Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby's got Blue Eyes

Summer in the desert was quite something! I wouldn't necessarily recommend it unless you're a sucker for punishment. Luckily, I'm a homebody, so it didn't bother me much to be stuck at home and away from the sun. This, coming from someone who loves the sun. I mean, my favorite city in South Africa is Durban. That should tell you something. Very tropical. The thing about Vegas is that it is in the midst of the desert, that's brutal! It was hot day and night, nonstop!

Charlie and I continued seeing each other after the sexting situation. In case you haven't notices, I have sucker for punishment tendencies. He always had some kind of a coupon. He got most of them from the casino where he worked. He would insist we went to the restaurants where he had coupons just so he could save 20%. To him, that was scoring. To me, that was spending the 80% one didn't need to spend. Different strokes. It was his money after all. 

Charlie loved to ride fast. I guess you don't get a bike as your only means of transportation if you don't love the thrill of all the near-death experiences that come with riding it fast, huh? I would always be like, 'Charlie! Oh my Godddddd! You're going to kill us!" He would pretend like he can't hear me. I know he did, he has very good hearing. "Sloweeeeeeerrrrr" My words would get blown away by the wind. 

We had good times, I enjoyed the outings, in the almost four years I had lived overseas, including Eastern Europe, I hadn't been in that kind of a relationship where a guy showed me with his actions that he enjoyed my company. It was very flattering. Sometimes, we would be chatting via text, he would ask me in passing where I was and what my plans were and before I knew it, he would just show up. I would hear the bike parking outside my place. He really knew how to put a smile on my face. I felt like a girl and he was a boy; the boy, my boyfriend. The fact that he had blue eyes was an added bonus. Call it a double cherry on top! I used to call him blue eyes! "Hey, Blue Eyes, how's work?'' We would chat all day and right through the night as he was working. I really enjoyed having that constant person in my life. Granted, I sometimes wanted to punch him in the neck but I liked how he made me feel for the most part.

Charlie paid attention to the things I said I liked and he would surprise me by doing them or getting them for me whatever the case may be. I mean, I never received more flowers from one man in my life! He offered to pay my phone bill. I thought that was sweet but I declined the offer. He asked if I needed help paying rent, he had to ask, he hardly saw me going to work. That's the fun part about my life, I play more than I work and yet I can pay my bills, in fact, I go a step ahead and pay them early. Why not? Isn't that the joy of life...living? Again, I told him I was ok, I could afford my bills. It got to a point where he got obsessed with how much money I had. One afternoon, he grabbed my receipt when I was at the ATM, he wanted to see. He felt he had to know. I thought that was rude and unnecessary, those are the moments I felt like kicking him in the gut. Rancho, the guy I dated in LA was the same way, he was so obsessed with how much money I had in the bank. Tortoise asked me once if I have an inheritance. I don't know why people are surprised when someone pays their own bills and doesn't ask them for financial help. I get the feeling they expect me to ask them and I just don't. Also, maybe because I'm from Africa, they think that I can't afford American currency stuff, well, I live here now, surely I'm not walking around with a bag full of South African Rand trying to make ends meet in America!

Charlie would buy all my favorite snacks when I was going to spend time at his place. This was after the roommate finally moved out. Charlie always made sure he had the stuff I liked, I felt like I really was a big part of his life. He knew what my favorite TV shows were and didn't like one of them but he would compromise and let us alternate or let me watch one episode of one his faves and then we would have my favorite stuff playing in the background the rest of the time. Sweet! 

My first couple of times at his place, when he was sleeping, during the day as he used to work nights, I tidied up the kitchen. It was tidy but he had all his groceries on top of the stove. He got free meals at his job, all night long. He hardly ever ate at his place. You could tell not a lot of cooking was taking place in that house. I cleared the stove top. He had a stocked up fridge. Big fridge! I was inspired to cook. And you know me, I ain't no cook and I'm spoilt because all my guys here have cooked for me. Even though Charlie didn't do much cooking, he treated me much better than any of the Top Chefs I dated. It was only fitting that I would want to cook for him. He loved that whole life of having a girlfriend, making plans as a couple, going out together, buying me gifts, coming home to a clean house and a cooked meal. He really appreciated all that. It's so inspiring to do something for someone who appreciates things like that. We were the perfect match in that regard, we both wanted to be in a relationship, not just that, we wanted to get married! We wanted to have that life! 

