Thursday, July 16, 2015



As we were hiking up the mountain, Charlie told me that he actually left his sleeping bag there when he moved back to civilization, lo and behold, there it was! It was ripped into pieces but it was still there!I mean, it's not like garbage people picked it up. This was the middle of nowhere! Charlie told me told me that the friend hated people that's why he lived there by himself. Apparently, Charlie was the only person he got along with. The dude lived in a cave, literally! We hiked up the mountain, took pictures on our way up, or I did, I was always the one taking pictures. Charlie fired a couple of shots as we were hiking up the mountain. We also called the friend's name out. Charlie told me that the guy has a big dick. I was like, uhm, TMI! (too much information). He was like, you'll love him, he's BBC (Big Black C0ck), then he corrected himself and said BWC (Big White C0ck). I was just like, what kind of conversation is this right now? Charlie had the tendency to obsess over other men's tools. If we're out and he sees a big, tall black man, he's gonna be like, BBC!' like, loud! I'm like WTF? What are you doing? Are you trying to get us killed? I'm like I bet you you don't do that when you're by yourself, don't do it when I'm around please! Weirdo! Whatttt? Who does that? What man does that?


The dude came out, no pun intended, he was tall, really good looking and had a good head of hair! He was also tanned, I mean, he did live in the middle of the desert! He was shirtless, chilling at his place aka the cave, so he just had his shorts on, he has an 8 pack, I almost agreed with Charlie there for a second. The guy was more my type but there are good looking people all over the world, that doesn't mean to hop from one c0ck to another lol. The image of that in my head right now hahaha! I didn't know what to expect meeting that guy.Here's a guy who lives in the mountain, who is said to hate people. I'm a person, is he gonna hate me? We brought a gun and tons of ammunition, is he gonna turn around and shoot at one of us? What if he had a score to settle with Charlie and ends up shooting Charlie with his own gun? All these thoughts came to my mind, fast! We shook hands, he and Charlie caught up. They talked about people I never heard of and situations I could have never imagined. Right there, I wondered, who is this man that I'm dating?
Charlie's apartment block

I think it's important to meet your man's friend and see how he interacts with them. Not having had a lot of serious relationships, I am not accustomed to that. Usually, the only side of a guy I'm dating I know is the one he presents to me and vice versa. Charlie collected a few targets on our way up the mountain, they both set them up and we got to getting! It was kinda nice being in the middle of nowhere just the three of us like that.Especially in such a busy city like Vegas, a 24/7/365 tourist city, not to mention holding a gun and shooting at stuff. All three of us aren't great shots, I was the worst. I did hit the target a number of times though.

It was so hot outside! I can't emphasize that enough! I did have my straw hat but that doesn't prevent the heat from burning your skin. I had my giant water bottle with me, Caveman offered us a drink. I didn't feel good taking his supplies as he's in the middle of nowhere, it takes him forever to get to the city where he can stock up again. By the way, he was busy on the computer in his crib, he has an Apple Laptop, I was like good going. Apparently, he's looking for a woman, nothing serious, just someone to bone (with that BWC haha).
One of our targets. An old pillow 

Charlie used to tease me about our age difference but apparently he was once with a woman who is much older than me! Apparently the woman is friends with Cave, they were staying at the woman's temporarily, She once offered Charles a massage, that ended up with then boinking. I was like good for u, man! Get it! The woman was Cave's FWB (friend with benefits),which means Charles and Cavemen have slept with the same woman. Who knows what else happened in that house? The woman, didn't like it though, apparently, she told Charles that he's much smaller the Cavemen. That's probably where the obsession with Cavemen's size began. Well, Charlie Charles, if you want to run with the big dogs, you gotta learn to pee in the tall grass! (no pun intended ;))
On our way to the desert. Hollywood in Vegas? Yes, please, and thank you!

We finally headed back home. It was windy and the bike was swerving all over the place, SLOW DOWN! OMG, YOU GONNA KILL US! IF YOU DON'T SLOW DOWN, I SWEAR IMA......SSSLLLOOOOOWWWW DDDOOOOWWWWNNNN! We finally made it home in once peace. We were so pooped, the sun did a number on us! When we got back to Charlie's, we did laundry and some tidying up. I cooked. We had taken sandwiches with us but we never got around to eating them but nobody wanted to eat warm sandwiches once we got home.
Somewhere down there is Charlie's old sleeping bag from when he used to live in the mountains

As Charles was cleaning, he found letters he had sent to his friends and roommates when he was in jail. The letters were long and depressing, I didn't care for them but he seemed to get a kick out of reading them. He read the whole thing, I was just like, dude should've killed me in the desert. Use my head as a target and shoot me dead. Anything was better than listening to him read, especially reading prison letters. He had an annoying reading voice. When he reads, you can tell he enjoys the sound of his own voice. It's like watching someone masturbate. It's hell! Why am I watching you make love to yourself? Unless you're into that. This reminds me of a massage client  I once had in South Africa during the world cup. A British journalist, after the massage, he wanted me to jerk him off, aka happy ending. I refused, he then begged me to watch him as he played with himself, I was like, that'll be a hell no! Where my money, bitch? (bitch better have my money!)
I'm burning up!

When all was done, house cleaned, we were fed, we lay on the bed and watched some good ole telly! Charlie pulled out his cellphone and looked up Cavemen. Caveman has a Facebook account? Yup! He has pictures of himself on there that I'm surprised have not been removed. Dick everywhere! I guess he is showing the woman he's looking for what he's working with. Of course, Charlie forced me to look at the pictures. Charlie isn't persistent, he is forceful! He will get on top of you,sit on your hands and hold your eyes open and make you look at something if that's the last thing he does. No manners whatsoever! I have never met anyone like him. I often wondered if that was real life or a long ass nightmare, watching Charlie in action flip from being the best boyfriend you've ever had to ... an animal! An alien! He has tendencies that regular folk don't!

One day, Charlie had pissed me off, I wanted to leave. This was his way of making sure I stayed.
The view of Las Vegas from where we were.


Unknown said...

Yooooo. Hai maan Brook. When does this change from a good story to a bad story. I have always admired you bravery. Hai shame not this time. Yuuu uyokhwela intaba and meet a gut that you don't know and you don't run!!!!! And on top of that there are so many bullets!!! Unesbindi yuuu

Unknown said...

Yooooo. Hai maan Brook. When does this change from a good story to a bad story. I have always admired you bravery. Hai shame not this time. Yuuu uyokhwela intaba and meet a gut that you don't know and you don't run!!!!! And on top of that there are so many bullets!!! Unesbindi yuuu

Brook said...

Lmao. What am I suposed to do? Assume that I'm about to get murdered and run for the hills. Or the mountains in this case? Lol.