Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fat Pig

Morning after passing out with Charlie at my place
Chicken tenders or whatever you wanna call them and fries and that cheesy bread thing

I was counting calories then, this meal was more than my quota for the day. Oops!

I couldn't finish the super thick milkshake, too full!
Above, is the breakfast Charlie and I had morning after the laundry

One morning, I was on my way downtown to donate plasma or blood. I left quite early because it can be packed over there, ain't nobody got all day just to donate plasma. I walked to the bus stop on the Strip. There was a lady already at the stop when I got there. I greeted her and stood next to where she was sitting. She seemed like she was a 'working girl', if you know what I mean. It doesn't bother me. It's not my body she uses for any of that 'work'. Not too long after I got there, this guy shows up in a blue Toyota SUV. He slows down and smiles at me. I politely smile in return. He drove off. Not before the lady fixed herself up as if to get the guy's attention. A minute later, a guy in a blue Toyota SUV, smiles, slows down and waves at me. I smile in return and take no note of the fact that it could be the same guy. A minute later, lo and behold the same bleeping guy comes back! I was just like, ok now, the fck is going on here? By then the lady had walked down the street, probably to avail herself in case that guy came back, which he did. When the guy came back for the third time, I was just like, no dude, I'm waiting for the buy, I am not selling anything. The heck!

I did what  I had to do at the blood place, they stab you with this ginormous needle and suck a whole lot of blood from you. It goes through a machine, which takes out the plasma and then returns the rest of your blood into your system. After all that, they bondage you like this...

My ashy arm. I was always ashy in Vegas, no amount of lotion was enough

Walking to the bus stop in the heat, I was sweating bullets. 

No jokes!  Desert heat!

I was walking towards the bus stop, minding my own business when...
Say it ain't so!
I tell you this is way in the afternoon! When I first saw this guy, it was in the morning! Then I saw him in a different part of town that afternoon. He pulled up at that parking and hollered at me. I turned around, took a picture of his car and asked if he's stalking. Silly question, of course! Like he's gonna tell me if he is, right? He told me he wasn't , it was a coincidence, he wanted to talk to him. I told him I was not interested. Fortunately, the guy who was sitting next to me at the clinic came by, I walked with him to the stop. I told him about that guy, he was like, Watch out for these Mexicans, they like black women. 

That's what happens when I show cleavage. This probably happens to most women. 

Me, that day.
That's not even a fraction of them, in real life haha! I got 99 problems, but a cup size ain't one of them. I write that because Jay-Z's song 99 problems just came up as I'm typing this lol.

I saw this at the clinic and liked it

Charlie and I continued chatting without seeing each other. One Afternoon, I wanted to go to the movies, Tony and I had agreed that we were going to see the movie, Blended together. I asked her that morning if she wanted to go, she wasn't feeling well, or something. Then turned around and told me she had just got home from buffet with this guy she was seeing, so I thought, I'd just go to the movies by myself; on my way there, I got lost and ended up right at the bakery. Of course, I went in! They had a dozen giant rolls on sale, I bought the brown and the white ones. I took them to the movies with me. I wasn't going to eat them in there, but I didn't have a car to leave them in. I tried to buy a ticket, the guy told me to leave my rolls in the car, food wasn't allowed in the theatres. Oy! He just wouldn't let me. I asked if I could leave them in the office, he was like, nope! I was so excited, I had already checked in on Facebook that I was at the movies. The guy let me stand there like a fool with two huge bags full of giant rolls. Eventually I left, my feelings were so hurt! I called my sister, she didn't pick up. Great! I walked towards the but stop, my sis called back. I was over it by then. We talked about other stuff, then I got a text from Charlie. He asked if I wanted to hang out at his place. His roommate had, apparently moved out. Finally.

I told him I was on my way home, he offered to pick me up. I took my God-forsaken rolls home, had one or two for lunch and Charlie came by. I offered him one of the dozens. He told me he had bread at his house. We rode to his place. It was my first time there. It's a one bedroom apartment, with a king size bed. I loved king size beds. I had a custom made one back in South Africa. Size is everything. We hung out and talked, then he took me to dinner. We just went around the corner and decided to try some Chinese place next door to his apartment. The food was divine over there, oh my goodness! 
They gave me a lot of meet too, see? Rice was on the side

I had pork, Charlie had beef, it came with rice. I know mine did. I always order rice, I seem to love it more and more everyday. The food was off the chains and the lady was so nice too. We Took the food home. We sat and ate and watched TV, it was really nice. 
My mango drink with those sweet, black round things whose name I always forget

I may have mentioned when Charlie was at my place that I didn't have my towels there, some of my stuff was at Chris' in LA. He was nice enough to store my stuff at his place for me at no charge. I did give him a whole lot of stuff in return, but he didn't want anything from me for keeping the stuff. I hadn't had a chance yet to get the rest of my stuff when I met Charlie. I mean, I practically met Charlie the same month I moved to Vegas. 

