Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Feelings, Schmeelings!

I took a quick shower, had dinner, Client, we'll call him Ted, had bought me lunch, chicken salad from his favorite Mexican restaurant. That's what I had for dinner. It was delish. Must be all the poop in it hahahaha! #Nutrients

I dozed off after dinner, I didn't know if I was still up to going over to Spotty's. I had been up for 24 hours and working hard the entire time! I saw a lot of poop in that space of time! Spotty sent me a text telling me he had an uninvited guest, he would call me when she had left. I was like, ok. He kept texting me promising me that nothing was going to happen, he was loyal to me, blah blah blah. How was I to prove that?  I wasn't going to question him because that wasn't going to change anything but at the same time, that didn't mean I believed him. I hardly knew the men! Even if I did know him, that wouldn't change anything, people will still do whatever they want, no matter your opinion of them. 

He called to tell me she had just left, it was late, he understood that I was tired, he thought to let me rest that night, we would meet up the following day. He appreciated how maturely I handled the whole situation. Apparently the guest was his ex girlfriend, she had taken her bike for a ride and ended up in his neighbourhood, it started raining, so she just drove over to his place. That was his story, true, false, whatever! We talked over the phone for an hour or more, then went to sleep.

At one point, Spotty asked me for naked pictures of me. I refused. He asked why I was so uptight, he wasn't going to show the pictures to anyone, all his exes had given him their naked pics, he still had them. I was like, talk to me again about it when you no longer had pictures of your exes.  I don't get it, but oh well. I don't know why someone who introduced me as a friend to people, who had himself told me he didn't have the kind of feelings he should for me, would want naked pictures of me! 

Back to work in a few days. At the end of the shift, my friend wanted to talk to the supervisor about her roster for the following month. I asked the supervisor for specific days of, his answer was, 'If I were you, I would worry more about getting my license than off days cos you might not even have a job here next month.' In his broken English with Mexican accent. How you doing Mexicans! This he said in front of the entire night shift crew. He was very show off, that guy. I was dumbfounded that that's how he wanted to talk to me about me losing my job. A few days before I did, in public! What if I hadn't asked for those off days? I told him that I didn't know what the delay was but I still hadn't received the voicher. The new girl, from Jamaica was like, that's strange! Sup was like, you know you didn't do the course, why would you expect a voucher when you didn't even do the course! He was on the roll that morning! My friend was like, yes, she did the course, she was sleeping on the couch at work, going to work and classes at the same time! He insisted I didn't do it. Jamaican was like, if you had done the course, you would have gotten your license by now. I wanted to kick her through her stomach, and pull that ugly thing she had on her head off! B*Tch, who's talking to you? STFU!

I left, in disbelief that I was really going to lose my job and there was nothing I could do about it. It was the last week of July, even if I did get the voucher in the mail, I didn't have enough time. I had a lot to think about that morning. Spotty had work early that morning, he called me on his way back,  I told him what had happened at work, he was so pissed off that they would treat me like that. That's one thing about him, he doesn't just say, oh ok, I'm sorry to hear that, do you wanna make out? He feels you pain, and gets more pissed than you. Love it! That's how I get :) #Passion

Last Sunday of July, Spotty took me out. We went to the park again. This time, he didn't pack us a nice lunch or anything. He picked me up from my place, walked in and was like, 'what?'. I went, 'what what?' He told me I looked like I wasn't in a good mood or something. I was fine, he looked like he wasn't in a good mood. I felt like with him, I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We sat at the park, he smoked pot the entire time, he even stocked up on more weed right there in front of me. I consider myself pretty open minded but there are things that you, as a gentleman, shouldn't do in front of a lady, like dealing in weed. Couldn't he go somewhere, do the deal and then come back to me? He was not nice the whole day. I didn't get why he picked me up at all. I had work that night, I could have just hung out at my place and watched TV recordings. Later on, I was like, I think it's time to go now! He took me to The Olive Garden (Restaurant), bought us dinner. It was divine, I had stuffed mushrooms, and seafood.

He flirted with the hostess on our way in, and introduced me as his friend. We sat and had dinner, he took offense in everything I said. Thank goodness dinner was delicious, otherwise the whole thing would have been a complete mess. He packed some of his dinner for me for lunch at work that night. Which was nice, I guess.

It was raining outside by the time we left. I assumed, as a person who has a limo driving, aka in being a gentleman, he would bring the car around and pick me up. He was like, come on, let's go. I was like, Aren't you gonna bring the car around? He told me no, unless I wanted him to leave me behind. I put my handbag over my head and ran to the car. When we got in the car, he said something along the lines of I'm lucky he didn't leave me there. I was like, then I'd call a cab! I know a guy! He took offense to that too because I'm not supposed to have a cab driver's phone number when he himself is sort of in the business. Well, clearly I will need this guy, if you're threatening to desert me in the rain at night on my way to work!

This was three days before my last day at work. Everything had been confirmed. I was going to have to be removed from the system because I didn't have my license.

We arrived at my place, he waited while I got ready for work. We got to work just in time. Just before I got off the car, he broke up with me.

, what? I'm like  what what?

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