Sunday, October 13, 2013

I got the job!

When nothing came out of the job, I had practically been offered, I had to think again and think hard. I posted a few ads online Employment Wanted. I was still sending out my resume. It must have somewhat come out that I had posted an ad online, Mae asked me to post one for her too. All of a sudden, she was seriously looking for a job. She came out of retirement! She was right there at the library with me applying and stuff. Day after I posted her ad, she got a response and subsequently got the job! She's still in that job. Talk about a slap on the face! She works for three different branches of the company, she asked me numerous times to go with her and, I don't know, watch the grass grow while she works? I refused every single time!

She has a Nigerian friend who owns a Computer store. We would go visit often. Apparently he has always had a crush on her, but he's married, has been for 20 years, then it came out that he has a gorgeous house, then his wife is very lucky to be with him, I found out they had dated for a while four years ago, but nothing came of it because the wife's mother is Mae's ex neighbour. Then I found out that they were together for a very long time but Mae was over being with a married man, I was just like, you know what! Whenever we went over there, they always flirted and kissed in the mouth, then he would spank her butt. One afternoon, she told him my entire life story and asked him to hook me up with a good man. #EyeRoll

He has a friend who is a pasta. The friend, apparently loves black women, blah blah blah. They called him on the phone and made me give him my number, The friend talked for like ever on the phone, about himself and how is a good catch, he loves younger, black women and he knows how to please them in bed, he tried telling me how he makes his women squ*rt, I was like, er, yeah, I gotta go now, bye! While on the phone with Pastor Pervert, who by the way has a project in Africa, he goes there often and he was telling me about how poor people are in that part of the country, women be walking around braless, you can see their breasts through their thin, old and torn blouses. Far as I'm concerned, he is a freak who needs to get the heck out of my continent! I can only imagine how many women he has given orgasms in that village, seeing as he is so good in bed. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! So while on the phone with him, Mae and Friend were going at it, make out session, he was caressing her breasts, she was moaning. I kid you not! This is a tiny, little office at the back of the store, I was right there with them. Just because I was on the phone doesn't mean I wanna watch you guys have s*x, I mean, really now! Who does that?

I walked out, they were like, get back here! WTF! No, I don't want to! What!!!!!

Pastor Perv called again one random morning, he talked about s*x again, I had to go, we never talked again. He had told me he wanted to meet me, I should go to LA and spend the weekend with him at his house. I was like, yeah, I'm good, thanks. If a guy wants to see a girl for the first time, he should go pick up the girl and take her somewhere private to spend time. He told me he was going to see when his friend would be available to pick his s up, dude doesn't even have a car? Who doesn't have a car in LA? Well, him, I guess. One random morning, I got a call from Mae's friend. If I didn't know better, I would say he flirted with me a little bit before telling me who he was. Can you say creepy? Of course, I didn't go there with him, I got no time to play, WHO AM I TALKING TO first! He then asked if he could bring Pastor over to the house that afternoon, he wanted us to get sometime alone, he would take Mae with him, blah blah blah. WTF is this? I didn't need that kind of time alone with that random, weird, pastor, I had never even met! I agreed, knowing that I wasn't gonna do anything I didn't want to do. He never brought him over! Go figure!

We never went back to the church Mae took me to my first day there. In fact, we never ever went to church again! Don't ask! Apparently, she used to have a crush on the pastor of THAT church growing up, but he went on to get married. She was currently dating a Pastor from a church who she met on blackpeoplemeet, a website where, you guessed! You meet black people! They are still together. They were already dating when she went on third base with the Nigerian PC Store guy. She went on a few dates with a few different guys. In her defense, she's not married, so... I enjoyed watching her get ready for dates, she dressed so beautifully! She has more than 50 bottles of different kinds of expensive perfumes! If you know me, I love me some perfume, but she got me beat on that one! She always brought food home from the dates haha, that was different! She would then eat it over the course of the week. Anyway, the food that we bought after church on my first day in Ontario, was put away and locked up in cupboards, seriously! She locked it up! So as has always been the case with all my living arrangements, starting from Georgia (Eastern Europe), besides Perry, I would go for "walks". That's when I would get myself something to eat and a few items to stash in my bag. It was harder living with so many people and sharing a room with someone. She bought herself donuts every morning, and would buy take out for lunch and dinner. She sometimes offered to buy me stuff but I couldn't.

By the way, two or three days after moving in, she told me how much I had to pay for rent which included meals. Which were locked up in cupboards.Story of my life, always pay for food I never get. Maybe they think just because I don't look hungry, I am not?

After about a month and a half in Ontario, I responded to an ad. They were looking for someone to take look after their 3 year old kid two or three times a week. They wanted a live in au pair. I was like, I think I can do this. The lady called to interview me over the phone. It went well, we got along like a house on fire! I was excited! She arranged to come see me in person. I told Mae about it. She was so happy for me. The lady came over, Mae was home, we all hung out like old friends, it was nice. The lady was Chines, well, still is Chinese haha. She told me she was going to think about it and get back to me.

Mae got a call that night while in the bedroom with me, she took it outside. She always took all her calls wherever she was, she is always on the phone! That particular one was different, I guess. She came back about thirty minutes later and told me that was the Chinese lady! She wanted to ask a few questions about me. She told me not to worry, she put in a good word. Uhm, then why did you take the call outside, I asked, in my head.

A few days later, the lady called, I got the job!


Tembz said...

So now you are competing with a 62 year old. There is some serious identity crisis here lol lol.

Brook said...

A serious one!