Sunday, December 01, 2013

First Date with Spotty

The school was nice enough to let me scan the documents they needed them. I took pictures of the docs and emailed them to the school, does anyone else do that nowadays instead of scanning? I stopped by a fast food restaurant for ice cream on my way home. On my way out, I caught a glimpse of My somalian friend. I turned to talk to her, she had disappeared. I know I wasn't imagining her because she was with her daughter and I saw them both. I bet you she went something like, oh crap, there goes that b*tch, hide! Quick! And pushed the kid's head down behind the garbage bin.

On the train back home from the school, I got a call from Spotty. I almost forgot that I had a date that night. Flip! I would have had to take a shower cos I was a hot mess. He only said who was calling and the phone died! I must say, I was glad it did. I knew that I would be home in 30 minutes, charge it and call him back but I was glad that he would have to wait that long not knowing whether I hung up on him or not. He called an hour or more later than we had agreed.

By the time the train got to my station, the buses had stopped running, thanks Utah! I had to walk for a good 25 minutes; as if I didn't walk enough that day. Whew! I finally got home, charged the phone, took a shower and relaxed in bed, or, if you want to be technical, on the floor in my sleeping bag. Yeah, I slept on the floow, Whatever, feel better now? Spotty called back much later. We ended up talking for four hours until around two in the morning. He proposed taking me out for breakfast the following morning. Sure, as long as you won't walk me back to my bedroom afterwards. Nobody is allowed in here! I accepted. I was glad that night was out because I was so tired. I went to bed soon after the phone call. I got up early and got ready for breakfast.

Spotty has a Limo business. He asked me during the call which car he should pick me up in, his private car, a Limo or a motorbike. I told him to surprise me. Surprise me, he did! I got all dolled up, wore my new dress and all. He called to tell me he was pulling up. I told him where to park and peeped through the window. He showed up in this old shack of a car! I was just like! i mean dud was dressed nice, he even checked himself out in the mirror fixed his hair as if he was driving a limo or something. The hell was that all about?

I was like, you know what, let me just go. I'm either gonna have fun on this date or a good story to tell. He got out of the car and was standing there, waiting for me. He stood tall, very yogi like! He's lean and 6ft tall (180/182cm), not as tall as Mike but then again, Mike who? Right? He walked towards me when he saw me, extended his arm and gave me a hug, walked me to the dusty car, opened the door for me and went around to get in. I have learnt not to show my reaction, so I said nothing...yet. The thing was so dusty, I had my new wool dress on. He told me he was going to take me to one of his favorite places. I didn't care, I'm a down girl. Down for whatever!

Just as he pulled up at the restaurant parking lot, the mouth ran, all by itself #Freewheel. I blurted out something like, with all due respect, are you kidding me with this car? Look at all the dust! Is this the kind of first impression you want to make? You couldn't even wash it or something? His response was, well you told me you didn't care about material stuff, you're contradicting yourself. I told him I cared about dust! I care about being shown some respect. I could have been doing other things but I chose to go out with him that morning, he didn't care enough to as much as clean the interior of the car. I wasn't asking the guy to buy a brand, spanking new car, all I was asking was for him to respect my new, wool dress, which was about to pick up all the dust from his car.  He told me that was his camping car, he never washed it. I felt so much lighter after saying that. I got it out of my system.

We went into the restaurant. He had something light, I had something meaty as usual. $XhosasAndMeat! He ordered us both orange juice. I was like, oh, is that what I'm drinking this morning? He seemed shocked at my forwardness. I was shocked that he took it upon himself to order me something to drink without asking me first on a first date. If he cared that much, you'd think, he would have at least dusted the car with a feather duster. I don't like orange juice, it gives me heartburn. We changed that to half Cranberry juice and half apple. Love that combo, very good for you!

We stayed there for quite a while. Spotty is a New York Native, he still has the accent, very refreshing in Utah. And he has nothing in common with the Utahans at all, which, trust me, is a good thing! He asked if I had any plans for the rest of the day. I didn't. He told me he would like to spend the rest of the morning together. I was down. We went to his house to change cars. He wanted to make it up to me. We dropped the Corolla and took the Limo, WHAT? YESSSS! Something about that car, is so an automatic panty dropper. Just saying. Don't mean to TMI you. He opened the door for me, I felt so VIP. He also does tours in his business. He took me to the park. I was overdressed for that, but who cares? We bird watched for a second, walked around in heels. There was a guy who was juggling three or four tennis balls. I asked him to let me try. I juggled a bit. Spot was like, oh please, you've done this before. I have haha, so many times :) I also played uNomlenzana, in heels. All in a day's work!

From the park, he took me to this cool place with really expensive furniture from like centuries before. Very expensive stuff, you couldn't believe it! i thought of my mom, she's into stuff like that, and she gets in for a fraction of the price from her corners. They know Spot there, he was showing off, walking ever so tall, with his arm wrapped around mine. He was an easy guy to get along with. We joked around, there were a lot of That's what she said jokes passed around.

He then took me to the tip of a hill where you can get a nice view of Salt Lake City. I could tell him Mike had already shown me SLC from the tip of the mountain but not only did I not want to be that girl, also, Michael who? Spot had a hat on, I put it on and took some pictures. We had a good time that morning. After the view, we went to a restaurant slash bakery place where we bought practically one of everything. We took them with us. He wanted us to go chill at the park near his place. We went to his place to collect camping chairs. He told me he would invite me inside if his place wasn't a mess. He left me in the Limo while he went to get the chairs. He came back and asked if I wanted to hang at his place instead. I was like sure, on condition he wasn't going to seduce me. He, like most men, used the world famous last lines, i won't make you do anything you don't wanna do. #ImaginarySlapAcrossTheFace for being a statistic #EnoughOfThatLineAlready.

We went in. He lives in a one bedroom apartment. Very spacious! He has a
 year old daughter who lives with her mom. We hung out on the couch, talked some more and listened to music. He offered to take me for a ride on his motorbike. There wasn't time for that though. He played such songs as I'm gonna make you love me etc. I swear he has a collection of songs he plays on first dates. I ended up napping at his place for an hour or so. He took me home, two streets away, and waited until I got ready for work and dropped me off in style #Limo

All in all, it was a nice date. He looks so much better in person too; blue eyes and good hair, you know how I like em. He asked to see me the following day. I agreed.

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