Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Interview

Days became weeks, which in turn became months in Ontario. I was job hunting but it's a very relaxed area with nothing much going on. If I was a drinker or a stoner, I'd probably always be on something in Ontario. I took a break from dating. Mae would drop me off at the library whenever she went that side. It would be a nice change of atmosphere. She always took me along whenever she went wherever though, so that was nice. And that was almost all the time.

I started getting emails and calls back from employers and agencies. They don't have wifi at  Mae's so I would either use my phone or the library. She asked me what I was doing at the library all that time, I would spend, literally the entire day there. Why not! I would also watch some tv shows over there and use the earphones that El almost killed me for buying! I told her what I was doing. She is retired. Next thing I knew, she was applying for jobs, left, right and centre. I was like, great. That automatically reduces my chances by 50%.

She offered to take me if I were ever to get called for an interview because there was totally no public transportation there The place is really for retired folks. I got called for my first interview! So nervous! I told her about it! She took me there, the lady was late getting to the office, so we hung out in the parking lot for a while. Mae was confident I was going to get the job. The lady finally arrived. She called me in, Mae was asked to come wait inside too, instead of in the car. She brought her stuff with her, I mean Certificates, resumes, you name it! She came prepared! She came and sat right next to me, in fact the moment we went in, she asked the lady if they needed someone to spruce up their office for them, because she is good in interior decor, then she offered to be a tea lady, then she took over the entire interview telling the lady about herself, her experience, and how SHE  would be the best person for the job. How do you compete with a 62 year old retired lady who is letting you stay in her house and with whom you are sharing a bed? It was awkward! I wanted to undo the whole thing and not be there! I couldn't believe what was happening before my very eyes!

Whenever I saw a gap, I would try and say something, she would agree and one up me. When we were done, the lady asked for my number, Mae gave the lady her number as well. Walking to the car, I was dumbfounded. I mean, I wasn't going to confront her but I was still shocked. What kind of person am I dealing with here? She went on and on about how that job is so mine (AGAIN!), She had a feeling they were going to call me, she just knew it! She told me not to worry about transportation, she would drive me to and fro. Yeah, ok, I'm totally looking forward to that #SideLook

I got a call that night. It was the big boss. The position was that of a caregiver. They were looking for someone who would take care of the big boss' mom. He gave me another interview over the phone. It was promising! He asked me to go to the house the following day to meet his mother. He was happy with me. I was ecstatic! I didn't know what to tell Mae. Which didn't matter because she followed me to the bedroom to listen in on the call and was busy talking to me, asking if it was about that job and telling me how to answer questions she couldn't even hear.

The following day, it was nice and cold. Mae and I got ready, we started off at the donut store, she has donuts and coffee every morning. She told every body in there that I got a job and she was right when she said I was going to get it. It seemed those people were clued up about my story. We got there just before the boss. It was a gorgeous mansion! I was so excited. Well, I google earthed it the night before already haha.  Don't judge me, I had been unemployed for a very long time! Mae was dressed to impress. She must have been up to something. She has very nice clothes too, LOTS! Anyway, the guy called me outside his car, we had ANOTHER interview. A weird little interview, where he was asking me if I dress the way I was dressed or not, blah blah blah. ugh, whatever, I could tell that he, for some reason was no longer interested. He told me his mom was asleep. He would call later to let me know if and when she would like to see me. Never happened! Not surprised! Mae was disappointed. If anyone can believe that.


Tembz said...

How were you dressed. I am curious.

Brook said...

Black skirt and top, which together looked like a dress and flat, black pumps.
Mae said maybe he was hoping I wasn't black. I wouldn't know