When I was leaving for my place, he gave me a brand new towel to use in the meantime. He gave me a stylus (those touch screen pens for your phone and tablet), his. I thought it was cute, he gave it to me and wouldn't take no for an answer. He also gave me pepper spray for safety. I have never had to use it, knock on wood! 
I may have snacked on half a tub of this Hazelnut spread at Charlie's. So good!

The stuff he gave me, of course I took a picture of everything! You're welcome!
He took me home, we hung out over there, lay on my tiny bed, nothing compared to his king size, and listened to music. We also watched my favorite morbid shows. The first 48. Which, if you haven't seen it, documents police as they try to make an arrest after the first 48 hours of a murder. Riveting show! My least favorite part is seeing the loved ones of the deceased. I hit mute when we get to that part. 

That afternoon, Charlie went back to his house to nap before he went to work that night. He sent me a random text about how his friend told him that I would never be faithful to him. I was like, why wouldn't I be? He said, the friend also called me this, that and the other. And that whole thing about the friend calling me a fat pig and Charlie defending me by saying, "She's MY fat pig!" At some point, I think the pressure of it all cause Charlie to ask me to lose 30 pounds. I told him I was already watching my weight, if he was going to tell me what to do with my life, he was going to mess up with my vibe. Like, don't tell a girl to lose weight, I don't care what your friends say! Otherwise, don't be with that girl!

After a few days, I sent Tony a text, asking how she was doing. There was this guy that she was seeing, long, complicated story but not mine to tell. I wanted to hear about that as well. She didn't reply. Oh well. One afternoon, she sent me a text, telling me how her feelings were hurt because she and I had agreed we were going to go to the movies together, next thing she knew, I checked in on Facebook that I was at the movies watching the very movie that she and I were going to see. That thew me completely off because, WHAT?!!?!?!?! She had told me she was sick and turned around and went out to a buffet, unless the buffet was at her house! I was glad she brought up her concerns but at the same time, I thought it was pretty weird considering her life wasn't at a stand still and I had to put mine on hold and wait for her. Plus, I never even got to see that movie. After I couldn't watch it at at the cinema, that very night, I got to Charlie's and downloaded the heck out of it online and watched it the very following day. Tony and I patched things up and were friends again.

Charlie and I just kept chatting via text, nothing serious. Hunter, remember him? The uber hot guy who cooked for me?Well... we were still talking! I was kind of in a funk one Friday when he asked if I wanted to go visit him. I agreed. He told me he didn't have his car, it was with a mechanic. He asked me to take a cab, he was going to refund me when I got to his place. I knew, I was guaranteed a great time when I got there, so I took the bus.... two.. and a cab. The cab took, roughly, forever before it got there and I was so close to Hunter's place. I couldn't walk, it wasn't that close. The cab companies told me that it was the weekend, everybody wanted to make money, nobody wanted to drop someone off, two miles away. They made a good point, but what was I to do? Eventually, two taxis were on their way to pick me up. I took the first one that arrived. I was lucky, there was a Taco Bell at that bus stop, they let me wait there and charge their phone without having bought anything. 

By the time I arrived at Hunter's, I was not in the mood at all. I just wanted to vent about the horrendous, three hour trip to his place. He wasn't having it! It must have been the full moon or something because Hunter wasn't in the mood either. When I got there, he paid the driver, gave me a hug, I started talking about how long it took me to get there, he told me he didn't want to hear about it. I was there now, and that was all that mattered. That caught me so off guard! We went into the house, sat on the sofa, he was watching a movie, he's always watching a movie! We had a lousy conversation, about Lord knows what, I didn't care, he said something rude, I didn't care, I told him I was going to bed. I walked away. 

As soon as I got into bed, Hunter jumped into the bed, held both my hands together with one hand behind my back, it hurt because that's not normally what I do with my hands; he whispered in my ear. Don't ever walk away from me again! Whoa! WTF?!?!?


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I am super scared of needles. Yooo looking at that picture of your bandaged arm makes my blood go cold

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Before this I did not know that there are people who need plasma. What do they suffer from?

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Oh my! Hunter the hot guy who broke my heart??? Let me proceed to the next blog.

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They use it to make meds for burn victims, mainly

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Lol. You're so cute