Saturday, August 06, 2016

No Such Thing as Free Lunch

Huh? What do you mean "You're spending the night?" Shouldn't I have a say in this? Considering your stay here, according to our agreement starts tomorrow and only one of you is moving in and I have told you time and time again: No sleep overs! What's going on here?
I felt like maybe! Just maybe! I was being pranked! These people are taking over my place just like I suspected they may be planning. They didn't even give me a split second.  They just went all! In as much as I felt sorry for them, they were not my problem. Rene had the whole day to plan this! At 47, you would expect him to have figured out how to manage his time. There's no need to go to two services at church, when you have plans. And you don't even know where you're going. Even though he had already been there twice! 

I told him that if he decided to start staying at mine that night, we would have to change the dates on the receipt and that his lease would start on January 31st until the last day of every month. Sorry, no free lunches! We're running a business here! This is not a homeless shelter! He told me that he could owe me some money for his friend sleeping over. I told him that it wasn't about the friend paying but that I didn't want more than one person staying at my place at a time. The friend had a bit of an attitude, I never really felt her vibe anyway! She looked at me sideways and told me she had her own place (then why don't you move your man there, Mrs Spiritual Adviser?) She told me that she could go home. I wanted to see her try because I didn't think she was going to make it but that would have been mean and I am not that person anymore. I told her that she could spend the night, I wasn't going to charge her but that was the first and the last night. In fact, I told Rene that because that's the person I had a deal with. I wasn't going to discuss anything with her. As far as I was concerned, she was some person walking down the street, doing her thing. I didn't need to acknowledge her at all. Especially with that attitude. She had the Bible on her lap, was pretending like she was reading it but she knew she was waiting for one wrong move from me and she was ready to address it. That's the kind of vibe I was picking up for her. Nobody was buying the spiritual adviser stuff! Not me! 

I gave Rene the bedding he was going to be using and a few extra pieces for the friend. SA said she was going to be ok sleeping on the floor, Rene said he was going to sleep on the couch. Rene thanked me, SA told me I won't even know she was there. She told me she would leave first thing the following morning.  I went to bed and closed the living room door behind me. 

I texted Calvin with an update. Being caught off guard the way I was by Rene about moving in with his friend a night early threw me off. I was hoping for a peaceful night considering I was starting a new job the following day.

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