Saturday, November 16, 2013


After my interview at Roxy's, which went very well, I was going to hear back from them in a few days. The pay was a few dollars lower per hour than at my job, difference is, Roxy's job was looking for permanent staff. I headed back to Cindy's hoping that there wouldn't be anybody home, so I could rest in peace, seeing as I hadn't slept a wink the night before. I headed straight to my bedroom and slept until around 6pm when I got ready for work. Roxy was very kind to take me out and have me over her place that night. It was nice to hang out and watch a movie with a girlfriend. I don't do that kind of stuff often here. I called her that night, to thank her and to let her know I decided to stay at Cindy's a little longer. I didn't get hold of her. She did call me back that night though. She told me her doors are open for me whenever I felt the heat in the kitchen and needed to move or whatever. That was nice but I hoped and prayed not to ever have to take her up on that offer.

Fast Forward to Laura's aka Ms Mugshots aka Ms Trapped-In-The-Closet. When I got my job, they told me I had three months to get licensed. According to the State of Utah, I had 4 months to get licensed. I was now permanent, didn't need to be Roxy's Job, which they had offered to me, just after I got permanent  at my old job. It was nice of Roxy's to hook me up though. I couldn't even do both jobs, the schedules clashed. I worked on getting licensed. I found a highly recommended school, called them u, they had a class that started the Monday after I moved back to Laura's.

Michael and I were spending every minute we had off work together. It was amaze! Laura was home alone to do her shady business. I was out of harm's way. I remember telling Michael about Laura. He was like, yeah, your roommate is definitely on Cocaine and other drugs. Laura always had hundreds of Ice Lollies in the freezer and more in the pantry as backup, God Forbid she should run out of ice! Apparently that was one of the symptoms of cocaine addiction. He was like I would like to meet your roommate but then again, if I did, I would say something to her about her drugs and would tell from seeing her dilated pupils, I would rather not meet her.

I was hoping they met, just so she could see that I had somebody on my side too, she can tell that to her KKK or whatever husband. White supremacy, I get them confused. At Mae's we lived across the street from Ku klux klan, Laura's boyfriend is White Supremacy. Only in America! Michael was sweet, and fast! He was already telling me he was in love with me. He would look me in the eye (#Melts) and say, I love you, Babalwa. It was sweet that he made the effort to call me by that name and to remember it too, can you imagine? Not only do you have to know how to say it, it's a whole another language. It was a very romantic gesture on his part.

He promised me a nice, romantic, real date. He was going to take me to his favorite Italian restaurant in his neighborhood when he got paid.  The weekend just before I moved to Grey's house, Michael went out of town. He had his son, so he decided to take him out of State for the weekend. He sent me pictures. They looked ancient, but who was I to question him? I have trust issues, and unfortunately, whenever I think something is fishy, it always turns out that way. I thought it was weird that he was going all the way to his mom's to be with his son, but was like, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. His mom wasn't even home then. She was with his sister in Washington. He went there to clean the yard. Tis is a good three hours away and he was going to drive there to clean the yard when his mom wasn't even around. What??!?!?!?!?!? He also told me that phone service is very poor over there. He might not be able to call, but will definitely text. Is Michael married? What kind of suspicious, married man behaviour is this? He promised to visit Monday before work. I waited to hear from him to tell him that I had moved back to the Drug Lordess'. I wasn't going to keep updating someone who is busy cleaning his mom's yard with his son. I left him be! I would only text back when he texted back. I am not into games but I am careful when it comes to these things, especially at the early stages of a relationship.

I wasn't going to take time off work for school, having just been made permanent. Basically, I had only just started working. I planned on going to school and working at the same time. It was going to be a rough couple of weeks. I had school from 8am until 6pm and work from 10pm until 6am. I don't have a car, contrary to my post about running over my neighbor's dog, which was a joke haha, so I had to use public transport. The school was right around the corner from Michael's place but I wasn't about to ask if I could crash at his while I attended. We had just met. I didn't want him thinking I was that girl.

