Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Don't Be Tardy For The Party!

I was an hour early for the bus back home. Which is always nice. Rather early than late. I got a chance to charge my phone which is still able to receive calls and texts, even though I can't see the texts and can't hang up on the calls.

I ended up sitting behind a guy who was on vacation from Kazakhstan, yes, it's a real town, not just from the movie Borat! We had been standing behind each other in line. He told me that he and a friend of his walked 4 miles to the nudist beach, he didn't know it was that kind of beach until they got there haha. Surprise! I couldn't walk that long, I am not a big walker, big, yes, walker, not so much. Plus I get the itches when I walk sometimes. He was also in New York on his trip and the last leg was going to be in Vegas. We chatted a bit until the bus was really moving, after that, nobody wants to chat anymore.

I took out my neck pillow, covered up with my big scarf my mom bought me and went to dream land. I like to shut my eyes and imagine all things good. It's the best way to live. When you can go to you imagination land, and forget about the here and know. I do it often. It feels great. Try it!

After that, I easily drift to sleep anyways.I think it makes for good dreams and good sleep to go to sleep that way than to go to sleep mad or something horrible like that. The trip back to LA seemed short. Or maybe in hindsight, it does now? I got home, used random free wi fi to check the next bus on google maps. I saw that the next one that time of the morning, it was just before 5am, was going to be across the street from Union Station. I went over there and waited. I am not sure if  I was on the right side of the road though. I wasn't sure which direction the bus was going to be going. After waiting a bit and seeing buses going all kinds of directions and none of them were mine, I went back to where there was light. My spot was kinda dodgy and there was a man standing across the street from me staring deep into my soul. I walked carefully towards the station. He was on the side of the station and I was further but it had to be done. I kept telling myself, think positively, you'll be fine. You're ok! As I was thinking that, a truck full of construction workers stopped right next to the guy, they got off and started working. Praise the Lord! The guy didn't move but at least, I felt safer with those guys there.

I only had the one small carry on suitcase and a handbag, I could move fast, which I did. As I crossed the street, I looked him square in the eye, to show him I was onto him. I didn't stick around to see his reaction though. You never know what kind of people are out that time of morning, standing randomly and staring at strangers.

I eventually took the train, it was my safest bet, then the bus, which dropped me on Wilshire Blvd. I walked home from there. Nice walk, the weather was cook, I was back in LA from a nice vacation. What could  be better?

I arrived back at my apartment to find my AirBnB gues, Brian sleeping on the floor. First of all, I could hear his alarm from the street! It got louder the closer I got to my place, next thing, this guy is sleeping across the floor right by the door. I tried to be quiet so not to wake him not knowing if I should or actually wake him up because his alarm was going off. Maybe it was time for him to wake up!

He woke up and asked where I had been as if he were my husband or my dad. I told him ad asked why he was sleeping on the floor. He told me he felt like it, not to worry. Then he wet back to sleep. The alarm was still going off, so I went back to the living room and tried to wake him up.

Life was back to normal. I did what I always do, submit myself for background gigs, work on tv shows, commercials, the works.

One day, I got a call from Carly. She point blank told me she needed some advice. Usually, she would call to say hi and the call would end up being about me giving her advice. Or we would meet up just to hang and it would all end with me giving her advice. Pretty draining, if you ask me. This one time, I had to say yes because she was honest about what she wanted. I thought to myself, ok, I will give her all the advice she needs, then I will block her, because, quite honestly, I'm so done! She told me she wanted to talk to me in person. I was home. It was Friday evening. She dropped by from work. I hadn't seen her in a little bit. She talked to me about an upcoming trip to San Francisco. Barf! After telling her I went to San Fran, she ran to the gods of bookings and booked herself a trip there as well. We stayed together, we had talked about things, she knew about places I want to see. The world is a giant place, I mean, it's a small world and all that, but it's pretty big at the same time. That's what she said haha. There are so many places one can go to without looking like they are mimicking everything I do. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, she had told me that they were going to go to camping in Palm Springs, all of a sudden her ticket was booked, she was definitely going to San Fran. I was like why not drive? If I had a small car like hers that's zero gas consumption, I would have driven. Of course, she wasn't going to drive, she was going to do it exactly the same way I did. Which is take the bus.

