Sunday, May 03, 2015


"Don't ever walk away from me!"
I was like OUCH!
"Tell me you'll never walk away from me when I talk to you again!"
Ok, I won't! Fuuucccckkk!

At that point, I just wanted him to let me go. I didn't care if I swore under oath to things that I know for a fact were not true. I just wanted to be set free. Plus, I knew I was never ever going to be back to that house, so none of it mattered. He wanted us to talk about the fact that I walked away from him while he was talking. I wasn't in the mood for that sh*t. I was not in a good mood, it had just taken me more than two hours to get to his house, which is just 20 minutes away by car. I wasn't trying to have nonsensical conversation at that point. If he were such a gentleman, he should've let me vent, instead of cutting me off and being a hypocrite about it by expecting me to listen to him talk after he just cut me off. Who does that? What an asshole!

Eventually, I went to sleep. I was exhausted. First thing in the morning, hunter brought me coffee to bed, I don't drink coffee but I had a sip or two for peace's sake.
That's the actual cuppa he made me. You know me, I take pictures of everything.

 He made breakfast, we showered and watched movies. I am not a big movie person, I am a big person, just not a big movie person haha! When Hunter is watching a movie, he expects you to enjoy it as much as he is. Actually most people I know are that way. If it's their favorite movie, band, song, or whatever, they don't understand you to love it as well. I know that people don't like the kind of music I listen too, and I am 100% ok with that. You won't have me force my music down your throat, nah, what for? There are better things to have down your throat anyways... ba rum bum!
The dinner he made us my first night at his house; Pork, mushrooms and salad. Devine!

We had some snacks, watched tv, maybe filmed a sex tape, who knows? I can't remember haha.
That afternoon, Hunter cooked us dinner, he forced me to watch the movie because it's very good. As soon as he did, I got turned off. I just can't do things under duress. I did, however kinda watch. Towards the end, this was just after dinner, he was lie, "are you gonna wash the dishes?" I kept wondering what happened to the nice guy I spent time a weekend with before because that right there was a monster! I wasn't washing the dishes because, the Lord wanted me to watch the movie, but all of a sudden, looks like, your highness changed his mind about that! Instead of arguing about that, I just got up and did the dishes. As I was washing them, I think it dawned on him. Or Maybe he thought I was going to challenge him and argue, he was like, 'oh, no! Why don't you wait until the movie is over? I will help you with the dishes!' I thought to myself, this mutha f*cker doesn't know what he wants from me!
Breakfast, my first morning there. Check out that cuff off of a heart replaced with egg. How can you not go back for more?

I watched the rest of the movie, I couldn't tell you what the movie was about, it was ok, but I wasn't in the mood for it. Not with a gun against my head, I wasn't. When the movie was over, we got up and did the dishes. After Hunter 'helped' with the dishes, he went and said down. Before I could open my mouth and say it, he said, "And you say...?" Meaning, BITCH, YA BETTER THANK ME! Like his life depended on it. I thanked him, just in case his life did depend on it.

At some point, while hanging out in the living room, goofing around, he dragged me to the floor and did the thing he did the previous night; He grabbed both my hands and held them behind my back, I was like WTF, that hurts! Stop it! He came closer, had his face this close to mine and said, "I know you like it when I do that! Tell me you like it when I'm rough with you?" I just looked at him, there and then, it stopped hurting. It became mind over matter. I was not going to tell this random guy that I like being handled that way when I had been telling him the whole entire time that I didn't! I mean this isn't some, say thank you! Say please! Blah blah blah sht, this is my body, and if I tell you that hurts, it hurts, therefore STOP! He kept trying to have me say I liked it, I wouldn't. Eventually, he stopped.
Lunch, the day of this blog

That night, we had a nice evening, we sat outside on beach chairs, under the stars, he smoked weed and told me some long story about who knows what? I sat there and listened and enjoyed the view of his handsome face under the stars and pretended we were more than we were.
Hunter, fast asleep on my lap.You know, I love long hair on a guy. He even had a piercing on his eyebrow.

The following morning, I got ready, Hunter called me a cab. He had to go pick up his car from the mechanic, I had to go home, back to reality. He had promised to pay for my cab rides, he didn't pay for that one. Maybe, it slipped his mind, maybe not, who knows? I'll never ask. I may never even talk to him again, anyways! The cab dropped me off at the mall. I went to Walmart, bought myself the 8pc fried chicken tray and a full, grilled bbq chicken. Clearly, I was hungry, who buys that much ready made chicken when they live by themselves. Needless to say, all I had that week was chicken.



Tembz Didit said...

Eish. This guy!!! Really??? That's all I am going to say.

Tembz Didit said...

Eish. This guy!!! Really??? That's all I am going to say.

Tembz Didit said...

Eish. This guy!!! Really??? That's all I am going to say.

Babalwa Brook said...

Yup! Really!