Overtime, we became best friends, he was literally my only friend in Vegas. I did meet people and make friends, I do all the time but nothing stuck. He seemed to get me, he was a great listener something that is rare in my life. People just want to talk about themselves, at least people I had been surrounding myself with. It was nice to have someone who could just listen and actually hear what I was saying. I knew he thought about me even when I wasn't with him from the surprise visits and from his stories about how he saw something and though of me, we should go check a certain spot out etc.

He didn't care how expensive something was, if he thought I wanted it or it would make me happy, he would do it. I didn't have to ask him. Instead, I would be the one telling him, it's ok, you don't have to. In a sense, I was glad I was the one in his life because I didn't take advantage him financially, I had plenty of opportunities to but just him being a part of my life was more valuable to me than what he could buy me. I can afford to myself whatever I want. Thank goodness.

He saw how close I am with my family, he told me about his family. He didn't know his father, they literally never met. His mom is, apparently a drug addict and an alcoholic. He has one sister, she's younger than him. I would have long Skype chats with my sisters while at his place in the living room while he slept. He would tell me that he needs to work on his relationship with his family too. My nephew had a baby, the cutest thing you can ever lay eyes on! I had one of her pictures as a screensaver on my cell for a while. Charlie, copied that idea and had his sister's little one's picture as a screensaver on his phone. I was glad to be positive influence to him. I was also proud of how far he had come. He told me he used to do drugs from age  9 until his 20's. He told me he would do them with his mom, that's how it all started. By the time we met, he had his own place, job, means of transportation and savings. It was something to be proud of, how far he had come.

Apparently he met the 62 year old man who roomed with him in a homeless shelter. Charlie lived in shelters on and off for 6 years, finally, he cleaned up his act and made a 180 degree change. Good for him. He is a very goodhearted person who will literally take the shirt off his back for a stranger. He gave this one guy a pair of his work shoes. The guy had been struggling, he was homeless for a while and was cleaning up his act, he got a job, called Charlie and Charlie called him over to his place. He gave him the shoes he was actively wearing to work. I asked him why he didn't at least give him shoes he wasn't wearing. He told him he wanted to give him nice shoes so that he can look good at his new job. It was a testament to how good a person he is.

He took time to meet people, and he remembered their names. He introduced himself to my landlord one day and would always greet her by name whenever he saw her. A new guy moved into one of the apartments where I lived, Charlie saw him, introduced himself to that guy. I remember, we were hanging out at my place, after he left, I noticed after about ten minutes that I never heard the bike, so I called him, he told me he was still around. He was chatting to my new neighbor. He didn't judge people by how they look or financial status or any such thing. He got along with people in all age groups, I mean, look at that 62 year old man he was sexting with!  

He would say hi to my sister on Skype if he's awake. 

I remember telling him how my family always surprises each other when we go home for holidays. I told him we do it almost all the time without fail. How I surprised my siblings when I returned from Eastern Europe,  first, my mom and my oldest sister who was at my mom's at the time, then called my brother on the phone and pretended I was still in Georgia, surprised him too and then went ahead and surprised my sister and her daughter when they got home (my mom's) by hiding behind the closet and just walking into the kitchen while everyone was catching up; all in one trip. I gave him different examples, he loved the idea and told me he was going to go to Colorado and surprise his family. I was flattered he loved the idea but it was going to be an 11 hour trip on the motorbike. I din't think it was a good idea. I mean, on that last surprise, I had taken the bus, the train, a taxi, a plane and a car. He ended up no doing it, not because I said so but because he didn't have time. I had recommended he just took the bus. Much safer. He had never ridden the bike that long.

