Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brook, Do You Want Me to Call The Police?

My roommate was spending all her time in the closet, whenever she came out, her pupils were dilated as hell. She aways had her limbs covered up. and always wore her hair long. Whenever her hair would move away from her back, she would pull her top up to cover up the back of her neck. I noticed that she had fresh scars on her arms. they looked like cigarette burns. even though she says she isn't, she only does it once in a blue moon, she's a smoker. She smokes a pack a day or day and a half, that's regular smoking!

Once in a blue moon, she would go to her sister's. She went the first time since I had moved in to help her sister with a yard sale. apparently her sister was going to pay her with the money they were going to sell the bicycle with or with the bicycle itself. They sold nothing that day but the bicycle haha, and the guy paid by check! hahaha all her stories were like that, damned if you do, damned if you don't. She came back with some kind of a detector. She told me they used it at her sister's to see if there were any cameras because she believes her sister's boyfriend is no good and has put up cameras all over the house. The alarm went off all over her sister's house. She tested it at our place because Laura believed that her ex boyfriend who had come back into her life to "use" her had left cameras in there.

This man, who was apparently they love of her life, she dated 12 years ago. She told me he broke her heart, then I later found out that she got the guy hooked on cocaine. Even though she herself was never addicted. Years after, they bumped into each other, got back together but things were different, all he did was go to the house, have her do her laundry, iron her clothes and feed her, then leave. She told me she had a feeling he was homeless and may have been an informer because all of Laura's friends who were on drugs go arrested around the time the guy was back in her life. She thought he was working with the police. Don't ask!

The guy stopped taking her calls after giving her a nice gift: an animal print Guess bag. She told me she never used that bag because she believed it he was spying on her. She emptied the bag in front of me with me standing there totally out of my element, watching, there was nothing in the bag. She hid it in the linen closet in the hallway, she didn't want the guy eavesdropping on her phone calls. The detector thing went off all over the condo. I asked her to take it outside, as far away as possible from our place, to see if it was going to go off there or not. I really thought the thing's battery was dying. She did and the thing still went off. She replaced its battery, it stopped going off.

She got a notice from The town hall that they were going to disconnect our lights in a week's time. She let that slip, then tried to cover up but it was too late. Her sister violated probation, she got arrested. Laura was going to move to her sister's place. She wasn't going to bother paying her utility bills, it was better for her to move to her sister's mansion and take care of things there before the no good boyfriend of her sister's stole from her house. Er, what about me?

One other reason Laura didn't get along with her sister's boyfriend who is Laura's fiance's cousin is that he raped her. Allegedly! Laura used to clean houses and businesses, the sister's boyfriend hired her to clean for her, and then raped her. According to Laura, she never cried, said no or told anybody about it until months after. I picked up from her stories that she had asked the guy for money, he propositioned sex from her in exchanged, he agreed and then paid her as per deal. I was like, you know what, I can't even handle these stories anymore. I don't care what people do with their lives, but don't lie to me about it! Especially when I didn't even ask!

She got busy selling pills, the busier she got, the more scared I became. I started looking for another place to stay. The more of her stories I heard, the more red flags. I had to go!

One of the ads I responded to was of a guy who had three sons who lived with his ex wife but were with him every other weekend. He had two spare bedrooms, he wanted to rend one out. I told MB about it, she offered to take me to view the place. I also responded to an add about a girl who was looking for a roommate in the same suburb. This is the same area Laura and I lived, where I worked. It used to take me 15 minutes from Laura's place to the bus stop, a few minutes by bus then 20 minutes walk to work. It was a bit of a schlep for me, that's one of the reasons I couldn't live there permanently, even if the roommate situation were different.

I emailed the guy back as well as the girl. The girl never got back to me. I was more interested in hers because she was 20 mins walking distance to my job. It would've been perfect. the guy's was cheaper, and farther. After work, MB and I made our way there. The guy seemed nice, he had offered to pick me up, but we didn't want that. I wanted to have someone with me for security. He was too eager too, which can be a red flag. We spent about an hour or so at his. He made us play a game he designed with his friends. They were expecting to make a lot of money with it. It was a fun game!

He was very hyper, handsome guy with greyish eyes! He gave me the key and told me I could move in immediately, stay the last two weeks of June free and start paying in July. For a moment, I had a weird feeling in my heart when I accepted the key. MB took me to Laura's, I quickly packed while Laura was in her closet talking to herself. She told me I would get my deposit back at the end of July. Heavens knows why. If I am moving out now, please give me my f#cking deposit back now? Thanks!

