Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Love to F*ck, Sucking's Good Too!

the following morning, getting ready for work

Just before I moved to Laura's, I went downtown Salt Lake City to hang out. I took the Train back. I got in and saw this person at the back seat of my carriage, (s)he had a huge smile and was like "HIIIIII!' I thought that was sweet. I waved back and sat in front of her. She was listening to music on her walk-man and was singing along to the top of her voice. I turned around to have another look at this person, she smiled and told me, "Brandy! Love her!" I smiled back and said, me too! She asked me for directions to a nail salon in Cindy's neighbourhood. I told her I was going that direction. We got off at the same stop and waited for a connection.

We had a nice talk while waiting for the bus. It was a good twenty minute wait. She asked me about myself. I was very stressed out about the situation at home (Cindy's). Cindy was at home that day, that made things worse, that's why I went out. I couldn't be in the same house with someone who is supposed to be my friend but won't utter one word to me. She blurted out, 'you can come live with me! Move in today!' What? Just like that? 'yeah, why not? I love helping people. You don't have to pay rent, just buy your own food'. I told her I would think about it and if I took her up on the offer, I would need to compensate her somehow. She said that I would then have to buy food for both of us.. She works in a Nursing home type place as admin. Apparently she had just finished work, she was on her way to treating herself with nails and eyelashes with money she got from her 'sugar daddies'. She told me I looked like I need a man in my life, one who will not sleep with me but spoil me rotten. She could hook me up.

While waiting at the bus stop, she kept pointing at the cars passing by, waving her wallet. This was in broad daylight! Finally the bus arrived, it was a short ride to the salon. She invited me for dinner in a Hawaiian restaurant that evening. She told me I could spend the night at hers or move in or whatever. I told her, maybe I would spend the night, check the location of the place out, see if I could be able to commute to work from there. She gave me her phone number. She also told me that they were hiring CNA's where she worked, she gave me that number too. I called them, they wanted to see me the following day for an interview. She told me we could leave her house together the following morning, she was going to take a cab. She would be looking too cute after her trip to the salon to take public transportation to work. #WORK!

I left her at the salon and rushed to Cindy's to get a change of clothes. I was scheduled to work the following night. I needed presentable clothes for the interview the following morning as well. I was excited to have somewhere else to be that night! I grabbed a few items and rushed back to the salon. I called her on my way back, to double check if she was still there. She never picked up. Great! I saw her approach the bus stop as I got to the shopping centre. I almost missed her. I was like, dude, were you leaving? She said, 'I knew you were going to catch up'. How? Where? What? It was going to be another long wait before the bus,  the stop was at a traffic light. She was pointing at the men passing by in cars, pointing at her ass and licking her fingers hehehehee, I still can't believe what I witnessed that afternoon! I was thinking to myself, Is this happening? Am I dreaming? Should I go back to the house? Screw it, anything was better than the atmosphere in that house. Plus, I could just go for dinner with her, see how that goes and then decided whether or not to go home with her. I hadn't told anybody I was not going to be home that night, and I had my own keys.

I would tell that girl to stop it, I was embarrassed, she didn't care, she was having too much fun. this chick is like, really tall, she is huge, kinda looks like a man, but is very feminine. I don't know anybody like her in real life. She knew all the bus drivers, she would chat with them while they stopped at the light. Come to think of it, I met someone like her while in high school, She tried to seduce me. Let me know if you wanna hear that story. Anyway, bus came, we headed for the restaurant. I had never been that side of town before. There were a few restaurants lined up, it was nice and very busy. Right across the street from the train station.

She recommended something for me to eat, Chicken, port, rice, salad, the whole shebang! It was a nice meal, she had a small meal, and a ton of extras which made it seem lie a meal for four. She finished that, got bored, ordered more food, and then more and more! She told me she got the money from two of her sugar daddies, she doesn't sleep with them, they like to spoil her, so they give her money. One gave her $150 (R1 500), the other gave her $200 (R2 000). Not too bad for a girl who may be mistaken for a man. Just saying!

She chatted with everybody at the restaurant. She recognised some of them, some knew her, it was interesting. Everybody knows her! We finished dinner around 7pm. I asked her how much longer we were going to stay at the restaurant. Mind you, this is someone who told me she hangs out on the trains. She told me if you ever feel bored and can't get hold of me, take the trains, you're bound to bump into me! (She doesn't have a cellphone. The number she had given me was for her house phone. Yep, she has a house phone at this day in age! She told me to hang out at the restaurant for another hour or so.

I was like, yeah, I can't do that. I was beginning to wonder if chick actually had a place to stay! Who hangs out on the train after work? Does this girl even have a job? She had worn out flip plops on. She told me it's hard for he to wear nice, girly shoes because they don't have her shoe size. I told you she is ginormous. Sad for her because she really is to girlieness, she even had glitter all over her arms, I love me some glitter. I didn't love her enough to sleep under the bridge with her though. I told her I was going to stay another half hour, then we had to leave, or I was going to go back to Cindy's. She told me I could leave there and then if I wanted. Or I could wait and go home with her, the choice was mine. I stayed the thirty minutes, I was in no rush. Plus she was shockingly entertaining.

