Sunday, December 29, 2013

Teddy, What Have You Done?

I was still looking for a place to stay. Nothing was coming up! I viewed one apartment which belonged to a bunch of very friendly Mormons. They had advertised it for one amount but when I got over there the amount changed. Drastically. I would rather they not be friendly and just be honest. They told me they would contact me in future I had a feeling they were not going to and I knew I wasn't going to contact them either. I talked to a few other people who had rooms to let. Nothing came out of that either. I was running out of time.

My roommate and her boyfriend started moving back in. She had told me that they would move in two days prior to my moving out. That didn't happen. They disconnected the TV and the Internet. I was getting confused as to what was going on. They literally moved back in the way before the time they said they would. All of a sudden I was leaving with two other people and her parents were there all the time. I don't mind the parents, they are very nice people. I'm just saying that the house suddenly became very crowded. Good thing I was always in my room sleeping or working at Ted's in the daytime.

I decided to take Ted up on his offer. He was half excited and I don't know what happened to the other half. He told me I could use his room and sleep on his bed. I told him I didn't think that was a good idea I would never do that to someone like him; move in and take over his house, I mean really now!Plus this is someone who is incontinent. That bed and the entire house, for that matter had gone through a lot. To say the least. He was desperate to save money. He wanted to shop some more!

 I started cleaning up the other room and shifting things around. There was a lot to move around. The room was literally a storeroom. I finally cleared the bed up. I was ready to move in some of my things bit by bit. Ted came up with this brilliant idea, he told me that because I was going to be living with him, he wasn't going to pay me. I told him that was not part of the deal. If I was going to be at his house 24 /7 I was actually going to help him out 24 /7. We had to have a serious talk about that. He wasn't too pleased but we agreed on the original deal of him paying me for the three days out of the week that I was working for him before moving in.

Ted is such a Shopaholic, you have no idea! Every single time I went to work for him, there would always be these boxes outside the condo! He would always be ordering something new; something he already has; something he already has two or three of OR 6, of oh my gosh! I think when he saw the space that I'd made in the spare room, he thought that was for him to stock up some more. Anyway, I had a strange feeling about moving my stuff in. You know when that feeling comes along you listen! One Saturday morning, I was scheduled to work. I showed up and I knocked and knocked and knocked on the door, no answer. I just had this strange feeling. I hoped he wasn't in the hospital or worse!  I knocked and knocked and knocked on the door, no answer! I was yelling Ted Ted Ted! Finally, I wrote a little note for him saying that I was there that day and the time, the date and shoved it under the door with the hope that when he did open up the door, the wind wouldn't blow it out hahahaha.

I went back to work on Tuesday and asked Ted about Saturday. He told me that he was resting, he hadn't been sleeping well. That was one day that I was not going to get paid for that I had shown up for work for. But what can you do?

Ted was getting paid in two days, a Thursday. He didn't have money to pay me that Tuesday. Which to me kinda explains why he was resting and tired' that day. That was so that he doesn't have to pay me for the day because he didn't have enough money, he spent all his money shopaholicing!  I had the day off, the following day, from both my jobs. It was a good day. I got to do whatever I wanted to do, which included either shopping or lots of rest.

Thursday, Ted got paid, the moment I walked into the condo, he handed me a long list of things to do. Or should I say to buy. I was so happy for him! He was in such a great mood, finally having money. This is a man who eats out three times a day and still buy tv dinners (boxed meals, that you microwave), he seldom gets to eat some of the food in the fridge, because he's busy eating take outs. I wish he would cut down on his take outs but thing is when you get to that age and have nobody, you find joy in whatever you can. I wasn't going to take away the only thing that brought him joy and comfort. Well, that and porn, but who's counting?

He asked me that Thursday not to going in the following Saturday. He and I know that he needed me everyday, but I was going to do as he pleased. That's what it is! I went back to work the following Tuesday, that's five days later. My heart sank when I saw that the door was closed. He usually gets up around 7am, has breakfast and sits by the tv in the living room. By then the front door would be open. I started anywhere between nine and ten in the morning. I got in that morning to find the door closed, freaked out, as I got closer, I realised that the door was slightly open. I saw Ted on the floor. He was crying for help. He had lost his voice by then. I couldn't get in quickly enough! Literally! There was stuff jamming the door, looks like he fell, knocked a few things on his way down, they ended up blocking the doorway. Some stuff, it looks like he tried to hold on to it while trying to get up, man it was a mess! I eventually squeezed into the door. He was completely pale. I asked him a few questions to check his level of consciousness, it was hardly there! I quickly called 911. He has one of those emergency necklaces, the ones with a button you push that automatically calls 911, only thing is, when he fell, the button went behind his neck, he's too big and the arms are too short for him to reach that far and he had fallen on his back.

