Friday, November 29, 2013

Getting Arrested In a Foreign Country?

CNA classes were ok. They teach you a lot of common sense stuff like, always wash you hands, put gloves on. Stuff that we shouldn't have to spend so much money to be told simply because we already know it. A lot of people were sleeping in class. I worked all night long and was up all day long. I tried to stay up but there's this lady whose class was like, man! Slumberland! People were snoring in her class.

The Somalian girl and I were getting closer. We had exchanged numbers. She was my new best friend. She has a 9 year old from her ex husband who she left back home.

Classes were also intense, they would make us take random tests and stuff all day long. We had to focus. It was a very hectic time for someone as sleep deprived as me. My feet were so swollen. Every now and again, I would get a text from Laura. She was still at the condo.

Two days after MB had a meltdown, I got a text from one of our colleagues. A guy who had a love/hate relationship with MB. He told me she had been fired. I was shocked! I couldn't text or call to find out how she was doing because first I wasn't supposed to know that, second, she wasn't talking to me. That night at work, the nurse on duty pulled me aside and read me a text she had received from the head of nursing. It was about me. The Head wanted the Nurse to tell me to stop sexually harassing my colleagues. I was like The F#&k! I knew exactly where that came from. It was MB. She was bitter from being fired and wanted to take someone down with her. Also, it could be she thought I had reported her since  I had called her out on her laziness over the radio. I never did. I am not one to report people, but when I am fed up, I will confront your s myself. I won't put anybody's job in jeopardy. Not my style. But you've got to actually do your job. Don't make me do it for you.

I could have called MB to confront her but it was spilt milk at that point, so instead I texted the Heard of nursing. I asked what she was talking about, she told me it was about naked pictures I had shown at work. I showed those pictures to MB, we were friends in and out of work. We would sometimes sit in the car and talk about guys and goof around. I showed her some of the pictures guys had sent me. She never complained. Hell, she wanted to see the pictures, she would bring them up at work and ask me to show our other colleagues, but I refused. I told The head the head that. She and MB were tight, MB had been working for the company for  a year. She was probably sad to  see her friend go. I mean, it's not my fault MB was a 43 year old virgin living with a cat! She was living vicariously through me.

I was worried I would lose my job over the sexual harassment case. Nothing happened. Apparently that was just a friendly warning from the head. After classes, we did in service training at different facilities. I had to do that and then do the same thing at my job. I wasn't allowed to use the hours at my job as part  of training, alas! I finished all that. The next step was to mail a check to the Dept of Health and apply for an exam date.

Laura was still living in her closet. One afternoon, I was on my way to the dollar Tree (store). Don't judge me! :) She tagged along. She also needed some stuff from the shopping centre. We started at the dollar Tree. It was hot, she is always talking and munching on ice but it can only last you that long. She grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge, drank it while in the store. I did my thing, she did hers, we paid and walked out. Soon as we did, she went, OMG, I forgot to pay for the soda! I told her to go back and pay for it! She told me she wasn't going to embarrass herself like that. I don't know how it's an embarrassment to be honest. She didn't budge.

We went to the pharmacy. She needed to send money to her sister. We walked around the store for a bit, then she went to the counter to do the money thing. Lo and behold, the moment we walked out, deja vu! She forgot to pay for something. The thing cost $25. I was like YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO THE STORE RIGHT NOW AND PAY FOR THAT! WTF? Kleptomaniac! She was like, they know me over there, they know I would never steal from them, I will go back some other time and pay for it. In fact, I don't even need these (it was butterfly shaped decoration lights, kinda like christmas decorations?), I will return them next time I go to the pharmacy. I rest my case!

We went to the third store. I told her I was going to wait outside for her. I wasn't gonna go through another episode for her. I needed something there though, so she asked me to literally hold her hand the entire time. This is a 44 year old we're talking about! I practically held her hand, got what I needed, she got what she needed, we all paid, we left the store. No merchandise was stolen during the taping of that episode haha. Whew!

I wasn't impressed with her AT ALL!

Roxy, remember her? The girl who loves to f#@ck and all that? Not that other people don't, but you know what I mean. afternoon, I got a random text from a random number. I asked who it was, he told me Sean, Roxy's friend. She was trying to set me up with her friend. I thought she had slept with all her friends! The day she and I were out and about together, she greeted this random, short guy. Guy went blood red in the face. She told me that was one of her sugar daddies. Dude looked younger than her! Anyway, this Sean guy was trying to be all cute in his texts, I was just shutting him down. I got a call from Roxy. She asked me to be nice to her friend who she was hanging out with at the time. I tried but dude wasn't making any sense in his texts. He would send me something like, are you a company man? Like, what does that even mean?

Long story short, he wanted to meet up. He asked me to go to Roxy's. I told him I don't do peple's places when meeting someone for the first time. He must take me somewhere. Cheap Skate! Sick and tired of Utahans and their cheapness. Been on so many dates in that State and the only man who ever took me out to eat was Paul. Bless him! This guy was like well, you know what, I just got this new job, I wasn't working blah blah blah. Uhm, why are you telling me this? This is YOUR problem! Fix it!

He came buy to the centre close to my place. We went to a Japanese restaurant. He told me what his budget was, which was fair. We had a decent meal and drinks. Not to shabby for a homeless guy. Yup! Turns out he was crashing on Roxy's couch. The one where 'people have had sex on'? Yeah, The guy hadn't taken a bath the day we met, you could tell. He wasn't all fresh. I can't stand that. Hygiene is very important, what kind of first impression are you trying to make if you can't jump in the shower for ten minutes before a date?

He was hugging me and trying to kiss me, it was revolting. I told him I had to go home to catch some sleep before work that night. 'You're so sexy! Sexy legs, sexy lips, sex sex sex!' Someone give me a gun! I wanted candy afterwards, he was like, I'll walk you there. He had a stack of cash in his wallet which he made sure I saw. I told him what had happened last time I went to the dollar tree (with Laura).  Lo and behold we bumped into her there, CRAP! I introduced them to each other. HE picked up that that was the person I was talking about so when she said, come guys, what are you getting, I also need some stuff but I won't be long, we was like, yeah, we're already done! We'll wait for you outside! haha, good going, Sean!

He tried to kiss me in the mouth goodbye, I ducked. He told me he wanted to visit him at Roxy's,  obviously for sex! I was like, we'll talk! I left without Laura. I'm not trying to get arrested in a foreign country!

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