Thursday, January 21, 2016

Orange County Fair

Day after the first date, I was on that phone telling everyone about it! About the date, about Calvin, the works! I had been dying to do so for weeks anyways! The entire week, I was reveling in the it all!

I felt like it had all come to that one moment, when we finally laid eyes on each other. All the bad dates, all the ridiculous relationshits, all the online dating profiles, all of it! The fake it till you make its of sending myself emails, texts, imagining being with my man at home, making drinks for two when he wasn't even around to drink the second cup until one night, I looked around my house and there were two empty cups where someone actually drank from the second cup. It was marvelous! I didn't wash the cups that night, I wanted to wake up to the reminder that my man was here the previous night. He left half his water in a water bottle he had brought with him. I tell ya, I kept that for weeks to come! I finished the water and recycled that bottle until I couldn't use it anymore. It was something Calvin had left at my place. It was a sign that he was here. That he exists now. It was awesome!

We continued to talk and text daily. I could feel our connection getting stronger by the day. My sisters were so pleased for me when I told them about him. When I came back from San Francisco, I had to get a new phone. I did so on the very day I got back, they asked if I wanted a new number or to keep the old one. I had intended to keep the old one but the lady told me it was going to take a while to port it, she told me I could do that at home as well. I was like, ok, give me a new one and I will port at home later. Just as I walked out of the store, I thought to myself, this is the perfect time to get rid of people I no longer want in my life, change numbers and don't give the new one to anyone other than family at home. Calvin was the first person in The States I gave my new number. Maybe my friend from New Jersey as well. A lot of  my friends are friends with me on Facebook as well, so we just chat there, no big deal.

I got a good deal on a decent phone, it as on sale and I got further discount because another store had offered me 20% off or something. It was great! Unfortunately, I didn't stay with my service provider so the month free they offered me went in vain. I was no longer using that phone. I had linked my phone to my computer, so the month they paid for kinda helped in that texts were still coming through to the computer, so I was able to see if I wanted to give those people my new number or not. I love having my phone linked to my computer for texts, there's an app that you download on the phone and the phone or tablet. As long as your phone is on, the texts also come through to the pc. Sometimes your phone is charging in another room or in your bag or you don't know where it is but it's on, you can always reply to the texts on the screen. Sometimes, you phone is on silent, it's not where you can see it and a call comes through while you're either reading on the tablet, in my case, or doing whatever on the pc, you can see the call coming in, and just find the phone and take care of it I like it. I have had that app since Vegas. You link the phone using your email address not your phone number, I think when you change numbers, and reply to someone who texted you to the old number, and reply, they automatically get the text from the new number. Watch out for that if you don't want that person to have your new number. Let me know if you want the details of the app. I am not trying to do free promos on my blog!

Calvin asked to see me again the following weekend. He wanted to take me to the Fair in Orange county. I thought that was so romantic, no one has ever taken me to the fair before. I had actually never been to a fair, I've been to a carnival many a times in Uitenhage. Aren't they the same thing?

I got my nails right and got ready to head out to Calvin's. He asked me to leave his car at his place, he was going to drive us to the fair.  I had to think a little bit about that. I also didn't want to be difficult, he told me that the place was closer to his house than mine. I think it's the same distance but I just went with it. He told me he wanted me to see where he lives.

Getting my nails ready for my date. I don't know what I was watching on the tablet lol

I was kinda nervous. I washed my car the night before and parked it in the street. I park under a tree that used to poop on my car at my place. I didn't want all my work to be in vein, that's why I parked in the street. The following day, I got up, Calvin called, we chatted for a split second, I got ready and headed out. Calvin wanted us to leave around noon for the fair. The fair is an hour's drive from his place, I still had to get to his and have breakfast with him. He told me he was going to prepare something for us.

I was listening to nice music on my iPod in my clean car. It was hot as heck out, I had my windows and sunroof open, it was a good morning! As I got further and further away from familiar territory, it was sinking in that I was going to Calvin's house. I was going to see everything that he had told me about the place. One afternoon, he called me as I was about to check out a new Dollar Tree. We usually talked in the morning and evenings, he would text me throughout the day but would only call those times. It was nice getting a call from him when I least expected it. He told me that he was home already. We literally talked about nothing. I remember mentioning that most Americans are renting storage, I asked if he has one and proceeded to tell him that if he does, he needs to get rid of whatever is in it. He told me he doesn't, he has a shed in the backyard. I asked if the shed is packed to the brim, he told me that it wasn't. I asked what he keeps in there, he was like funny you should ask, I am in the backyard as we speak! He went into the shed and went through the stuff that's in there. I liked that he wasn't too cool to do that. Someone else would have been. I think. He has some cool stuff in there, bicycles, a kayak, surfing board, skim boards, cool stuff like that.

As I was getting closer to Calvin's the buildings got shorter and shorter. We're not in Beverly Hills anymore, I had just passed downtown. They have more houses than apartments over there. In '0.2miles, turn right, then keep left', said the voice on my GPS. 'Turn left. Turn right and your destination will be on your right.' Oh my goodness! I'm here! There were two cars in the parking lot. One of them the car, Cal came to see me in and the other one is his cool 1960's truck that he had done up. I was really there! A dude came out from behind the cars, towards the house. He was putting on his shirt, he said hi and walked right past me. Double You Tee Eff? I called and told Calvin I was there. I had a beige top on, pleather leggings on and was carrying a red handbag. Calvin came out in khaki cargo shorts and a red top. Basically, we were matching. It was awesome!

He gave me a hug, a kiss and carried my handbag for me as I got out of the car. I felt so welcome!