Those are some of the things that attracted me to him and made me stick around even when times were challenging. The good outweighed the bad.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Charlie and I spend the rest of rainy night in Georgia at mine, chilling. We didn't like the same tv shows, so when we were at my place, we would spend the time not listening to  music or watching tv. He likes that annoying song Am I wrong? and all other annoying songs. I like weird songs that nobody has every heard, right now, I am listening to Non Ti Scordar Di Me by Luciano Pavarotti. Go figure! We spent most of our time at home at his place because he had the entertainment and the bigger everything, i.e. TV, bigger bed etc. His apartment people buy their furniture from the hotels on The Strip when the hotels are getting new ones and you know hotels don't keep their beds that long. Charlie's bed was from The Trump towers. Very comfy! 

After a while of dating, we were at my place. I was annoyed at Charlie about something. He told me not to get pissed, he is very serious about me, he had actually been looking at rings. I was like way what now? Rings? I tell ya, it came out of nowhere. He showed me his web search, he had been looking at rings. I found that interesting if not confusing, I didn't think we were there in our relationship at all. Granted, we both wanted to get married. No necessarily to each other, but we had that in common, we knew that from the word go. I didn't know what to think of him telling me he had been looking at rings. For someone who has received a number of rings from men before and marriage proposals and stuff, some with rings, some not, actions were going to have to speak louder than his words so to speak.

Charlie would come by my place sometimes after he picks up his check. The office was two blocks away from my place. I was just off the Strip so, pretty central. When he was at my place, he always would go through my phone. I hated that. As a person, I had never been exposed to that kind of behavior, someone who would have no qualms about going through your personal stuff even after you busted their asses. This guy would even grab my phone from my hand and browse through, quick before I grab it back. It was quite something! It was something I never wanted to get used to. One afternoon, he came by. I took a quickly took a shower. I left the door unlocked so he could let himself in. He got in, said 'hi' and went dead quiet. I knew he was up to no good. Like what could you be so busy with at my place that you would go completely quiet? He came to visit me, he should either be in the bathroom chatting with me or something. He was too quiet for comfort. I left the water running and snuck in on him. Or is it sneaked? He was so focused on my phone, he almost had a heart attack when he saw me. I had to fight for my phone. I had nothing to lose but I didn't want this person going through my personal stuff like that. Like WTF? Who does that?

When I was done with my shower, and wiping all the wetness from my bedroom, I took his f*king phone. He grabbed it right back. I didn't have the energy to fight over it plus, he always told me what he was chatting to people about. He felt the need to, things like the fat pig situation. This particular afternoon, he was chatting with his roommate, the 62 year old man who had been in the process of moving out for the longest time. After I heard that he had moved out and went over to Charlie's, I saw his clothes in the closet. Charlie then told me he hadn't moved out, he was just out of town but he had to lie to me, he didn't think I would want to go over there if that man still lived there. Lies! Can't stand them! Anyway, I digress. Charlie showed me the names his 62 year old friend was calling me via text. I, of course, told Charlie his friend wouldn't just call me that to him out of the blue. I had never even met the guy! Obviously whatever he knows about me, he heard from Charlie, therefore I blamed Charlie for whatever his friends' opinion of me was. Frankly, I didn't give a sh*t. I took Charlie's phone to see for myself what Charlie's contribution to the conversation was, I kept scrolling up, and was like, see, I knew you started it! Do you know that as I was scrolling up to previous conversations, I stumbled upon a dick pick? This is a text conversation between Charlie and his Guy friend and roommate and I am finding a dick pic! The f*ck is going on here. 

IT WAS CHARLIE'S DICK! When he saw I saw that, he went pale in the face! Either he forgot about it or he didn't think I was going to scroll that far back. My heart sank way past my stomach, it literally sunk to my bladder! I couldn't believe what the hell I was seeing. Can you imagine? What would you do? Seriously, please post a comment or message me on social media and let me know what you would do if you were in my shoes.

