Saturday, August 03, 2013

Daddy this, Daddy that!

We watched a little bit of Idol with Sister when she was done cooking, before El got home. I must say, I wasn’t dying for him to get home that day, unlike the day before. He got home a couple of hours or so thereafter. We hung out in the living room, I went to bed, Americans don’t go to bed like we do, like between 8 and 10pm, they stay up until 1/2am, partly because they have totally different working hours here.

Not too long after moving in with El, he told me he wanted to buy a tv and out it in the bedroom for me. He didn’t want me to be stuck “with Psycho sis” in the living room. I thought that was a nice gesture,but I really don’t need a tv. If I have internet, I’m good, I watch whatever I want online anyway, no commercials. I watch Commercials in South Africa, because there’s a chance I’m in one of them ;)
Anyway, one night, he took me to Sears, his work, it was a good 30 minute drive. On our way there, I told him  I was hungry, he stopped by some fast food restaurant, he bout us two fish burgers, and told me he wanted me to try their potato wedges, they are the best “according to him” we got there, only ordered the burgers, I thought, ok, maybe we will get the wedges some other time. I didn’t care, I just wanted to eat, something, anything. They gave us one burger, as we drove off, I asked him if we didn’t pay for two. We did, he made a U-turn, rushed back to the place, as he pulled up  by the window, the guy had our burger in hand. El said, “I want something for my trouble!” Ugh, why! So embarrassing! So cheap! They offered him something from their dollar menu, he already had something in mind, the wedges.  They made gave us some. I was dying with humiliation.
He was so proud of himself, ‘you see, daddy is very smart’ Yuck, stop that! Stop referring to yourself as daddy, that’s weird! WTF. He told me to take one and try it out, he ate the rest! Again WTF, what kind of a daddy does that to her only daughter, smdh. The fish burger was good, I mean it was ok, two for $5. We got to his work place, I had to wait in the car, not sure why, but ok. This is like after 9pm. He was in there for a good hour or so. He came back with a cute little 32 inch tv. Samsung. I had to thank daddy so much for buying that for me.

WE put it on the chest of drawers, he watched American Idol that very night. It was still audition episodes. We had the light off and just watched, well, I was on my laptop, he was watching and eating both our dinners. I remember feeling his hand grab mine, he directed my hand to his eyes, he was crying. It was over a black guy who was homeless and used to sing for quarters in the subway in NYC, he made it through to Hollywood round. I didn’t care. El obviously cared enough, or more than enough. I was like what are you doing? “See, daddy is very sensitive (FAKE), he doesn’t like it when people suffer,blah blah blah yada yada ya”. His sister had told me the day she was offloading, that he likes to cry whenever he sees black people suffer, he feels nothing for his fellow white folks. It means nothing to me, and I’m sure I speak for the entire black species when I say that. It really does nothing for me. It doesn’t make him love him any more. In fact,  on the contrary cos he comes across as fake when he does that. The fck you cryin about? STFU. I’m black, and I’m not crying, what are you doing? #racist
From then on, whenever he is in the living room or working on his computer, he changes the channel on the big TV in the living room and forces the sister to watch whatever he wants, when he is in the bedroom, he does the same there. Well, he doesn’t have to change the channel cos I just don’t use the tv. So whichever channel he left it on, is the channel he will find it on when he turns it back on. He didn’t buy that TV for me. He doesn’t do anything for anybody else but himself. Even when we go grocery shopping, and he says oh yeah here’s my sister’s list, stuff for mommy, blah blah blah, all that stuff is going to his gut. He’s gonna eat it all up, before they can say Food. Give me a break! “Daddy bought you a TV” my s.

When he asked me how it went with her sister the day we went out together, I had to tell him. I really was torn about it, but I had to tell him, just in case, that was some kind of a test. I didn’t want to be kicked out, homeless in LA, that would have made for a good blog but I wasn’t ready for that. He didn’t seem surprised, there is this thing about El that I can’t really describe. When he is supposed to show appreciation or is supposed to be surprised, he won’t show it. He will act like whatever, who cares. It’s a very holier than thou type of attitude and it gets to me but I say nothing because I also don’t believe in showing a reaction especially when someone does something hoping for one. He just said, I told you! She is the most...... the most unappreciative, blah blah blah person, you will ever meet. I want my money back! Apparently, the deal was that she was supposed to pay him back when she got paid. I don’t know why the both made such a big deal out of the car thing if she was going to pay him back whatever money he used to fix her car. Anyway, I didn’t really know these people. Still trying to figure them out.

Of course I felt bad that I told him, but it’s what it is, isn’t it?

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