Calvin asked if  I was hungry. He made bacon and eggs for me. We went around the house, he showed me his trees and stuff. The mangoes were ripe and smelt amazingly! I saw his collection of bonsais. Everything checked out! He was the person he said he was on the dating site and over the course of out chat-ation. We finally went inside, shoes off, first! The house was spic and span! The tiles looked brand new! The house is cosey and romantic. I sat at the table. It's a small table with two chairs, that was cute! There was one plate with bacon and eggs. I wondered why he ate without me and dug in regardless. That's when I realised that he didn't eat without me, those two eggs and three or so bacon strips were for us both. Oops. I was almost done with the bacon! I felt so embarrassed and apologised profusely. He told me not to worry about it. We were going to eat where we were going anyways.

I had mentioned that I needed a massage in passing. I forgot all about that, probably because I must've gotten the massage from my chair but Calvin didn't. He quickly gave me a massage at his place before we left. I thought to myself, smooth! Very smooth. But it ended there! In fact, my leggings, kinda dropped as I bent over in front of the bed for the massage, I was like, oops, can you pull them up haha. Which he did, without being creepy about it. After the massage, we got into Calvin's car and headed for the OC. I hadn't been to Orange County since 2012 December. Calvin had thought of everything. He remembered that I love Elvis Presley, so he had Elvis' CD in the car for me to indulge. I loved that!

We stopped halfway for water, I mean, it's not even that far, but it was fun. It felt like a real road trip. I love road trips! Cal asked if I needed anything from the gas station. I didn't. We continued on our merry way until we arrived at the fair. My gosh! There were so many people! It was so big! Much, much bigger than I had ever expected! On our way to the fair, we passed The happiest place on earth; Disneyland. Calvin asked if I had been there, he told me that he considered to take me there instead on the date. He told me that the fair was only going to last for a short time, he could always take me to Disney at a later stage. I was excited that he had future plans for me. I felt like I had a boyfriend. It was a wonderful feeling.

Orange County Fair. I need to try those frog legs advertised on that banner

We parked our car, I took out my cute polka dot umbrella with a pink handle and we went to get ourselves tickets. We got in, took a few pictures and walked around. There was a lot of walking around involved. I am glad I had comfortable shoes on. We stopped for something to eat. I had a piece of pork. I thought it would come with a side or something. Nope! It came on a stick, that's it! It would have been more scrumptious if it weren't so dry. Calvin had a meal, it was a bun with beans and pulled pork. I had some of his food. It was good.

Pork Chop on a stick

I saw people eating the biggest turkey drumstick I had ever seen and wanted some with my eyes but there was no room in my stomach. Calvin told me that he would buy me that in September during the LA County fair. This was in July! I thought to myself, great! I will still have a boyfriend in three month's time! I'm loving this!

We held hands, it felt so natural, so amazing, so everything. I was into it!

Calvin got us tickets to the rides. I was praying not to be that embarrassing person who throws up on a ride. The first ride was ok, very high,  but not fast or anything crazy. I had been on that kind of a ride in Port Elizabeth forever ago. I can't remember if we did go on the second one.

Not too long after the rides, we checked out the animals. I hadn't seen those animals in a while, goats etc. They also had a lima. I had only seen one at The Talk,  in person.
Testing my new lipsticks, pink and orange

We looked around for our car.Calvin and I gave each other turns carrying my handbag. Not that it was heavy, it was hot out. Nobody wanted to be bothered with a handbag. I remember him saying, while we were trying to find the car in the parking, omg! Please take your umbrella back, there is nothing manly about this look! He was carrying my handbag on one arm and the pink handled umbrella with his other hand. It was hilarious.
I  sent Calvin this , when he saw me for the fair, he told me thought I was gonna wear this orange lipstick

I really enjoyed out second date. Cal wanted to go to the beach afterwards. Newport beach was not far from where we were. I wished we could go because that's where some of the Real Housewives of OC live, e.g. Heather. I was too tired and too hot to care. I asked him to take us back to LA. He obliged. He was like, 'wanna go back home and watch a movie?' Yup! We made it back to his safely, rented a movie just around the corner from his. I took off my shoes, changed into a dress and made myself comfortable. We rented James Brown's movie: Get on up. I passed out before, during and after. I couldn't stay up for sht. It was a complete catastrophe! I was pooped.

At the fair

I don't know what happened to the movie, but I woke up later, we chatted some, then went out for dinner in the neighborhood. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I had something delicious, Calvin had noodles. My meal had pork in it. Again! He took me back to his, I got into my car and drove back to the Hills of Beverly!

Vietnamese dinner
We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. My kind of date. The date of my fantasies. It was a good day!


Unknown said...

Awww. I waited forever for this blog. Let me make dinner and then re read and post my comment ;).

Brook said...

Ok, I patiently await your comment.

Unknown said...

I checked if you had updated your blog. Got so excited when I saw that you had. I was driving from work at that time. That's why I said I will re-read:).

Reading this blog made me realise that love comes in many forms. This one made me realise it's the small gestures that make us feel appreciated. How romantic us Cal. I am happy for this moment for you.

Very romantic

Brook said...

Oh, I see!
For me, it's definitely the little things. Big gestures are great, but the small ones need more thought in my opinion.
Thank you

Unknown said...

And also that he remembers every promise he made to you:) and the oneness:)). Breakfast in one plate. Asking you if you've would like to do something. He is really romantic.

Unknown said...

And also that he remembers every promise he made to you:) and the oneness:)). Breakfast in one plate. Asking you if you've would like to do something. He is really romantic.