Michael called that Monday night. He couldn't come see me (or send a courtesy text to say so) because he was late for work, blah blah blah, drama about his son and ex wife, blah blah blah, I still think he should have texted. Anyway. I let it go. Kinda. He was too tired that night, and his place was a mess so he didn't think I would want to be there. I wasn't going to insist. He had already made up his mind that I didn't want to be there, so.

He was already home from work when he called. I don't know why his place was so messy if he was out of town the entire weekend. Things were just not adding up. I didn't ask, I just went with it. After our phone call, we texted back and forth for an entire hour, I would keep dozing off and get back up and text. He had a problem sleeping. He tried all kinds of things, only, wait for it... Cannabis aka Marijuana helped relax him. He told me his mind was very busy, it won't shut down. He told me growing up, he suffered from depression, so did his mother. His family is a bunch of unlucky people. The worst things happen to them blah blah blah. I think his family needs attitude adjustment. I'm not saying bad things don't happen to people, heck they happen to me, and I consider myself a good enough person! But you gotta chin up and keep going.

That night, after chatting for an hour, he called and asked if I would mind keeping him company. I told him not, he came over to get me. He should have done that earlier but I guess he is a sucker for punishment or he is unlucky, so he thought he was meant to stay up all night and suffer. It was nice to see him. I couldn't get over his handsomeness! The drive from his to mine is like 6 minutes. We exchanged massages, he has the coldest bedroom ever. he has the A/C blowing and a fan, just coldness all around. He would turn one of them off when I was there. It was still cold but it wasn't like winter or anything, so with a blanket and body heat, I was comfortable.

He was lucky if he got two hours of sleep that night! I spent one more night at his before I started school. Thursday Night was my day off. I worked nights so we spent all my nights off together. He got paid the following day, Friday. He was so excited, he finally had a chance to take me out. He officially asked me on a date which I thought was cute. I agreed. We were gonna go Sunday or Monday night, on my off day. His ex wife had his son that weekend, so we were good. We were up almost all night, because he doesn't sleep. I had brought to his attention that it would be nice if he could offer me something more than a glass of water when I arrived at his place and breakfast in the morning. He felt so bad and was like, he had been out of the dating scene so long that he didn't even know how to do these things. I didn't think it had anything with the dating scene, more being hospitable, that's all.  He finishes work late, after ten pm, then goes home to shower before picking me up, by the time I get there, it's very late. But I didn't want to be that girl. I wanted him to offer me something and have me refuse it, that's all.

He told me that he was going to go grocery shopping that morning, he wanted to know what I liked to eat. He was going to stock up on some of my favorite things. He told me to tell him if he did something I didn't like, he was like, I am teachable! I thought that was nice. I wasn't going to be a pain in his neck obviously, I wasn't trying to act like his mom. He misplaced his phone that night. I called it, he found it and I subsequently saw that my number wasn't saved. Red flag! I asked him about it. He told me he was trying to get into a habit of memorising numbers to exercise his brain. I asked him to save my number and do his brain exercises with other people's number. His ex wife called the following morning. Her number was saved! Why not practice on her number!

Their son was hurt, he had fallen off the stairs and twisted his ankle. They were at the hospital. Michael had to go there. He quickly dropped me off, then rushed off to the hospital. He told me not to worry, his son is a klutz, that kind of stuff happens to him all the time, his mom was probably over reacting.

The day of the date, I got home from work and went straight to bed just in case we were still on, I didn't think we were though. It's just a feeling I had. I called him before I went to sleep to confirm times, so I could set my alarm. He didn't pick up. He texted to tell me his mom needed him to pick him up from the airport and take her to Iowa, where she lives. Where he went to clean the other weekend. He apologies but didn't postpone. I had a feeling that was it. I didn't believe that, I didn't believe any of his stories, not the cleaning, nor the ankle twisting of his son. his first night back from cleaning his mom's place, He had a ton of dishes at his place even though he was away for the weekend. His sh*t wasn't adding up. I choose my battles, so I never confronted him about any of that. I wasn't going to waste my energy on any of that, if he was lying, he is dishonest guy, who is not worthy of my time. I wasn't going to turn him into an honest person by confronting him.

I never heard from him ever again!

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