We planned to meet up for her birthday, I took the keys with me on account of, no deposit, no keys.

Just after I got all my stuff in the car, I got a call from the girl! The place was still available, I could go see it if I wanted. F.*.C.K! MB was like, it's that girl, isn't it? I could tell from your responses, yeah, rocket science! Whatever! She told me I wasn't going to go to that girl's house. That man was nice to me, he even offered me to stay there free for two weeks, which meant me getting out of Laura's house, which I clearly needed. I was like yeah but I have a very good feeling about this girl's place! She was like, I am telling you this guy's is the place you wanna be. I'm taking you there. If you go to this girl's house, don't ever ask me to move you again. I won't do it!

She took me to Grey's house. I told the girl I had already found a place, I felt so bad. I was working that night, and the following few nights so no time to unpack, I just took out my scrubs (uniform) that's all. The guy was home when I got there. He helped me fix up my room, then left for work. He had his own construction business. He was nice enough to take me to work that night. I got a ride from my friend the next morning. I spent the rest of the day, just chilling at home. Roommate came home that afternoon and asked for copies of my ID for his probation officer. I told him I would give them to him as soon as I had them then ran upstairs,locked myself in my room and was like, PROBATION OFFICER????!!!?!?!? Red flag! I went to the laundry room to do some laundry, and found weed in the hamper (washing basket). I was like, this guy is supposed to be on probation and I know for a fact weed is not legal in the state of Utah! I said nothing. He came home, talked and talked, it came out that he used to be bad but he changed, after prison. He was in prison for four years, that's where the game was designed. His friends are still bad, but I should turn a blind eye. They will stay out of my way, when I see them, I should lock myself up in my room so that I don't have to answer to anybody should need be.

He took a random shower in the afternoon while I was in my room. We shared the bathroom. He called me to talk about his kids coming over that night. He had the bathroom door open the entire time he bathed, lucky  I didn't need to use the bathroom. I went down to talk to him, stood by the stairway so as not to seem him in his nakedness. He came out wiping himself with a towel, talked to me as if he wasn't completely naked with a towel only covering his crotch. He turned around, his back toward me, totally naked, and wiped his crotch, SMDH. The things I see in this world, seriously!

After our conversation, I made up my mind that I wasn't going to deal with another uncomfortable rooming situation especially with a man. I called the girl up. The place was still available. I made an appointment to view, walk thirty minutes to the nearest train station, took the metro and went and viewed the place. I loved it! I negotiated $25 off, I tried fifty but we settled on 25 haha, cheapskate! I got the place! It was only available the following month, July.

MB was working, she called to check up on me. I told her I couldn't talk over the phone but if she could come over. She did that morning after work. My place was en route her place. She called me on her way and asked if she should call the police. Go figure! I was like, no, I'm safe, Just can't talk right now. BROOK, ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T WANT ME TO CALL THE POLICE? Yes, I am fine! She came over, her heart beating out of her chest. Her freaking out so much gave me the feeling, just like me, she didn't have a nice feeling about that guy, even though she practically forced me to move in with him. We talked in the car, while doing so, a random woman came out the house, haha! She had her own car parked in the street. Anyway, none of my business. MB told me in no uncertain terms that I was to stay with that man even if I stayed the rent free two weeks and then moved out to the girl's. I was not to move back to Laura's, that place wasn't safe for me. It wasn't but which place was?

I wasn't going to use the poor man by staying at his place and then move out when it suited me without even paying a cent. Karma is a female dog! I just went with whatever MB was saying though. She was very passionate about it, I didn't wanna ruin her vibe. After she left, I ran back to my room and packed. Laura and I had been in touch since moving in. She had hinted that she might move in with her sister that very week. Which meant I was never going to get my deposit back. Where was I going to find her?

I told her I might be moving back in, she told me she didn't think that was a good idea because she was moving out. I moved back in anyway. I had paid for all of June, wasn't going to get my deposit back, might as well stay the rest of my paid month. I never unpacked, I lived off my bags until the end of the month. What was the point?

I left a note for Grey's that I was sorry but blah blah blah, I had to put it very nicely, I didn't want to hurt his feelings, he was nothing but nice to me, albeit weird, but he was nice. I called a cab and moved back to Laura's. Good thing I still had my keys. I was only gone for two to three nights.

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