Waiting for a cab outside her apartment. She had this skirt on the previous day and slept in it that night. Zoom in for the new nails 

Twenty  minutes or so later, she ordered more food to take home. She ordered 19 servings of some seaweed wrapped, rice and chicken fillet thing. Those things are huge! She told me she was going to take them to work the following day and treat her colleagues. I thought that was sweet and generous of her. She had three at the train station while waiting for the train. We did leave after thirty minutes as I had requested. She knew the train driver.

She told me that she was originally from Los Angeles, her whole family is still there. She was married once, her husband died ten years ago. They have three kids together, the youngest is six. Do the math or I'll help you out, Husband died ten years ago, four years after, they had another child. She was abused as a child, so she didn't have a good relationship with her family. That's why she moved to Utah. Everybody called her Roxy. That's not how she introduced herself to me but ok.

There was a lady sitting across from us on the train. She had a name tag on, Natasha or something. Roxy, was like, Natasha, are you going to the intercultural event this coming Saturday? That lady could have died! LMAO. Heck, I could have died! From Embarrassment! The poor lady was trying to read. She talked to her until we had to get off.

She knew everybody in the neighborhood! I was memorising the way to her place so that I could go back easily should the need arise. Everything was still up in the air. Finally, we arrived at her apartment block! It was nice! Even looked new! We walked up the stairs to her apartment. She actually had keys to the place. It was a huge one bedroom, H.U.G.E! Fully furnished. Living room, space for dining room set, kitchen, huge bathroom, bedroom, laundry and extra storage. I was almost jealous! She told me I could either use the couch in the living room but she wouldn't recommend it, people have had sex on there. I thought it was interesting that she said people had sex there, she didn't say she did.

We went over to her bedroom. The mattress was on the floor. Don't ask!Or do, she told me, her boyfriend broke the bed. Now, don't ask :)

She had a small TV in the bedroom. She had a movie on pause, she told me to have a seat on the bed. I didn't know where to sit the thing was filthy! She could tell I was uncomfortable, she took out fresh linen from the closet and spread over the bed and covered up the pillow next to me. That was nice of her. Don't you love it when people can read between the lines?

We watched a movie I had always wanted to see but always forgot haha, Burlesque. I enjoyed it. She did tell me what was going to happen in the movie, just before it did, that was a challenge, to ignore her when she did that, with love. You know, because she was still being nice, so you don't wanna be that mean guest! She checked her phone messages. All from men! Different men!

She opened up her take out (away) container and had more of those rice things she bought for her colleagues. She dialed some number with voice prompts, followed those and ended up somewhere where men were looking for women for various acts. One of them sounded very frustrated, His message was, "Will any woman in Salt Lake City please kick me in the balls?" They wall wanted things that were out there, these men. I know that because Roxy had the phone on speaker. She responded to a ton, if not all the messages. Some called her back. She also left her own ads where she would say something along the lines of, 'Hi, my name's Christmas (she really did say that!), it's my birthday today (it wasn't), I am looking to get spoiled. I love to fck, sucking's good, an*l's good too, I will do anything in exchange for you to pay for my hair. Call me back!' I guess that's how she got the money for nails and eyelashes. She did say she didn't have sex with them. Does kicking somebody in the nuts groin area count as sex?

She talked to those people the whole night, they even made arrangements to meet up. I was freaking out thinking what was going to happen to me when those people came over. One of her friends came by before bed. It was a female, she had a pair of shoes she didn't want in her bag. She offered me those, I was like, no thanks, I don't think they will fit. She was like go head, try them on! I did, they did! Darn it! I had to come up with another excuse. I didn't take them.

I did take this outfit that Roxy gave me. I couldn't wait to take it off, she forced me to try it on. The mattress I slept on that night. Pic taken in her bedroom

The house was filthy! The bathroom was worse than a public bathroom! I was like, no way in hell I'm gonna live here! That place was beyond! She and her friend talked about case workers. Looked like she was on some kind of social services type benefit. She told me they pay for the apartment, she only has to pay a small portion. She was up all night eating the 19 things and talking on the phone, looking for someone who could spoil her. I was up all night too. Trying not to die in my sleep from the shock of it all. And I was keeping an eye on my stuff. I had my cell and my walled under my pillow. She gave me a mattress to use in the dining room area and fresh linen. The mattress was new, it came from her closet. She told me her friends don't know about the things she was letting me use. They are for special people. That was sweet.

When it came time to leave for work, she came out of her bedroom already dressed, all done up and everything. She hadn't been to the bathroom! Go figure! I needed a thorough shower just due to all the stuff I overheard from her phone conversations that night! She told me I was welcome to use the shower.Yeah sure! i wiped my face, poured tons of cologne on me, brushed my teeth, made sure nothing touched nothing, or else it was going to be disposed of!

She called a cab driver she knows, remember she knows everybody! He came by in about ten minutes. Off we went to her work! She left for her office, told me to find her that afternoon and arrange moving. OR call her that night, she is usually home after 8pm, she finishes work around 2pm by the way! The rest of the time is spent on the trains. Whatever works for her, I guess.

I knew I was going to be back there over my dead body. I couldn't tell her that because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I couldn't wait to go home and tell my friend Cindy what a night I had had! Then I remembered, she was no longer talking to me!

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