quite follow what the whole deal was but whatevz, right? I sat on the side, on the pool chair and watched him swim. I enjoyed seeing his hair sling all the way to the back, so hot! He was shirtless too, mhhhhh! I went into the water for a sec, and ended up sitting on the stairs with my feet in the water. The water was fresh, there was shade where the pool was. He came and tried to pool me into the pool. Not cool! I freaked out, big time because I genuinely don't know how to swim! Whew! He got out and gave me a hug, which more than made up for that mishap. It made me feel alive, child! It had been a while since I had been hugged by a really hot guy!

When he was done swimming, we went back to the house. We got lucky, it was just us by the pool. He took a quick shower, while I waited in the living room. He came out naked from bathroom to bedroom. I didn't really see anything but I thought that was quite out there of him. We only knew each other for a couple of hours, Double You Tee Eff? He was like, sorry, and kept walking as if he forgot there was a random girl in the next room. Anyway, he came out with his hair tied and had fresh clothes on and cooked for me. Best part ever! I was standing there like I hadn't a care in the world but I must admit, I was charming. My pants were falling off a little bit. Dude, was charming the pants off me! Or should I say off of me? (American English :))

We watched some TV while he was cooking. He shifted the TV around a bit for us to see clearer, the thing turned off! Hunter then suggested we go eat upstairs, there's another tv up there. This was the main bedroom. We sat on the bed, and dug in. Oh my goodness, yumness! The food was divine! He made pork with amazing gravy that had mushrooms in it, mash potato and salad. Delish to infinity! I don't know what he put in that meat that just made it taste so insanely good!

Halfway through dinner, he kissed me. Mhhhh, we almost got carried away there but we had to focus, the gravy was about to spill all over the bed. We didn't want that! I cleaned up my plate, the food was that good! We made out some more after dinner. We may have done more than just made out but does a lady kiss and tell? I think not! All I can say was, it is not my modus operandi to get down on the first night but it happened and it was good! Who am I kidding? It was great! Did  I tell you there was a mirror on the ceiling of the room? Yup! I became one of those people who watch themselves in the mirror, haha! 

Afterwards, we just hung out and talked. He asked a bit about myself and previous relationships, I told him some,and asked about him. He told me about this woman who was his best friend al his life, she got married, he did his thing, but they always stayed in touch. Her husband was abusive, apparently one night, the husband forced her at gunpoint to give her head. Can you imagine? Crazy, right? Long story, that marriage didn't work out. Shocker! Then hunter and this woman ended up dating. He says it was perfect. unfortunately, not on her part. She broke up with him. He got all emotional and told me that she dumped him because she likes assholes and he's romantic and sensitive. I told him that's not a bad thing, girls like Sensitive, romantic guys. He was like no they don't, look what happened to me. He also kept telling me not to speak for this woman I don't even know. I was like omg, #isues! 

After the long story about the bff, Something he said put me off. It was how he said it, something about how he is not ready for a relationship blah blah blah, I thought to myself, perfect timing asshole! Soon thereafter, I got ready to leave . He asked me what I was doing, why do I have nervous energy. I told him, I don't know if he wants to call it that but I was ready to go home. He asked why, he thought we were having fun. We were but you can't pull a tool move and still expect to keep having fun. I wasn't a bitch about it, or didn't even act offended, I just told him I wanted to go home, that's it. Plus, we hadn't planned to spend the night or whatever, it was the pool and dinner, we had both and then some, so bye Felicia! 

He told me he wished I would stay. I could see that he had no clue that he offended me. I didn't really care at that point in time. On our way home, it was a bit of a drive, abut 20 minutes. He asked if I was ok. I told him why I wanted to go home. He apologized. He told me it came out wrong, he was enjoying my company and would have loved it if I stayed the night. I accepted the apology and let him drive me back to the hostel. It was a nice drive, he lives all the other side of the strip, I'm on the opposite side. We took the scenic route back to the hostel though, not through the strip. He was telling me stories about the hotels as we were driving past them, not all of them, he's a Poker player, not a tour guide! Oh yeah, that's what he does for a living! Wouldn't it be nice? 'What do you do for a living?' Who me? 'Yeah, you!' Oh, I'm a poker player! Thanks for asking! I wanna be that guy! The guy who has a cool job! Never mind, I am that guy. Duh! I have fun for a living!

Hunter promised to teach me, I can't gamble for sht. All I can do is play slots. I wanna be those people who play mental games and win wads of money. This is all he does for a living and he makes enough money to sustain himself! I digress. I thought to myself, why don't I just make a night out of this, it was great after all, might as well, go all out for the night and then forget about this guy. Right? We ended up back at the hostel. We had been cool all the way back there, so as soon as he pulled up, I told him I changed my mind. He was like, 'you're coming back with me?' Yeah, jerk, let's go! He was so happy to hear that! We drove back, blasting rock and roll in the car. We watched a movie and went to sleep. The  house is kinda big, he had his room, the spare room, downstairs and the main bedroom with a bathroom were upstairs. It was ok. It wasn't his house, so whatever, really. There's a fridge in the garage, that's where all the alcohol and tons of bottled water are stored. Me, being the water guzzler, I am, I frequented that fridge. 

The following morning, we hung out for a bit, Hunter made breakfast. A slice of bread, he dug out a heart in the centre of the slice, filled it with an egg, then grilled it. He made some cheesy something something on the side and topped the heart with it and put it next to the slice. It was so pretty and so delicious. It's the kind of stuff that can easily confuse a girl. All a girl ever really wants is a cute guy who is a rock start in bed, romantic, sensitive, cooks like the best of them and is a poker player, haha. That's it! No? If you're going to tell a girl you're not ready for a relationship and then make her heart shaped sandwiches in the morning, a girl can get confused! I'm good though, if you're gonna look me square in the eye and tell me where I stand with you, I hear you loud and clear. Hunter was once a cook in a restaurant, so he really can cook.

Around noon, he took me back to the hostel. When he dropped me off, he told me he had a good time, we should do it again. I was like, for sure! NOT! We exchanged text constantly after that. I wasn't taking him seriously because I am not trying to fall for another guy that's not into me like that. Been there, done that! Spotty anyone?