Saturday, August 03, 2013

To Tell or Not to Tell

Elvis’ hours are from 1-ish until tenish pm. That’s the whole day at home, stuck with sister dearest! He called before he got off the first night and told me he would be home in an hour. It had been a long day, a call or two halfway through his shift would have been appreciated. By the time he got home, dinner was ready in the kitchen, sister had cooked. Salmon Croquettes, some veggies, mash potato. Into the main door, to the kitchen, then to the bedroom. He walked into the bedroom with a 2litre bottle of Diet Pepsi in hand, drinking straight from it. He asked me about my day, I was so overwhelmed, I told him everything. He was like, I told you, she was going to bombard you with those stories. I will tell her not to bug you with these ever again. I begged him not to. I didn’t need any awkwardness, he asked about my day, that was my day. That’s it!

We all watched American Idol, they, El and Sister know all the songs, they sing along, it’s kinda like a competition. I got over it and went to bed. The following morning, we were chilling in bed with his eyes closed as they always were when he wasn’t watching tv, eating or driving. Or at least whenever he was talking to me. I asked him how old he was. He changed the subject more than once. He told me he was as old as I knew he was. I was like, so you’re 65, he said yeah that too. He’s not 65 but he might as well be what with all the lying about his age! So the age thing was never formally addressed and no apology or remorse for lying about it. Nada!

On his way to work, in his dirty uniform, he only has two uniform t-shirts for work and two pants, I think and works five days a week, some off days, laundry never gets done, so that’s a lot of mileage on that uniform. Yuck! Anyway, he would take me with him to the store, The 99 cents only store, to grab a few things and take home with me. Usually, those were a few bottles of Diet Pepsi and whatever else we  they needed around the house. I was glad to be the heck out of that dumpster, I didn’t care where he took me or where I had to go.

So over it that, I brought up to him that I needed him to leave me keys when he went to work, he made me my own set when we went to Wal-Mart. We only went to one Wal-mart. In a black beighborghood. He wanted me to see the negativity amongst Black Americans. I automatically took offense to that, my guard was up and I was NOT going to see any negativity, just because it came from a white person, who has absolutely no bragging rights! Plus, I told him, if that place were so negative, why not go to another one then? One in a white neighbourhood. It’s Wal-Mart, they’re at every intersection! NO, DADDY WANT YOU TO SEE WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. Fck me!

He told me that wasn’t just his opinion, he had taken a few of his black exes there and they also agreed. THEN STOP FCKING GOING THERE DUMB ASS! WTF? We went in. His demeanour changed immediately! He started walking like there was wind beneath his wings so to speak, tall and holier than thou art! He was holding my hand like, yeah mutha Fcker, she’s with me, what! What! Ugh, kill me! He was kissing me, he would stand in the middle of nowhere with lots of people, black people around us, hold my chicks and plant a huge one on my lips. Bleh! Those people paid him no mind. It was all in his mind. People in that neighbourhood are too poor to care. I didn’t pick up any negative vibe from there, just that it was a poor neighbourhood, that’s all.

We got a few things, stuff for Sweetie Pie (his mom), his sister, and himself, he asked what I wanted, I told him, I was good, thanks. I was ready to get the heck outta there. He got me my spare key and a battery for a watch an ex bought me many many years ago. Thanks 123! Once I got my own key, I could go wherever I wanted, whenever. Yay! When I mentioned that I was bored at home, he was like oh yeah, I forget that you’re a world traveller, you can’t be stuck in one place. You’ve only been here for two days, I thought we could do something on my off days, but you can go with my sister, she’s always going somewhere, if you don’t mind the cats, go with her! She’d love that! Nice! But I’m not asking your sister to take me with her, you talk to her! He did! She was excited to have me tag along. El left for work, Sister was like, get ready, we have limited time to leave. Ok!She didn’t have to tell me twice!

I took a quick shower, got dressed, so psyched, LA baby, whooooo! She had her keys, by keys, I mean KEYS, she must have 67 keys on that thing, don’t ask! On our way out, she was like, “listen, Brook. You can’t tell Elvis this but I rented a car, I’ve been using it now, for a week. He can’t know about this. If he does, I will know that you told him and that will ruin things between us.” Gosh, why did she tell me this because I have to tell Elvis, I can’t keep secrets from him. Especially something about her, she may be testing me. I only just got here! These people are tight. A fifty something year old man and his sixty something year old sister. I felt bad immediately. Those two sure know how to create super awkward moments. I mean that was supposed to be a nice outing between us girls but no, not that time around!

We walked to the car, she uses a cane, remember, but she’s totally fine, I reckon she will do just as good without one, but who asked for my opinion? It was a cute little Nissan something. A New car, parked right by the gate of the apartment block. Elvis was driving past this thing for an entire week and didn’t know it was his sister’s. My poor boyfriend. The reason he wasn’t supposed to know was because, her car was in for repairs, he paid for that because, supposedly Sister didn’t have the money, meanwhile, she went and rented a nice, new car. That was the deal!

We hopped on, left the cats home, thankfully! She drives very fast, that Sister of his! She had a few errands to run and was going to have to return the car that afternoon. We drove though LA, so fun! You have no idea! If you think I love New York, you should see the smile on my face when in LA :D We went to the ATM, she withdrew a whole lot of money, bought us frozen yogurt, yum!I had to spoon feed her hers cos we had no time to sit and eat, we had to keep going. She was playing nice music in the car, we were singing along, soooo much fun! That wasn’t the same girl who was wining and wining about her brother, her father, son blah blah blah the day before. She had a very fun side to her. I will never forget that day! We then drove across town to the car hire place, return it and walked to the Trax (subway), I got change and bought myself a ticket. She offered but I insisted. I got a whole lot of coin dollars for change, so cool. I had never seen those dollars before. They look like South African 50 Cents, but double the size.
We got on the train, it was rush hour, packed to the brim. I didn’t care, I was in LA, that’s all that mattered. I embraced it all! The people were cool, dressed so cool, every other person was carrying a musical instrument, usually a guitar, but some had other stuff. People were a different cool to the cool of NYC, in New York, people are dressed up, they look serious, all the ladies are in high, high heels, the guys are clean cut, all dressed up. In LA, people are laid back, very artsy, they remind me of the people from Melville, Johannesburg. LA people are more approachable compared to New Yorkers. One of the reasons is the pace at which people walk in NYC, you can’t keep up with them if you tried, so good luck!
We missed out stop, had to get off, then take a train back, haha, we just laughed it off, we didn’t care, we were having fun. By the time we got back downtown, it was dark, she was like, ‘come on girl, let’s hurry up, we have a very hungry man to cook for! Elvis is very hungry, when he gets home, he wants his food ready or else”

Hearing her say that creeped me out a little, she sounded like she was referring to her man or something. Aaaannyywwayy...


Unknown said...

El is such a show off.

Brook said...

The worst! He makes my skin crawl.