Saturday, November 09, 2013

Homeless Shelter

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Did I just get kicked out? What am I gonna do? Cindy was still in the bathroom bathing the kid. I went to my bedroom, stared at my clothes in the closet. I was in disbelief. I didn’t see that coming! What was I gonna do? I didn’t know a soul in Utah. Crap! I literally felt week and helpless. That was a low blow. Husband knew better than to do that to me or anyone for that matter. There are things that you just don’t do to a person and that’s one of them. But then again, that’s how they fought, they always went to the no go zones, him and Cindy. It’s what they do, what they know. Even though Cindy, the reason I was in Utah, was there, I felt alone. Like I and only I had to figure out what to do next. I just didn’t see her as that person who was going to be handy in any way. If anything, she would just forget.

She called me to the bathroom, soon as I went in to talk to her, husband came in. She tried to close the door, he pushed it, and forced his way in. I walked away. I have just been kicked out, I no longer need to bear witness to this crap. Whatever, deal with yall’s crap by yourself! They argued and argued about their problems, he came to my bedroom to try and force me to listen to him. Now that I just kicked you out, you are vulnerable and desperate and will do as I say, type of sht. I was like, you know what? I really don’t wanna hear it. I mean what was the worst that could happen? Was he gonna kick me out?

Baba, Cindy is not your friend! This should prove to you how much she cares about you! If my husband kicked out my friend, I would go to him and beg him to stop it! I would do whatever it takes to make sure my friend was safe! Cindy doesn’t care! She is still arguing with me. She still won’t listen to me! How can you trust someone like that? Don’t trust her! She is not a friend! You two are supposed to be sisters. She is not your sister. Cindy! Cindy! How can you do this to your friend? You told Baba to move all the way to Utah, now you’re kicking her out! You are kicking Baba out! I was like, this dude done lowst it! Is he kidding me, twisting the whole thing before my very eyes? He is the one who kicked me out, I was there when he told ME to get out of his house, what’s this about Cindy, you’re kicking out BABA? What kinda BS is that? I didn’t even respond to that, I was just staring in my closet in disbelief. I didn’t know whether to start packing, then what? Or should I find a place first, what? What should I do?

Cindy came over, she told me to call the church. She told me they would be more than happy to help me out. They do that kind of stuff for people all the time. I went for a short walk down the street to stay clear of the background noise aka Husband’s yelling.  I called the missionaries and told them what had happened. They were stunned and told me they could find me a place to stay but I had to ask the bishop first. I had met the bishop, he had been to the house once with the missionaries, sweet little man! I reluctantly called him. I mean I would have rather they called him themselves, but ok. He asked me if I had a job. I told him I didn’t. He told me I could VOLUNTEER at the DI (the LDS Thrift store) in exchange for free meals. He would store my stuff in his garage! Uh, reverend! I am calling about a place to stay, not free meals in exchange of eight hours of labour! This is not an opportunity for you to use me as a slave! This is America, I can get a meal for a dollar all over the show. Stay with me here! WTF? He kept repeating himself, I couldn’t even do it anymore, I thanked him for his time and was ready to hang up. He asked me to please keep him updated! What is this? A blog? When someone is going through something, you don’t expect them to think of you, and keep you informed while you’re sitting in the comfort of your own home, getting foot massages in your Bishop’s throne. You call them! Or get your assistant’s assistant to check up on them. Again, what kind of people are these?

I called the Missionaries back, told them what he said, they were like, did you tell them you are looking for a place to stay? Er, Are you out of your freaking mind? Why do you think I called him? Why did I call you? They were like, wooooow, ok Brook, we’ll call you right back. Never called back! I went back to the house, tail between my legs. Cindy had just taken a shower, she was ready to get outta that house. I was hoping she hadn’t forgotten about me. That she wasn’t just gonna leave me there with that man. Lil one went to her father and asked, Pappa, did you kick out Baba? He said, No, I didn’t, your mom did! Haha, you have to laugh at the things that man said and did! Desperate!  Cindy was like, HE did, he is the one who kicked her out, Baba is in her room now, packing. I wasn’t packing. I never packed. She knew I wasn’t. I think she was trying to tell me, don’t just sit there mutha fcker, jump, jump! – Busta Rhymes haha.

