Thursday, July 09, 2015

Filipino Woman Wanted

My landlord didn't even question my notice. I thought, well, that was easy! 

Two weeks into my one month notice, I was getting a weird feeling about the whole moving in thing. It was just not getting talked about at all. Like, I had a feeling someone was having cold feet and it wasn't me. I decided to bring it up. I told Charlie that I was going to start packing. He asked me where I was going. I told him for my moving out at the end of the month. He was like, 'oh, you found a new place?' EEERRRR WTF? I was like, are you being for real right now? This was your idea! I've put in my notice! My landlord is looking for my replacement as we speak if she hasn't already found them! He acted like I was speaking a foreign language to him. It was quite something, I tell you! I thought to myself, this dude is bat shit crazy! Who does this to someone?

As soon as he was out of sight, I called my landlord and cancelled. Fortunately, she hadn't found someone else yet. I  thought, to get back at hiss flaky ass, I was gonna pretend like I hadn't cancelled. Make him squirm. Jerk!  I knew that that was not his idea, it was his friends telling him what to do again. The bottom line was, he listened to his friends and I was the one who was getting inconvenienced. It was somewhat a relief to learn that I wasn't about to be fully committed by living with this man! He must have been relieved too because I found out that he was still talking to other women online. He was finding Filipino women on Facebook and chatting them up to death. I could be there and this man is busy sending dick pictures to other women, What the fcking fck?!?!!?!? He had no shame! In fact, he got a kick out of that! He would show me their reactions and I would be like, wait, but what did you say to them for them to reply this way? Sometimes I wondered if he didn't have a couple screws loose upstairs.

If that was his way of making me jealous, he was going about it the wrong way! He, for some reason, was not the guy I would ever feel possessive of or who would ever break my heart and I told him that. I have been in love and have had my heart broken. It's the worst feeling in the world, having your heart broken not falling in love, obviously. Duh! lol. Even though, he and I were talking marriage and all that good stuff, I don't think I was that way in deep with him that my world would stop spinning if he left me or if I had to leave him for whatever reason. I told him because I wanted him to know. Sharing is caring, right? He wasn't thinking twice about telling me mean things his friends were saying about me. I didn't need to hide behind my friends to tell him something unsettling, I was man enough to look him in the blue eye and tell him what I was thinking.

He was telling women online that he had a girlfriend, in fact, the girlfriend was right there with him but she was older than him. I was like if you're not happy with me, break up with me, boo, the fck are you doing? He told me that he loved me and had no intentions of breaking up with me. He was committed and if we were going to get married, there was going to be no way out. I was like but then what is this that you're doing? He told me he wasn't cheating, he was just chatting. The women were all the way in the Philippines, they were never going to meet and I knew that. Uhm,. I didn't know that! How was I to know that? I'm from Africa and I'm here! It's not impossible for people to come to the United States. People do it all the time!

I once saw a conversation between him and another Filipina on Facebook where he was asking the girl to check flight prices. He wanted to pay for the girl to relocate to America to start a life with him. Wow! He must have thought his dick was much bigger than it was to have me stick around with all that nonsense going on around me.

We used to watch at least two movies per weekend or when he's off. We used to both be on RedBox. They would send us discount coupons. Charlie loves him a deal, so he would use all the coupons. They used to have rent one and get one free. Which is a good deal. We did watch a lot of movies that way. They had free internet at his place, I was like, why don't we just movies online? We could watch the more recent ones too, instead of being limited to whatever is on DVD on Redbox. He told me that he enjoyed watching movies on his big TV Screen as opposed to a tiny PC Screen. There's a way to connect TV to Laptop, but he wasn't interested. It was his money,. I was like whatever. I am not a big movie person, correction, I am big but not a movie person :), so I didn't care much. He did make sure he rented something I liked and something he liked. Sometimes he would just rent my picks only. He had his sweet moments, that Charlie!

He would make us smores and we would munch on them while watching movies. Fun times! For those who don't know what smores are, it's a sandwich made out of Graham cracker/Wholewheat cookie (biscuits) and melted chocolate and marshmallow. You melt the choc and marshmallow by putting the sandwich in the microwave for like 10 seconds. Try it, you'll love it. Especially now in winter, you know who you are!

One afternoon, Charlie was off, he asked if I wanted to go shooting. He is obsessed with his gun.I was excited to get a chance to school, whole other blog! We got on the bike, headed for the gun store to buy ammunition then headed for the desert. It was kinda windy outside. I always said a silent prayer when we were on the bike, that the route be straight because he gets excited, drives fast and then almost loses control. Train wreck! Or should I say Bike wreck? We stumbled upon a place called Hollywood. I asked him to stop and take pictures. We did. We were almost there by then. We arrived at the desert but then, Charlie wanted us to go to the mountainous part. The road is rocky, we're on a bike, I'm heavy, I didn't know if the bike could stomach that. I told him to let me walk, I would catch up with him later. He was showing off, driving really fast, turns, the works. It was just he and I there, so I guess he was showing off to me. The only thing on my mind was, I hope the bus stop isn't that far for when this bike breaks down. I had my bus ticket in the wallet and some cash. Never be caught unprepared! I know I won't!

He stopped at the foot of the mountain. Hiking time! We had fun yelling random things out loud and hearing our echoes.  Turns out, someone lived there! Like, one person lived in the desert all by himself. I was like, how do you know this again? He told me the guy was his friend, in fact, he himself (Charlie) had lived there before for like a year or something. I'm like you have a colorful past, man! Whoa! He told me that it was the best times he had ever had, living rent free! I get that but I never thought living in the mountains was an option when I thought of ways to save money. Would you do it?


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