Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Nightmare Gynecologist Visit

At the gun Show in Orange County. We bought a few things, some bullets and such. Of course, Calvin wanted to go Newport Beach to skimboard some afterwards. Unfortunately, I was too tired. I told him
he could go as long as I could stay in the car. He didn't like that idea, so we went home.

German Food in and tour of Old World in  The OC, press play above!

New Luggage Set?
I spotted this hard, spinner luggage set on eBay. They had it in black and in baby blue. Pink would have been great, but for $10 PER SET, who would say no? 

I had already bought myself a colorful luggage set with a gift card I had won from the TV Show, Winsanity, hosted by Donald Faison. Have you seen that show? Faison is the African American guy from Scrubs, Felicity to name a few. Anywho! I won two gift cards from that show, one of them, I used to order this luggage set...Spoiler Alert: The following video doesn't have a happy ending. Press play! 

Back to the hard luggage from eBay. It was supposed to be shipped from Asia, so, long wait. I waited way past the waiting period! When I didn't get any updates, I check eBay and found out that the 'seller' had deleted their profile. WHATTTT? I immediately contacted eBay requesting a refund and got it within 3 days. That wasn't a cute story!

The nice thing about the luggage in the video was that, I contacted the website I had bought it from. They told me to dispose of it and refunded me fully.

German pretzel, gigantic pretzel, soft pretzel
Gigantic German Pretzel. 
Humongous soft pretzel for Calvin

german sausage, german food, old world
German Sausage, nom! nom! nom!
It was Oktoberfest, hence us eating German Food. In the Spirits of The German celebration.

Go give you an idea how big the pretzel was
I like this place, their food is crazy delicious but there are a few things they can improve upon as shown in the Above video with sausage. My husband was like, don't complain, please! They will hate us and spit on our food. 
gun show orange county
Inside the gun show
I have to tell you, I was stealing this shot. You don't really wanna be that guy taking photos when everyone has their weapons out like that. 


Speaking of food:

Fall festival at the church up the street.
Filipino food
We more or less ate the same foods we did the year before at the same carnival except for the big thing of meat we ordered the year before. 

vietnamese food, vietnamese egg rolls
Vietnamese food
The food was delicious as usual but I wasn't hungry this time around, so we took one of the plates home.

OBGYN update!

My appointment date arrived, I went over to the doctor's, filled out all the forms. At this point, I had gotten really good at doing paperwork. I arrived just in time for appointment. I was the only one in the Gynecologist's rooms. I filled out the forms and was ushered to the exam room. The nurse took my vital signs and told me to disrobe.  The doctor would be with me shortly. It was hot as heck in that room! It was morning, and the room was facing east. (sun rises in the east. Get it ;)) I waited in there, wearing that toilet paper robe that they give you that doesn't even fit me. Basically, I was stark naked in a strange steaming hot room by myself. Talk about being in a sauna! Ten minutes went by, no doctor! Twenty minutes! Nothing! 25 minutes, not a word! I'm waiting there like a fool and everyone is chatting right outside the room I was in. I could hear voices. I felt like I was in solitary confinement and everyone knew, so they acted uber happy to show me what I was missing out on. It was horrible! 

I was soaking wet from sweat. My paper towel robe was tearing up from being wet. That's when I realized, it was time to go! Why am I sitting hear like I don't have a home. Phuck this! I put on my clothes and walked out of the room. Get this! The OBGYN "Dr" Thomas Yamamoto was right outside the room, chit chatting with his staff. Right in front of the room I was cooking in. THERE WERE NO PATIENTS! Everything was chilling while I was grilling to death in that room for half an hour! I'd never seen anything like that! I guess that's why he had an opening when all the other OBGYN's were fully booked. Do you know that nobody said a word when I walked out of that room? Not a single world! It was dead quiet as if they saw a ghost! 

I walked all around from where I was coming out all the way to the main entrance and NOBODY SAID A THING! Imagine that! The feeling I got from that entire experience, I don't wish upon anybody!

It's like they didn't want to see me, but hoped that I would wait in there long enough to realize that and walk out but maybe I waited too long. I don't know. What do you think happened there?

I took the elevator down, Yamamoto's rooms are on the top floor. On my way down, I decided to stop over at my General Practitioner's rooms, just to vent. I was still so in shock that, the tears just rolled down my cheeks as I was talking. I didn't even know why exactly I was tearing up. I was overwhelmed with emotions. The receptionist arranged for me to see their patient liaison. I didn't know they had such a person. I guess that's part of Healthcare partners' customer service. Or Facey Medical group, whatever. I talked to the lady, who was such a good listener and empathized with me. In all honestly, the whole thing was like a dream. A bad one. One minute I was sitting in a room naked, the next, I was sitting in front of a lady, telling her about the nightmare I just had. It all happened so fast. The latter part, obviously!

I don't know if anyone did anything about it. Frankly, I doubt it, but, that was that and I had to call my doctor again and ask for a referral for my female exams. I told them not to refer me to any of the OBGYN's in the Healthcare partners on Santa Ana, San Gabriel. I didn't want to even accidentally end up being unseen by that guy!

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