Monday, October 21, 2013

One week in China

My new boss told me she was going to pick me up in a few days which she did. She brought the daughter along. Daughter was cute as can be! We went to the nearest supermarket and she bought a few groceries. The mother, not the three year old daughter :) She told me to pick a few things for myself because she didn't know what black people eat. I picked some fruits, veggies and chicken. She told me she was surprised that I picked only healthy foods seeing as I'm so fat. She asked if I was trying to lose weight, which I just laughed off.

On the way to Lake Elsinore, where she lives, she was telling me how much she likes Mae, she has a beautiful house, however Mae's house is a tad bit smaller and older than hers. Hey, who cares? I don't! She went on and on about black people, whites and Chinese. Her baby's father, who she met at University is white. He was much younger than her, 12 years. (younger, not old :)). He was handsome, which explains why her biracial kid was so beautiful. (according to her). Her kid is precious, because she is biracial and I have to help her keep an eye on the kid. She doesn't want the kid getting kidnapped blah blah blah. Apparently her kid looks more white than Chinese, which makes her that much more special. It was pathetic really. You don't love your child because she has white blood in her but because she is your child and it is your duty as a parent to love her. That's my two cents' worth. Plus that child looks 100% Chinese. Delusional much?

Her house is an hour or so away from Mae's. I left Mae crying, telling me to call her anytime and tell her if that B*tch (Mae's words) was mean to me. She would pick me up and take me back home. Her house was my home and I was welcome there anytime. That was a very nice thing for her to say. An hour or so later, we arrived at the bigger, newer, more beautiful house #SideLook
I mean it's newer and empty. Mae's house is fully furnished and warm. This lady's house still needed more furniture. It was cold in all senses of the word. She showed me to my room. I was excited to have my own room. There was a sleeper couch in there, which was narrower than I am tall, so lying down, my feet would hang. I guess she measured it on herself. We had a huge steel table in there, and a lamp stand. It was ok, I guess.

Part of the deal was that whenever she was available, I was to let Kid spend time with her and try not to interfere. She didn't want her child getting confused as to who her mother was. I was like, fine by me! My job was only to work two to three day per week anyway. The following morning, she asked me to tag along. We went to the Chinese market to get more groceries.  While talking, the night before, I mentioned that bread is my weakness. She bought tons of bread, cookies, anything pastry like for me! Nothing costing more than a dollar each. She told me later on that all that was mine because the food she likes is very costly and she wasn't going to offer me a room, pay mer and still let me eat her expensive food. Condescending Much?

She fed all the fruit she "bought for me" to her daughter. She didn't realise that her daughter liked fruit that much. Whatevz! The following afternoon, we had a talk. She confirmed how much she was going to pay me, which she had reduced by a hundred dollars already. I was like, that was not the amount you told me before! She looked me in the eye and was like, yes it was! Not it wasn't, call Mae and ask her, she was there when we discussed all this! She wouldn't call me. That left a bad taste in my mouth.Mae called that night for an update. I told her everything. She seemed shocked that that lady was already doing me like that.

Day three, The lady wanted to work, so she dropped Kid and I off at the park. It was nice to be outside and see other people. That area is cold! My room was literally the coldest in the entire house! I could feel the Air conditioning running in the entire house but nothing in my room. I'm not sure how she got that right.

I had sleepless nights, partly because of stress of what I was going to do next, disbelief that someone could do a person that way and still expect said person to take care of their precious child. Like, where's the logic in that. I wasn't crazy about moving back in with Mae, but I was considering it. I also didn't want to be that person who quit a job, you know? The lady showed up hours later to pick us up. Kid was having so much fun, bullying all the kids in the park.

When we got back to the house, Kid and I were attached to the hip. She's a really fun and intelligent child. Mother got jealous. We had another talk. She told me she likes me, I fit right in with her family. She also liked the fact that I like Chinese food, whatever! She had made Chinese for us for dinner since I had got there. It was delicious, I love Chinese. Plus, she made stuff I had never had before. Even better! She told me that she also liked that I was computer savvy, she wanted me to help her around the office. She was tired of working. She wanted me to teach her more about online dating, make her over, she knew if I did, it would take her no time to find a man because white men like Chinese women. They don't like blacks at all, I need to get over white men and start dating within my own race. As soon as she met her wealthy, white man, she was going to hand over her entire business to me and move to San Diego with her man. That's her dream place to live. B*tch, I've already lived in San Diego!

Anyway, she also told me that she thought she could manage with her daughter, she was already jealous how I was getting along with her daughter. She thought it would be a better idea if I would rather change my position from being a nanny to being her companion. She needed a friend more than she needed a nanny. She would then NOT pay me AT ALL and just let me live in her house free of charge and feed me. WHHHAAATTTT THE HELL! I looked her in the eye and literally froze! I couldn't believe my ears. WTF

In one week, my position had changed, my salary had changed, everything changed!

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