Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Good Bye Los Angeles, hello Ontario!

As soon as El left for work, I was up, making phone calls, emailing people, doing whatever I had to to find a place to stay. Sister was out for the day, I had privacy, which was great. A friend of mine, that I never met called a friend of hers. She then called me back and told me the friend has a place for me. I could the friend, we'll call her Mae, she told me she lived two hours away, could pick me up and have me move in asap. I wanted to know if she actually had a room I could rent from her. I was so done with freebies! As we all know, there is no such thing as free lunch anyways. She told me she had room. I kept asking, "do you have a room?" She was like, yes, I have room! I wanted to negotiate rent and rules and all that before I even moved there, to see if it had potential of working out. She told me she didn't want my money, she just wanted me to be safe, she lived with her grandchildren, if I was ok with that, she didn't care about anything else. I was like, please think about charging me rent, I will me more comfortable that way. My thing is, once someone offers to do something for you free of charge, you end up being indebted to them for life. I don't like that feeling. It automatically puts you in a position of inferiority to that person. It's hard to come out of that place. Maybe it's my skew way of seeing things?

I asked her how much she was going to charge for picking me up, she told me not to patronise her. OK. I was willing to take the train, but it was getting dark, I had to pack, quickly before Sister got home. It  was going to be a while before El got home. I wasn't worried about him. Mae was on her way to pick me up in LA as soon as we hung up. I packed, well, I was living off my Walmart luggage set anyway. Remember the one El told me wasn't good enough for his girlfriend, therefore he was going to buy me a great set from Sears? Never happened. Then he told me he was going to use the money he owed me (remember trip to Universal Studios?) to buy me a set? Never happened? Never got the money back. Good thing I wrote it off as being mugged the moment she borrowed it from me.He had also told me he was going to buy a clothes rack for me, never happened. I lived off "a suitcase" the entire time I was there.

By the time Mae got there, I was done, and ready to hit the road, Jack! I couldn't be more grateful to this stranger for doing this for me when she didn't even know me. I packed my stuff in the trunk of her nice Chevrolet, ran back to the apartment, left his key and I was gone! G.O.N.E! Best feeling in the world! In fact, the feeling I had leaving that place was much, much better than when I moved in!

I got to meed Mae, she had a friend of hers in the car and her dog (Mae's dog). Everybody was lovely. I felt safe immediately. Thank goodness! It was a nice two hour drive back to Ontario from Los Angeles. This is not the Ontario in Canada, it's the one in California, near Riverside. As in the Riverside Killer. It's also not far from Big Bear, the resort the Forresters from The Bold and The Beautiful own a cabin at. Which is also where Christopher Donner, was captured and killed. You must have heard about him, the former soldier who lost it and killed ex boss or whatever? Anyway, it's beautiful there, mountains all around and snow on the mountain tops in Summer. It was a little cooler than LA but still warm enough. Very peaceful. Just what I needed at that point in time.

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