She came over and told me, let’s go view apartments. Please don’t take any of this personally, he really is trying to hurt my feelings not yours. Ok Cindy, I won’t take someone kicking me out personally. Not now, not ever! She told me he had finally crossed the line, I was there because of her and she was going to make sure I was fine. She was going to move out and leave him for good. That was the final straw. I didn’t believe him. If I did, I would have asked him not to leave her husband on my account, but I somehow knew it was bs, so I let it slide.  We drove off to the LDS offices. She took me to their employment offices, I didn’t see how that had to do with the price of rice in China but I rolled with it. As long as I wasn’t in that house, I was happy. She waited outside while I talked to the people in the office, they explained how their website worked, I was like thanks so much, I will do this at home. I wasn’t about to spend hours online looking for a job when I had nowhere to sleep that night. Priorities! From there, Cindy sped off onto the freeway. I didn’t know where we were going, I didn’t ask. We stopped at the mall. She took us to Ross. A nice discount store for name brands clothing and shoes. I had been there the day I got stranded halfway home and bought a pair of Nike Sneakers. I had them on that very moment, actually. Might as well be ready to run comfortably! She was like, I wanted to bring you here, they have good stuff here, cheap, cheap! Really? Of all the places you could’ve taken me to today! You’re gonna take me shopping? I bet you she forgot that her husband kicked me out an hour prior.

I told her I had already been there, that’s where I bought the shoes I had on. We didn’t stay after that. We walked around the mall, me super confused as what was going on and what was gonna happen next. Small wonder I didn’t believe her when she told me she was moving out. We went through the food court. Mhhh, the smells, I wanted to buy something to eat, lil one was hungry too. Normally, Cindy serves breakfast around 1pm. I, personally, start off early and finish early, breakfast around 7, lunch around 11 to midday and dinner between four and five pm. So you can imagine how hungry  I was by the time she made breakfast. Good thing I bought groceries too. I never waited for that. I would have cereal in the morning, and consider her breakfast lunch. Anyway, she wouldn’t let me buy something to eat. She said, let’s rather go home, she was going to make breakfast. He breakfast is always scrambled eggs, bacon and bread, tasty, not what I normally eat, which is good, but I was starving.  She wouldn’t even let me buy candy with my own money. We zipped through the mall as fast as we went in. I was like, what the heck did we even come here for? Of course I didn’t ask her that, just went with the flow.

We headed back home. Husband was busy calling the entire time. She never picked up his calls. When we got home, he followed me to the bedroom again, good grief! He told me to disregard what he said earlier, of course I was welcome to stay in his house as long as I wanted. They loved me. I asked him if it’s normal for him to say stuff like that and not mean it. Just so we’re clear, you know? He told me Cindy drives him so nuts that yes, he does have those tendencies. He reiterated though that Cindy was not a true friend blah.

Soon as he walked out, Cindy came in, she suggested I still move out because who knew what he was going to do next. Move where? She told me about homeless shelters in Salt Lake City. I was like, can I stay here until I find a decent place to stay? I really am not feeling a homeless shelter right now. She was like, oh, no, not these! These are amazing! I had a friend who lived in them for two full years, she loved it there! Who invites a friend to stay in their home until they are sorted out and then kicks her out to a homeless shelter? I was beginning to think that Husband was right about her.

I wasn’t gonna move into a shelter, sorry, no way, no how! The following day, I had a meeting with the missionaries, they came over to get me, I thought to myself, do these people have no shame? They never had the courtesy to call me back after that frantic call the previous day, all they care about is shoving their scripture down my throat. Everybody was home when they came for me. The argument was so on, it was so bad, I thought they were going to get at it physically soon as I left. I was glad the missionaries came for me. It was a well needed break. I called before going back home that afternoon, to see if the coast was clear. Cindy didn’t pick up. Things got better when she and husband stopped “talking” again. It was quiet. He wasn’t talking to me either, hadn’t been since he did not kick me out.

Through all the highs and lows of Staying at Cindy’s, we got a call. The facility where her supervisor worked part time, called to see us for an interview. Mine was at 1pm, Cindy’s at 2. We left the house at 1, go figure! She forgot! She thought I said it was at 1:30. She felt so bad when I reminded her that mine was at 1, she backed up so fast, she almost dented the car. Which would have been something considering it’s under her husband’s name and he made sure to tell everybody that. Even though she was paying for it. None of my business.

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