Saturday, November 16, 2013

Picture's of Perry's house

Posing during my break at Avon's Facility's Car show (New Jersey)

Cheap boots ($2) from Walmart. Lasted Maximum 2 weeks

Snow Storm after Hurricane Sandy Pic

The snow Storm. View From Avon's Balcony (New Jersey)

More snow

In Perry's Car (Sand Diego)

The Boots Perry bought me at Marshall's

More Sand Diego

Seafood from the Bay Area, S.Diego

If you squint real good, you can see Perry barbecue behind me.

His bedroom, don't mind the mess, the floor? They were renovating when wife left.

The living room. Very comfy couch

The canyon behind his property

Selfie next to our Christmas tree. He had already broken up with me when this was taken 

Perry's bathroom. He had his, I had mine

The third bedroom, that was going to be my office according to the original plan

The kitchen. I told you the house was brown! Cute fridge!

What used to be the game room, before wife took Perry to the cleaner's

Part of his office, where he worked as an Architect

Linen Closet

Swimming pool and view from the backyard

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