Friday, January 08, 2016

Coming Full Circle

I never heard from the first Calvin ever again but the second one, texted me as soon as I gave him my number.

I told him the story of the old Calvin when I heard that they were namesakes, his response was something along the lines of, 'how dare that Calvin! I will report him to the society of Calvins!' lol. Anyway, one of the things that caught my attention in talking to Calvin was that when I told him I love the beach but I can't swim. I had also mentioned to him that learning how to surf is in my bucket list. He promised he will teach me how to surf but when I mentioned that I can't swim either, he was like, Maybe we should teach you how to swim first, then surging. haha. Oops! He also said, we should go to the beach on our first date! I never said I was going to go on a date with him but when he said that, I thought, ok, maybe we'll be friends. We seem to have a few things in common. I could use one more friend.

After I gave Calvin my number, he texted me immediately, that way I had his number. We texted back and forth about regular things people text abut. No dick pics or body shots, thankfully! No sexting or sex talk, thank goodness! I was liking this guy more and more! So respectful! We texted all day long. He was at work, I was at home, doing stuff around the house, including laundry. I found myself a nice desk, well, more of a TV stand that  I turned into a desk for my office area because I have an office area in my wish list for my apartment and I had to make that come true! I set the desk up, put my laptop, mouse, two external hard drives, and a few other random things. I later got myself a Hello Kitty mouse pad,speakers, a trash can and tissue box to make it look like a legit office space. I love it! I already had a cute leather office chair that came with my furniture from Hollywood Hills. I must say, I really love my office space and I use it a lot! I set it up by the window in my bedroom. I remember texting a picture of my desk to Calvin asking what he thinks, he told me he likes it. He also has a desk in his bedroom that he uses more often than the actual office that he turned his spare bedroom into.

Ugh, I just looked for the pictures, I can't find it anywhere! One of the days, I will do a few picture blogs because I just found a bunch of pictures of entries that I have already posted that  I didn't find when I looked for them. This blogging process can be easier. Or maybe I need to arrange my photos better. There are so many of them though. Whew! 
Found it! Before, during and after!

My airBnb guest, Brian was still staying at my house. His alarm was till relentless, he was still not hearing it. I tell you that alarm once went off from 4am until just before 10am. No jokes! He never heard it! In between, he took calls, and replied to texts. It's literally a miracle! The alarm went off ever morning at 4 for the entire month of Ramadan. I asked Brian once what the deal was, he told me that he was supposed to get up at 4 and pray and have something to eat as he was fasting the entire day with no food or drink. I was like well, dayum! Why don't you wake up and do that then? He told me he can't hear the alarm but he can hear texts and phone calls. I was like, boo, you might want to change the tune of your alarm then! Use a tune that's annoying, something that will force you to wake up because I can heat it and I now wake up at 4am, without fail, I'm sure the neighbors do too. I don't want to be that person! He apologised and didn't change a thing!

About him sleeping on the floor, I think it had something to do with his religion, I remember working at the Chinese massage place in South Africa.We used to have Muslim clients who would ask to use the prayer room. I learnt then that they need to face east when they pray, or something along those lines. I think that's what Brian was doing, he was aiming for a certain direction. Only, he never really woke up to pray for the entire month of Ramadan. I can tell you that because I was here and I was wake all those mornings at 4. 

One Sunday, my friend and I went to Santa Monica beach, we hung out and took really cool pictures. She looks like a goddess in those, I wish I could show you but I don't like to spread other people's pictures, so I will show you mine

I miss those warm summer days! My feet are freezing as we speak. It's warmer outside though, but not summer warm. But then again, I don't think I miss the summer we had last year. God forbid!

Spectators watching street performers.
This was before Calvin and I met. A week or so before I joined the dating site. I used one of these pictures on the site. 
You have the right to remain silent!


This was  a great Sunday. I met my friend at the beach. She was sitting there, sunbathing and reading. I joined in, we talked and talked. I called her cousin, who's supposedly my soulmate haha. He and I get along. He's very quiet, some people think he doesn't even speak English, but he speaks it fluently and he's witty and funny. One Afternoon, my friend was at my place. We were going to go for a spin around Beverly Hills. We got in my car, I turned on the engine and the radio turned on. I never even listen to the radio but apparently I had previously and it automatically turned on. It was on a Classical music radio station. My friend was shocked that, I listen to the same music as her cousin. It's smart people music. Just kidding, more like geeks. 

Santa Monica Pier
That evening, after my friend's husband was done at work, he picked us both up, dropped me off at mine, then they went home. They live kinda far, more than an hour's drive from me. But my friend works less than two miles from me.

After  a week of talking to Calvin everyday on the phone and via text, which is one of the things I liked about him. Most guys just want to text, and or sext. Especially sext! Calvin called me. He called me for the first time the evening of the day I gave him my number. We talked for about an hour. We literally lost track of time. It was great. He has a nice voice, so soothing, he  sounded cooler than he looked. He also sent me a couple of pictures of himself on top of things; one on top of a tree, the other on top of a building on a hill in LA with a great view of LA. Clearly, someone's not afraid of heights. One of Calvin's hobbies is tree climbing. I thought that was cool. 
My friend's sunglasses

My Vogue Sunglasses

I didn't want to tell anyone about him until we met in person. I did, however send one of my sisters the picture of him on a tree, I thought it was cool, my sister did too. I didn't tell her who was in the picture. She didn't ask either.

Talking to this guy took me all the way back to my roots; growing up in the farm in Uitenhage. He grew up in a cabin in the mountains, so we had that in common. He works with trees and plants and all that, so he knows all there is about stuff like that. I don't, but my dad was a herbalist. He reminded me so much of my father, who hasn't been with us for more than 25 years now. It was a nice feeling to be taken all the way back there! The more I talked to that guy, they more I missed and appreciated my father. I would then talk to my sisters about him and we would all reminisce. My dad was really unique, a magician, a herbalist, a qualified attorney who never practiced, a Christian Scientist, amongst other things. 
Santa Monica Beach

Calvin and I were exchanging stories about foods we have eaten, he told me he had eaten rattle snake more than once. I was like, I need to try it! He told me he knows a place. Have you eaten snake?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?


Tembz Didit said...

I love that picture of you with a NYPD cap, holding your sunglasses.

Looking forward to reading more about Calvin:).

Babalwa Brook said...

Thank you. It's my friend's Cap.we were goofing around.
I can't wait you caught up! That was a lot of reading!
No more 'ticketing', I see ;)

Tembz Didit said...

Lol lol. I caught up during my break on Thursday. Friday was a very busy day. Then did some reading this morning

Babalwa Brook said...

Ah, I see!
Well, I'm glad you did!