I felt like I was going to throw up, I had never experienced that kind of shock before. I asked him what the fck that was. He told me that the guy paid him for dick pics. That's all there was to it. I was like, you've gotta be shitting me right now with this lame excuse for having exchanged private part pictures with your so called gay friend. And you say I might be too old for you! This man is 62 years old! And he's a man! What is going on here, Charles? He told me I was reading too much into it. The guy paid him $10 per picture. I'm like, you have a full time job! The fck are you doing selling dick picks for $10 a piece? This dude is your roommate, you're gonna sell him your nude pics and then hang around the house with him and discuss your girlfriend, what is this? 

He took his phone back and was texting relentlessly as we were talking. He was texting the guy, telling him what was going on as it was going on. He couldn't wait until the argument and the shaming is over, or until he got back home to his sugar daddy to tell him what transpired that day. He was always that way, he always let everybody know what was happening as it was happening. It was a darn shame if you ask me. The rest of the day is all a blur to me. I know he ended up going home to his boo boo.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Moses, Part The Water

Charlie and I were still texting. It wasn't anything serious, just texting back and forth and emailing. I have exchanged more texts and emails with that guy than anyone else in my entire life! He promised to take me on a real date. One day, on his off day, he took me to the movies. He picked me up on the bike. He already had a helmet for me by then. He got me a cute black one. Interestingly enough, his was white. Racist much? Haha. 
Outside my place in Vegas

My amazing helmet, so comfy inside and oh so safe!

We went across town on the bike. That thing was flying on the freeway. I had never been on a bike on the freeway before. And I don't have much faith in his driving skills, so you can imagine me screaming in his ear, 'IT'S TOO FAST! SLOW DOWN, CHARLIE! OMG SLOW DOWN!' The rocks from the freeway were hitting us, it was such a rush. A great rush! We finally made it to the theatre, I told him it's ok if he wants to pick a movie, he picked Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, or something to that effect. Not my kind of movie, but it's ok, any movie is fun to watch at the cinema.Charlie bought us drinks and popcorn. We enjoyed the movie and then off we went to lunch. The weather was interesting when we got out of the theatre. It was drizzling on and off. Charlie has this thing of giving you a ride on his bike and then halfway there telling you that he has never had a passenger before, so he feels like he might lose control and crash. Or telling you, he has had an accident every week for as long as he has owned the bike. Will tell you there just before you hop on the bike on your way back home! This time, he told me that, he hoped the road wouldn't because one of his tires is smooth, he's been meaning to replace it. He can feel it sliding all over the place as he rides. Like WTF Dude! Are you trying to kill me? I told him, I had my bus pass with me (I always do), should the road get wet, I will take the bus and catch up with him at home. I mean, what is this? Till death do us part? Heck no! It's not that deep! (that's what he said haha)
About to feast at the buffet

We made it to the casino where we were going for a buffet in one peace, thank goodness. I took a picture of my food as  I always do, Charlie asked me to take a pic of him as well, then I saw him take a picture of mine, I think he sent it to his friend and was gossiping with his friend about me, I heard him giggle throughout as he was texting. He was probably chatting with the fat pig friend. I didn't want to entertain that. It did piss me off though. I enjoyed the sausage more than anything, it reminded me of all the Boerewors from South Africa.
Speaking of which, my German Brother-in-law once asked if Boerewors is made of Boer, haha. Boer is a farmer in Afrikaans for those who don't know and wors is sausage in Afrikaans. I hope boerewors is not made from Boer, shoot!
Just meat for me please and thank you!
More Buffet! 
Desert. Nothing to write home about, I just sampled everything. Too full anyway

After dinner, we were in the parking garage when it started raining like cats and dogs. I told Charlie, I was going to take the bus. He said, ok, first let's wait and see if the rain will go away. I told him it didn't look like it was going to and the roads were already flooded; even if it would stop raining, the main problem would still be there, wet roads!
Our ride at the parking garage
We stood outside the casino, waiting for Lord knows what while Charlie was showing off to people who were going in and out of the casino for attention. One minute he was butting into their conversations, for some reason, he thought they were talking to him. Like these people are trying to get to the casino or their cars as dry as possible, why would they have a conversation with a random attention seeking person? The next minute, he was soaking his watch in water pools in the parking lot to prove that it was expensive and waterproof. Lordy!