Anyway, the advice she wanted was about a friend of her that was too clingy. Hahahahahaha, She had me rolling on the floor in my head with that one. How do I give someone who is clingy to me advice about someone who is cling to them? I literally looked her deep in the eye as she went on about this girl who she had told me over and over again over the phone that was her best friend and they always hung out and she loved it etc, all of a sudden, the girl is a big problem. Anyway, I basically told her to weigh her options, if she still wanted the girl in her life, she had to be careful about how she handled the situation. If she didn't care what happened, then she can approach it whichever way she wanted.

Apparently, there was a party that night in West Hollywood; a birthday party of one of Carly's colleagues. She told me that she was going there but didn't feel like going by herself. She didn't ask me to go along, but it was kinda implied and I didn't want to go to a party of 21 year olds that I didn't even know. Carly got on the phone and asked the annoying, clingy friend to meet her either in Beverly Hill or at the bar where the party was going to be held. I thought to myself, and the friend is the one who's clingy? Mh! Interesting! After all the advice I gave her, she also needed some about a party she was going to go to in San Diego, they were going to stay at a friend's place, the friend has a cute brother, blah blah blah. I told her I found it funny she was asking me for advice on friendship and relationship in general because I have no friends. You would think I would be the last person. A loner like me! peaking of relationship, Carly and I talked about dating as well, she told me that a friend of her was on a dating site and was impressed by the kinds of guys on there. I told her that I had been on that years ago, for years and it was just like, if not worse than Craig's list. Carly said the friend told her that the site had been upgraded. I was like, if you say so! You know I'm done with internet dating, I want to meet someone in person for a change!

After all that, Carly called the bar for whatever reason. I think it was to find out the dress code. She had brought a change of outfits with her. She put the call on speaker. After she asked everything she needed, well, I was the one probing, and she would repeat to the guy on the phone. We always had fun on the phone with guys that way. Towards the end of the call, 'Are you single?' She looked at me like, what? I said, 'ask him!' Which she did. The guy told her that he was. We asked how tall he was, he said 6'2, eye color? Blue, hair color? Blonde. I was like 'you sound cute! What's your type?'Carly repeated to the guy. We could tell the guy was blushing, he told her he didn't have a type. Perfect! I told her, 'I can't wait to see you tonight!' He was like, yeah right, you're just playing with me. I know you won't even come here tonight. Carly assured him she would.I said, 'Are you a good kisser?' She was so embarrassed to ask, I'm like, what do you care, he can't even see you, you can always deny all this! She asked him. He said that he had been told he is. Ok then, lover boy!

We had a good time with him on the phone. We forgot something, so Carly had to call the bar back. A lady picked up. Carly was like, Can  I speak to Chris. That was the guy's name. He came to the phone.She said, 'hey, it's me!' He was like, are you the girl who said you will come meet me tonight? haha. Anyway, later on,Carly called her friends, nobody picked up. Like, none of her friends from work picked up! Eventually, I got too curious to see Chris in Person, we had already found him on Facebook and everything. Yup, I don't play! I could have my own Catfish show! He looked cute but he had a girl on his profile picture that he posed with. People commented things like, you guys look cute together. It was an old picture, so who knows? I was more excited than Carly was.

I got ready, we left together. The bar was going to close at midnight. It was around 11pm, we still had to go to the shop to buy gifts, can you believe it? So tardy! Carly got everything she needed, by the time she was done with her indecisiveness, it was past midnight. We got to the bar and the chairs were on top of the tables. The placed was so closed! Carly was disappointed, even though, she didn't seem that eager before we got there. Talk about wanting what you can't have! For a split second, I was tempted to go there some other time just to see this Chris in person. I was hoping that they could go out even on just one date. Alas!


Unknown said...

Lol did he at least have any blankets on. You that must have been very uncomfortable. But I am glad your house was safe.

Oh Carly!!

Unknown said...

Lol did he at least have any blankets on. You that must have been very uncomfortable. But I am glad your house was safe.

Oh Carly!!

Brook said...

No, he didn't. It was very hot.
Just the pillow on the floor