We won't go into detail, all I can say is, he lost a lot of blood. He didn't know how long he had been lying there for, it looked like it may have been three or four days. He could have died! If only he hadn't stopped me from going in that Saturday! I am suspecting he fell Friday or Saturday. Anyway, Emergency services picked him up, he was then hospitalised for a while. There go my moving plans! That explained why  I was stalling moving my stuff in.

I had less than two weeks before it was time for me to move out of the condo, I had nowhere to go! I started looking for a place to stay both in Los Angeles and in Salt Lake City. Oh and I had started talking to someone else online! Paul! He lives in California, three hours from Los Angeles. We exchanged numbers. He was all over the place, but I still talked to him, simply because why not? I was talking to another man from Lake Elsinore as well. This is where I worked for that Chinese woman who never wanted to pay me. When they found out I was thinking of moving back to California, both men offered to have me move in with them. I thanked them but politely refused. That was the last thing I needed. I did that with Perry and with Elvis, done! Not going to do that again. At least not at this point in my life.

Paul is 35, never been married, has 8-10 cats, depending on the day, 40 bicycles and counting. The other man lives by the lake in a trailer but he calls it an RV. I saw the pictures, it sure looks like a trailer to me. Either way, I be damned if I'm gonna move in with a man who lives in a moving home. One night youŕe here, Lord knows where you'll wake up! Plus, dude looked scary, nuff said! Apparently, he was involved in a car crash two years ago. He was with his girlfriend, she died in the scene, he is still recovering from that, both physically and emotionally. He is all about himself, he did mention on his profile that he had times when he would be so depressed. He wanted someone who would understand, thing is, he was depressed all the time! One minute, he had a nightmare, the next, his blood sugar dropped, he always wanted to know from me what to do, blah blah blah, I was just like, I can't even deal with this guy and his problems anymore!

Paul and I talked everyday, He was nice distraction. He told me to move in with him and his cats and his bicycles and get a job over there as a CNA. Thing is, I was considering quitting a job I liked to move back to LA to pursue my dream of being an actress. I wasn't about to move three hours away from LA, live with a guy who's lifelong dream was to chill out and watch tv. That dream actually came true for him, now, he kinda regrets always wishing he could grow up to be an adult sitting on the couch watching tv. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't have the same drive I have, or at least a drive, any amount, period. Otherwise, they don't get it! I can't be with someone who is going to expect me to be home everyday, cooking dinner, packing him lunch for the following day and bringing him breakfast in bed. He needs to understand the type of business I am into. That it's unpredictable.

Two weeks before the end of October, I still hadn't found a place to stay, neither in Utah, nor in LA. People in LA wanted to meet up in person first, which I totally get. I couldn't do that from three states away. I had to have a plan C. A being to find a place in Salt Lake City (Utah), B moving to LA, C, well... I decided to find Temporary accommodation. I bounced that idea on Paul. He was like, yeah, why don't you stay in a hotel in Utah? Because, Paul, I am not going to spend that amount of money to stay in a place I am over! If I am going to do that, it better be in Los Angeles, that way, I know, I am looking for permanent accommodation. All his ideas were kinda out there. In that they didn't make any sense. By the way, he has a learning disability, which he is getting paid Grant for (SSI). I guess, he is a LOT bit slow. I say that with all due respect.

I went to see Ted in the hospital, EMT (911 folks) wouldn't tell me where they were going. I am not going to say it's one of those racial issues, I'm just gonna say, they just didn't want to tell me. They left me hanging in the veranda, wondering where they were taking him, after I called them myself. I had to make a ton of calls to all kinds of hospitals looking for him. Not cute, Utahans, even you can do better than that! I finally got hold of him and scheduled a day to go see him. He was still very confused when I got there but he recognised me, which was good.He had tubes all over him. It was crazy, but he was still alive!

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