Friday, April 24, 2015

Miss Plus America

Tortoise and I hung out one day.
Yours truly at Tort's. His art in the background. He's a very talented artist

We spent some time at my place, then he took us to his where I sat on the computer while he played the blues on the guitar. I looked for fun jobs online, there was a post about Miss plus size America. Of course I applied! They got back to me telling me they already had enough girls but were still looking for organisers. They wanted people to get them sponsors etc. Those people would get paid in commission if at all. I can't even remember because I rolled my eyes at that. I just wonder if they were looking for girls at all or used that to lure people and then attempt to use them to find them sponsors. Sorry, not interested. To me, they just seem like the people who post an ad looking for a personal shopper, they are going to send you a giant check that you must cash, use some of the money to shop and then send the rest back to an address that they send you. Of course, there would be a problem with the check because it's fake, you would be out a wad of money when the bank gets back to you about the fake check you just cashed. Basically, you've just been robbed! Before we left, Tortoise gave me an old business card with a handwritten phone number on the back. He told me to call that guy, he's single and plays drums. I asked why he wouldn't get the guy to call me instead of making me some thirsty ass girl, calling random drummers. I love me some musicians though but you know what I mean.

The 50 cent shoes I got at Ross  when out with Tortoise
Tort took me to dinner at some casino not too far from his place. He lives in the suburbs so there aren't that many casinos there but it's Vegas, so there are bound to be some close by.

We walked all the way to the restaurant. As we got there, I realised that I didn't have my cellphone with me and flipped! I could have dropped it anywhere. I hoped that it was in Tort's car. I asked him to give me his car keys so I could go check in the car. He told me if it's in the car, it was still gonna be there after dinner, let's eat first! I was like, I couldn't, I was going to look for it all the way back to the car, I might as well look for it in the car as well when I got there if I wasn't going to find it on the way. He kept coming up with excuses as to why it wasn't such a big deal, if it was in the car, I was going to find it after dinner. Eventually, he gave me the car key, looked at me hesitantly, and said, ok, I'll come with you! I had a feeling, he thought I was going to steal his car; drive it to Africa, maybe?

He came along, we found the phone on the floor of the car, went back to the restaurant and had Mexican.

Taco, Hot Tamele and other things I can't remember the names of

The food was delicious. After dinner, Tort took me home. It's always a nice time hanging with him. 

When I got home, I wondered if I should call the guy but decided against it. I mean, what do you say? Hi, can I please be your girlfriend? Would you like to be my boyfriend? Do you date black girls? What do you say?


AT  the BBW Club, the guy I told you about here came by. He shook Tony's hand, said hi, shook mine, asked how we were doing and that was it. THAT WAS IT! I was so relieved! We spent the rest of the night, having fun, dancing. I danced with some girls, who, I found out later on are in uhm, the adult entertainment business? Is that how you say porn stars nowadays? Fun all around. I had never been among so many plus sized women. I must tell you, it felt nice! I felt skinny. For the first time in a very long time, I felt like I knew what it is to be a spinner. We left after a number of hours. Tony dropped me home and went on her merry way. We planned to hang out again. 

Side note: I'm playing music randomly on my iTunes as I type this and Tortoise's song just came on. I must tell you, it's one of my favorite songs. I wish I could let you hear it. I will see if I can put it up on YouTube and post a link here. I also have Speedy's band's music but the quality of the recording isn't that great, so, we'll see. 

I was on my way job hunting along The Strip

It's fun to have fun for a living but every now and again, it's good to find a real-ish job to top up your savings, feel me? 

Same Day as above. These sunglasses have since broke. I miss them

I had a list of places that had advertised jobs online. I sent emails, texts, went in person to fill out applications, that was on the way there in the above pictures. and below.... 

Celine Still had her residency there. I believe she is no longer there.

My last stop was at Ceasars Palace.

Outside Ceasar's Palace

I went in,didn't get a vibe I was going to get the job but completed the application regardless. I was already there after all. 

I love the fake sky in some of the Casinos. I've seen it at The Venitian and Ceasar's where I took a couple of pictures...

They have Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant in there. Remember Daniel? The Italian who took me to a really nice restaurant in Hollywood for our first date? Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. Seeing Gordon's restaurant at Ceasar's reminded me of that time. It's not the same restaurant though, he has all kinds of restaurants.

PCD's store at Ceasar's.

Vegas is a really exciting place. If you haven't been there, do yourself a favor and check it out. Hell, go to the BBW Club, just don't make out with two guys the same night. Or do!