Friday, May 08, 2015

Moses, Part The Water

Charlie and I were still texting. It wasn't anything serious, just texting back and forth and emailing. I have exchanged more texts and emails with that guy than anyone else in my entire life! He promised to take me on a real date. One day, on his off day, he took me to the movies. He picked me up on the bike. He already had a helmet for me by then. He got me a cute black one. Interestingly enough, his was white. Racist much? Haha. 
Outside my place in Vegas

My amazing helmet, so comfy inside and oh so safe!

We went across town on the bike. That thing was flying on the freeway. I had never been on a bike on the freeway before. And I don't have much faith in his driving skills, so you can imagine me screaming in his ear, 'IT'S TOO FAST! SLOW DOWN, CHARLIE! OMG SLOW DOWN!' The rocks from the freeway were hitting us, it was such a rush. A great rush! We finally made it to the theatre, I told him it's ok if he wants to pick a movie, he picked Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, or something to that effect. Not my kind of movie, but it's ok, any movie is fun to watch at the cinema.Charlie bought us drinks and popcorn. We enjoyed the movie and then off we went to lunch. The weather was interesting when we got out of the theatre. It was drizzling on and off. Charlie has this thing of giving you a ride on his bike and then halfway there telling you that he has never had a passenger before, so he feels like he might lose control and crash. Or telling you, he has had an accident every week for as long as he has owned the bike. Will tell you there just before you hop on the bike on your way back home! This time, he told me that, he hoped the road wouldn't because one of his tires is smooth, he's been meaning to replace it. He can feel it sliding all over the place as he rides. Like WTF Dude! Are you trying to kill me? I told him, I had my bus pass with me (I always do), should the road get wet, I will take the bus and catch up with him at home. I mean, what is this? Till death do us part? Heck no! It's not that deep! (that's what he said haha)
About to feast at the buffet

We made it to the casino where we were going for a buffet in one peace, thank goodness. I took a picture of my food as  I always do, Charlie asked me to take a pic of him as well, then I saw him take a picture of mine, I think he sent it to his friend and was gossiping with his friend about me, I heard him giggle throughout as he was texting. He was probably chatting with the fat pig friend. I didn't want to entertain that. It did piss me off though. I enjoyed the sausage more than anything, it reminded me of all the Boerewors from South Africa.
Speaking of which, my German Brother-in-law once asked if Boerewors is made of Boer, haha. Boer is a farmer in Afrikaans for those who don't know and wors is sausage in Afrikaans. I hope boerewors is not made from Boer, shoot!
Just meat for me please and thank you!
More Buffet! 
Desert. Nothing to write home about, I just sampled everything. Too full anyway

After dinner, we were in the parking garage when it started raining like cats and dogs. I told Charlie, I was going to take the bus. He said, ok, first let's wait and see if the rain will go away. I told him it didn't look like it was going to and the roads were already flooded; even if it would stop raining, the main problem would still be there, wet roads!
Our ride at the parking garage
We stood outside the casino, waiting for Lord knows what while Charlie was showing off to people who were going in and out of the casino for attention. One minute he was butting into their conversations, for some reason, he thought they were talking to him. Like these people are trying to get to the casino or their cars as dry as possible, why would they have a conversation with a random attention seeking person? The next minute, he was soaking his watch in water pools in the parking lot to prove that it was expensive and waterproof. Lordy!

The notorious Movado under water situation
Eventually, I let him go and headed to the bus stop. Within 20 minutes, I was home. The casino wasn't far from my place. When I got off the bus, I needed Moses to part the water, the streets were so flooded. 

By the casino before we left
Finally, I was like f*ck it! I walked right on the water. If I could swim, I would've.
Near my place. I needed to get to the other side of the street


Tembz Didit said...

What do you make of this Charlie?

Tembz Didit said...

If I try to post more than one sentence, the comment won't go through.

Tembz Didit said...

Charlie sends dual messages, I would be so confused

Babalwa Brook said...

Lost soul! That's what I make of him

Babalwa Brook said...

That's strange and must be very annoying. Are you on your tablet?

Babalwa Brook said...

Very, very confusing and frustrating