Monday, August 25, 2014


After Jon's abrupt move, I got to enjoy the comfort of living alone for the rest of February. I walked around in the nude all the time for the heck of it. It was great. He pretty much walked around naked when he was still there, he would only put a towel in his groin area. 

I took a break the following month from roommates, did tv shows and a few other random gigs in between and by the grace of the good Lord made enough to pay rent for the month without a roommate. Thank Goodness! Almost two months roommateless. Freedoom! halfway through March, I had to start scouting for a roommate though. Least favorite thing to do ever! I posted an ad on Craig's list, pretty much the same one as before and just change dates. I had only a few people come by that time. I think I mentioned that I was looking for a female roommate for a change. I interviewed a few of the ladies and one stuck out. We'll call her Carly. She's 21, a tall, dark skinned African girl. She's a model, bright eyed, girl with great vibe. I hoped she would want to stay with me as much as I did. I don't mind the age difference, never did. I get along with people of all age groups. Some people make a big deal about age difference though, so.

One of the girls was like, OMG I love you, you'rel so cool. You're gonna be my new best friend blah blah blah. First, on email, she had told me about how she just moved to LA from New York. She is spiritual and a vegetarian, she is on the path blah blah blah, you know the spiritual type. I have nothing against that. I just hoped that if I ended up with her, she wouldn't drive me up the wall with her righteous path. When she came over, she was a totally different person, talking about if you've got it flaunt it. That's what she does with her ass, apparently it's her best asset. No pun intended lol. She was telling me about dating white guys, she's African American; blah blah blah. When I walked her to the bus stop, we were talking and she all of a sudden flipped. She was jumping up and down, omg did you see the guy in that car? If the light was red, I totally would've gone over there and talked to him. I was so confused, whatever happened to the path, lady? I just played along though. I am all for crazy, heck, I'm as crazy as the best of them. My thing is, don't try to be holier than thou art one minute, the next be, well, like me. Be yourself. Nobody likes a fake person.

Two days or so later, I got a text from the 21 year old; Carly. She told me she was taking the place. Day after that, she sent me a text, asking if I could help her move. I had told her that I didn't mind her moving in a few days early. I wasn't going to charge her that. That was my way of ensuring that I had a roommate by the beginning of the month. Short of asking her to pay before moving in, which no one is going to do. She had told me that she had a part time job as a waitress, her dad was going to pay rent for her. She had moved to LA a month prior to pursue modeling and to go to school. She had told me that she only had a few luggage pieces with clothes, no furniture, which would work out great as I didn't have room for furniture. She had said she would hire a car to move with. I asked why a car if she only had a few suitcases. She said that the suitcases were very large, she wouldn't be able to take them on the bus. I got confused when she asked me to help her move. Did she want me to help put her suitcases in and out the car? How often does someone you don't even know ask you to help them move? That never happens. I asked her what the plan was, she told me she was waiting for her friend to help her move, she had promised to move her. Friend has a car. I was relieved. I wasn't about to drag around a strangers suitcases all the way from Santa Monica to Hollywood. Who helps me move?

Two days passed, she was still waiting for the friend to move her. I wondered if she had changed her mind about moving in. I didn't want to be pushy and ask, in case she was stressed about the move and the friend situation. I could only hope for the best at that point. Finally, the following day, she told me that she would move in that morning. Then in the morning, she said around noon. Around noon, still nothing. Good thing, it was the weekend and I had no plans.That afternoon, she called and asked me to open the main door for her. She was outside. Whew! I went downstairs, looked around for her. There she was, still walking down the street. My street happened to be Santa Monica Boulevard. It takes you straight to Santa Monica, the beach etc. I love Santa Monica, it's beautiful over there. Parts of it are pretty artsy. I'm into that. It's an expensive neighborhood though. Right by the beach. Carly had sh*t loads of stuff, my neighbor was also helping them carry stuff and that was not even it. I was like, omg I hope we are gonna have enough room for all these clothes. I didn't mind if she didn't. It's just stuff, as long as we get along, I'll be happy.

She pushed some of the suitcases into the closet and some under the bed. There were lots of them. She told me that wasn't even all her clothes. Such a girl. She had cute clothes too. All her clothes are cute and trendy. The joys of being a model. She told her friend to leave her there, she was going to spend the night that night then leave for work from there the following day. Her friend is Latina (Hispanic). She gave us a ride to the 99cents store. We both wanted to do grocery shopping. On the way, she wouldn't stop telling us about how dangerous the neighborhood next to the one next to mine was. I was just like, seriously, stop. What's the deal with this girl. What does she want me to do? Fix Los Angeles? I just sat quietly in the back seat and bit my tongue. What am I gonna say? I don't know these people and I don't own Los Angeles. It is what it is and it ain't what it ain't. The friend even mentioned that growing up, she was molested a few different time in one of the neighborhoods. I was like seriously, this girl. She sounded ridiculous, not that I don't believe that people can get molested over and over again but who tells a random stranger that. It just seemed like she was being an attention seeker to me. I wasn't interested.

Friend dropped us off. We took the bus back. Carly had never been to the 99 cents store. She didn't even know about it. She was so excited. Her mom called while we were there. She told her about the store and how everything was only 99 cents. I think at first she thought we were going to share everything. I am not crazy about that idea. I remember whenever I showed her something she might need, she would be like but we already have that in the apartment. I thought oh heck no. If you found it in the apartment, it doesn't mean it comes with the apartment, it means I paid for it. Therefore you have to buy yours. She caught on fast though. Even though she didn't buy everything the first day, I didn't mind letting her use some of mine like cleaning supplies. She would then buy them when we ran out, which was cool. She also didn't mind splitting up to buy things. I felt bad making her pay for some things that I didn't mind buying but I had seen enough with Jon. I didn't want to go through the experience again. I even asked her, please let me know beforehand if you want to move, don't just sneak out with my laptop. It's the only one I have. That became our standing joke.

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