Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Date

The entire time Dave was putting my stuff in the truck, Mrs was standing outside watching. I don't know if she was trying to intimidate us or what. Don't care.

Dave Drove off. I couldn't believe I was out of that hellhole! #ReleasedFromPrison
It was a beautiful day out, I can't believe I was freezing my hinds off in that newer, bigger house of Madam's. Free at last! Dave didn't seem very talkative. We talked about basic staff as we headed for Ontario. He suggested we dropped off my stuff at his place, go on our date, pick up the stuff, then head for Mae's. Of course, I had already talked to Mae the day before and she told me to go back, I never would have made her that kind of a surprise. I was like, so we just met and you're already taking me home? He was like, I won't make you do anything you don't want to do! #FamousLastWords. Puke! I wish guys would stop saying that. It's not cool nor smooth. Anyway, we went to Dave's place because he also wanted me to see his house.

It's right by the main road. It's a workshop. There are about six of them in the yard, they fix all kinds of stuff there. Some people were working on cars, some doing carpentry, you name it! Dave fixes Computers and builds guitars from scratch. Very impressive, actually. He had already given me his website, I had seen some of his work. To see them in person, at his place, very cute! His place is very cosy, actually. A one bedroom with washer and dryer, a shower and anything he needs really. He was starting over since the divorce. I don't judge. I have enough of my mess. He had done his workshop up really good. Oh and he had  a few motorcycles in there as well which added to the cool factor. When I got in, I got why he wanted me to see his place. It was cool, and different.

He dropped my stuff off, then we went to Claremont, a burb of or near Ontario. Cool place! Very eclectic! Restaurants, bars and all that. It reminded me of Melville, Joburg and if you know me, you know of my love affair with Melville! He took me to his favourite Record store. We window shopped there for what seemed like forever. Walked up and down the street, then off to his fave restaurant. Unfortunately the line was way too long. Dave is almost too quiet. I would make jokes just to break the silence, you know, good ole fashioned That's what she said jokes? He caught on and when I tripped and said, "ouch!" he went, "nobody every said that to me!" I mean.........! I still don't know if that was a joke or a fact!

We drove off to another one of his fave restaurants. Some family owned place that has been around for more than forty years. They had a long line outside there as well, but we had to eat, so we waited. He told me that their servings are huge. He usually only orders half a serving and even that, he cannot finish. When someone tells you that, it's hard to go ahead and order a full serving, especially when they are paying. So of course, I ordered half a serving too. #Cheapness
We had spaghetti and meatballs. It was absolutely delish!

When they brought our food, I literally went, OMG it's huge! (the serving), he was like, "nobody ever said that to me either!" with totally a straight face! Dude was sitting across from me, the table wasn't that big, I didn't know what to say, how to react, where to look. I was just like, hahahaahha. I mean, awkward! Why are you telling me you have a small p*nis? I don't need to know that, not tonight, not ever! There was a long pause where we were both looking into each other's eyes. Oh maybe it wasn't that long, it just seemed that way?

After a few spoon fulls and a series of awkward moments, we left. We picked up my stuff from his place and he dropped me off at Mae's. The dogs were all in the house, they were barking endlessly, everybody was in bed, Mae wasn't there. It was hectic. I felt bad waking up people at 8pm. I had told
Mae what time to expect me, she was cool with it. Thing is, she wasn't home! I did the walk of shame to the bedroom, fortunately she hadn't locked it. She locks it whenever she's not in there. Even if she's hanging out in the living room. I called to tell her I was there, she couldn't talk, she was at her boyfriend's.

All in all, it was a nice day. Dave asked to see me the following day. There was going to be a biking event in Long Beach. He asked if I wanted to go with him there. That sounded exciting! But I had a feeling I'd never see him again. I accepted. The following morning I chatted with my niece on Whatsapp. She asked what my plans for the day were, I told her nothing. I mentioned in passing that that guy had asked to take me out. I told her I didn't think the date was gonna happen so I was sleeping in. She was like, so you're not gonna get ready because of a feeling? Er, yeah!
No word from Dave all day that day!

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