Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Pay, B*tch!

We arrived in  Ontario two hours later. It was a nice drive there from LA. I had never been to that side before. I was looking forward to seeing it in daylight. All the grandkids weren't home when we got there. Turns out some of them live with their mom. Their father lives with his mom and some of the grandkids,four dogs (a few pit-bulls and a chihuahua) and a few cats. The house is huge and very clean, smells good too. Nothing compared to where I came from in LA. Mae took me to her bedroom, she told me to find a spot for my stuff. It was late, I didn't want to waste any more of her time putting my bags in her room if I was still going to have to move it to mine. Well, THAT WAS GOING TO BE MY ROOM TOO! I got confused, but didn't want to come across as rude and unappreciative. I thought we had talked about the living arrangement and I had asked her over and over if she had A room for me. A ROOM! Which I was willing to pay rent for. Turns out, nope, we were going to share a very beautiful, cosy bedroom, with ensuite, nice smelling bathroom. Same bed. It's a king, but still. It's different when you moved to a place under the impression you were going to have your own room. On the flip side, it takes a very nice person to let a stranded stranger who lives with freaks to move in with them and share a bed with them, that I don't take for granted.

After dropping my stuff, we walked the dog around the block, very suburbia! The dog's a very sweet pitbull, nothing like the scary one which stays outside. This one was a house dog, she and the Chihuahua were house dogs, then there was another pit bull with was a little bit of both. Very sweet dog! And I', not even a dog person. Nor a cat person! On our walk, Mae got a lot of calls from people who were asking her about me. She must have been very busy on the way to LA to have told just about everybody on her contact list about me!  The following morning, Sunday, I was sound asleep, first peaceful night's sleep I had had in months. Or since San Diego (Perry's - where I had my own room)! Mae woke me up and asked if I wanted to go to church. Uhm, not really! She guilt tripped me into agreeing, so I did. Service wasn't that long. From there, we went to the Gas station (petrol station), when we got there, she filled up the tank and then told me how much it was! Meaning, PAY BTCH! Good thing I had my wallet with me, cos that we had not talked about but I was learning. Remember how she insisted I didn't have to pay her back a dime? Well, that didn't last. I felt better paying, because then it meant I would have some rights; even if, only in my head. You know what I mean?

We then went to the supermarket.We bought a cart full of groceries, I was wondering if I was paying for that too but she did. With the money I had just given her for gas. Don't ask! Around 4 in the afternoon, I was about to pass out with hunger, I hadn't eaten since the previous morning or so because I spent the rest of the day plotting a way out. We bought $1 burgers for everybody, +-7 people. I couldn't wait till we got back to the house to gobble it down. The smell was killing me!

We went straight home from the burger place, thank goodness! Mae cooked dinner, everybody had a burger. I hung out around the kitchen with her. Still familiarising myself with everything. She is hilarious and very easy to talk to about anything. And she's absolutely gorgeous! She used to be a model. She's 62.

We had dinner almost as soon as it was ready, it was delish! Mae used to own a restaurant, so she's a great cook.

The following morning, I noticed the same thing I noticed when I put my bags by the bedside; that the edge of the bed by my side wasn't stable. I thought to mention it, so she knows before somebody thinks I broke a bed. She freaked out! She yelled and told me I broke her bed! I was dumbfounded! One thing about me, I suck at defending myself on the spot #DelayedReaction. I got so overwhelmed, I'm in a new home, with like, a thousand people, I am not sure what the deal is gonna be, especially now that I am sharing a bed with this person who starved me half to death my first day there, like, should I buy my own food? Is it gonna seem strange if I do? How will I pay for electricity if I use hers to cook for myself? Are we going to share a bed, Is her hot son single? Dude is H.O.T.T. hot! I kid you not! Six pack and all! And he's not afraid to walk around the house shirtless. Daaayyyuuummm! El who? Of course, I wasn't gonna go there! The last thing I needed was to complicate my life further than it already was. I was definitely not trying to date.

The bed didn't seem like it was broken, it seemed more like something had come undone or something. I wanted to have a look but Mae was like, do not touch my bed! blah blah blah! I was chocking up, I felt so helpless! She called Hot Son and told her about the broken bed. He was in the living room. He came in and was like, "I  told Phillip that he didn't fix this bed! It's still got the same problem it had before he fixed it!" MAaaaaaan, he shouldn't have said that! Tears went rolling down my cheeks. I knew I didn't break that fcking bed! Who tells a person that they broke a bed when they know that said person did not break the bed? I thought to myself, who is this woman? What is she trying to do? Is she trying to get me to buy her a new king size bed? Pity I sold my custom made one to a "friend" who still owes me for the stuff I sold her way back when I went to Georgia. Some friend! Anyway, Mae was like, I told Phillip blah blah blah, who cares what she even said! Just the thought of her admitting to Hot Son that the bed had been that way for a while and she even had someone try to fix it, made me puke in my mouth. It changed how I saw her. I'm sorry but She will forever be that person to me.That was very mean girls!

From then on, I really just wanted to sleep on the floor but didn't want to make a bad situation worse, you know?


Tembz said...

OMG. I don't know anyone as resilient as you. You are just getting mistreated over and over again by these people and you are still standing.

Tembz said...

Please tell Mae that when she goes to church she must do a confession for accusing you of breaking a bed when she knew that you did not. What does she pray for if she lies like that.

Has Elvis at least called to find out where you are?

Brook said...

Thank you

Brook said...
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Brook said...

Lord only knows what she prays for! I just took it as a warning to not relax and trust her with anything. That was one hell of a first impression if there ever was one.
Elvis didn't call when I wandered about in the middle of the night in a city I knew nobody but him, he sure isn't going to call now, after I took all my belongings and left. I bet you, he is expecting me to call

Tembz said...

Is this a one million dollar bed that she was freaking about? You should have told her that even though you are from "Africa" (imitating an American accent) it's not the first time you have slept in a bed. On second thought maybe not. For the sake of finding yourself homeless again. But this just shows you how mean people are. And that there is always a hidden agenda. For some weird reason.

Brook said...

It's a beautiful bed but there's no reason to lie and make everyone uncomfortable. You're so right about ulterior motives. No such thing as free lunch!