Saturday, November 09, 2013

Don't Call Me, I'll Call You!

I was so nervous at the interview! I needed the job like I needed air to breathe or a bullet in my head, whichever would come first haha. We took lil one along, it was Cindy’s day off so. It’s a beautiful facility, I remember fantasising about working there. The guy asked Cindy if she is the one who knows That supervisor guy, who apparently is the guy’s friend. She agreed. He turned to me and asked if I know someone who works there to? I told him that I know someone who knows someone J.  Cindy went in first, I stayed behind with Lil one. That child was running amok, I couldn’t contain her! Hot Mess! Cindy was in there for what seemed like forever. The nerves of my upcoming interview and being stuck with an unruly child! Eventually they came out.  I went in, sooooo nervous! We walked up the stairs, found a random desk, he told me they were looking for two night shift aides (Nursing Aides), he asked if we were sisters. I didn’t know what he wanted to hear, whether he wanted us to be sisters or not, cos at that point, I was ready to tell him whatever he wanted to hear. He asked me what is the first thing you do when a patient falls. I went blank! I mumbled something along the lines of before you do anything, you call for assistance, or you call the nurse, heck I can’t remember what I said. Soon, we were done!

He told me he was in charge of the hiring process, he was going to forward my stuff to management and call to let me know if I got the job. I left there without a glimmer of hope. I didn’t think I got it at all considering how long Cindy was in there for and how many seconds I was in there in comparison. Cindy was in such high spirits on our way out. It was weird to me considering she wasn’t looking for a job.

A week or so later, Cindy got a call back from the facility. They offered her the job. It was a full time position, she told me it wasn’t for him because she was looking for a part time job. That was news to me. They never called me. I called them, Guy was like, we are still looking but I will call you right back. He never did. I kept calling him. I felt like I was too close to getting it for me to let it slip. After about two weeks, he finally called me back and offered me the position. I was ecstatic! I can find my own place and move the fck out! He wanted me to get finger prints and take them to the office. That was a whole another blog post on its own! I took the Fingerprints in, they made me pee in a cup, fun! Another interview, then they made me fill out two mini booklets and gave me the third book to take home, read and fill out (or in, depending which English you speak, British or American J). He told me to start that Friday 10pm. I went home with a weird feeling. I didn’t have that feeling of excitement like someone who just got a job. I went home and told them I got the job. Everyone was so excited. Friday came, I called Guy confirming my first shift that night, he was like, you can come tonight if you like, but you don’t have the job yet. I am still waiting to hear from management if they want you to take the position.

The fck!

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place! I kept applying. Cindy told me she could recommend me to her supervisor but she didn’t think I would like working there with her husband’s ex girlfriend. Hell, if you can work with her, when she was YOUR husband’s girlfriend, why can’t I?  She was like, also I don’t want her spreading rumors about you. Blah blah blah. I was like,that is so the least of my concerns. All of a sudden, one day, she came home ever so excited that she talked to the kitchen supervisor about me. She told them that I am looking for a job, should they need someone to wash the dishes. Uhm! Really? A dishwasher? That’s like the lowest paid people in her company, minimum wage! They make $4 more per hour in her level, which is where I have experience. It was deja vu! That’s what T was trying to do in Connecticut when she didn’t want me to work for her agent who paid $1 200 per month but for another agent who paid $500 per month. SMDH

I never heard from her company either, so whatevz! I kept calling that Guy until he literally asked me to stop calling him. The guy practically hired me and then acted like he didn’t. You don’t do that to a person! A week or so after that, he called and gave me my schedule. I was going to start off part time, I didn’t mind, I was glad to have a job. From then on, I focused my energy in finding a place to stay. I was going to start one Wednesday night. I was home alone that day. I had finished cleaning, you know how that goes, had filled out the entire book they gave me to fill out and took a nap, so I could be nice and refreshed that night. Cindy came home around 6pm. She called me downstairs, told me she wanted to show me something, seeing as I had read our horoscope that morning telling her that good time were ahead of us. Kill the messenger, why don’t you?

She took me to the garage. He car had been broken into! The entire window was gone, broken glass everywhere! Apparently they stole her purse which had $300 in it and all her cards, ID, driver’s license, you name it!

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