The notorious Movado under water situation
Eventually, I let him go and headed to the bus stop. Within 20 minutes, I was home. The casino wasn't far from my place. When I got off the bus, I needed Moses to part the water, the streets were so flooded. 

By the casino before we left
Finally, I was like f*ck it! I walked right on the water. If I could swim, I would've.
Near my place. I needed to get to the other side of the street

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Little Drummer Boy

So, one evening, I decided, Screw it! Let me call Tortoise's Drummer friend or text him. I texted something along the lines of hey, how are you? I'm Tort's friend. He said to text you :)' and then I forgot about it. Life went on, two days or so later, he called. I've a bit of a situation with numbers, I can't get them out of my head no matter how hard I try. This dates back pre-cellphones, where you would have to write down someone's number and go call them on a public phone. When I say you, I mean I. I don't know what your deal is, maybe you've always had a cellphone! I would break up with a guy, or he would break up with me, which is more realistic and I wouldn't be able to get their number out of my head. That would lead to disastrous results. Long story short, I had deleted the text I sent to Drummer but when he called, just by looking at the last four digits on my screen, I knew it was him. I picked up. We talked for hours.

He told me that he hung out with Tort one evening after giving him a ride to his house because Tort had locked his keys in the car. Drummer took Tort home to fetch his spare keys. They then went back to Tort's for drinks and weed. They played some music, Tort on guitar and Drummer... well, on drums. Turns out, Drummer had drums at the back of his truck. Don't ask! He told me that Tort told him the story of his life, how he missed his children who for years were not a part of his life blah blah blah, but he never told him anything about me. Apparently, Tort just asked for the guy's number, wrote it down and called it a day. Well, Drummer says Tort did talk about me in passing, something about a female friend of his who is from South Africa, but that was it.

Drummer was glad I reached out. After he told me that he was not expecting my call, I felt like the thirstiest b..ch on the block. Oh well. He seemed like an easy going guy, he told me about his life, how he is rich, he retired not too long ago, withdrew all the money in his retirement fund and got a good sum of money from work as well. He was taking care of his ailing mom. When he said that, I lost my erection. Like, why does he have to stay with his parents? What a turn off! I didn't believe the rich part because who says they are rich?

We talked for an hour, got cut off, he called back, we talked for another hour, got cut off, then texted back and forth and agreed to meet the following day. He was going to pick me up from my place and take me to the bar. I was to buy him a beer, he was going to buy me Shirley Temples.
A Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic mixed drink traditionally made with ginger ale, a splash of grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry.
That's for people, like me, who before this didn't know what a Shirley Temple is. For the rest of you, good for you! 

He was going to pick me up in the evening, he hadn't asked for my address, I thought that was going to happen the following day. We did have the entire day before the meeting after all. Never heard from the guy again! No phone call, no text, no email, no FB, no message via Tortoise, no nothing! And that's how the cookie crumbled! 

Tort and I hadn't talked for weeks. He sort of disappeared off the face of the earth. I wasn't going to dig around for him. Last time I reached out to him was via an email where I asked how he was doing, he replied, "y?" A Y he copied from me. I used that before and he asked what it meant, all of a sudden, he was getting me with the taste of my own medicine, good going, asshole!

When I didn't hear back from Drummer, it was what it was, I mean, what was I going to do? Call him? He called me after about a week and told me he had some splaining to do. I love all races but I can't stand it when a white person thinks it's cool to act black around me. Not cool! All all! Be who you are! Don't be a nuisance, also, I am not African American, so don't try to fit into my culture by acting African American, that's a no win situation right there! He told me that his mom had been very ill, he didn't even have his phone nearby, just focusing entirely on his mom. His siblings won't help with his mom blah blah blah. I'm sorry, I don't do excuses, or reasons or whatever you wanna call them! Could you not text me while sitting in the toilet? Or something? Come on! Don't tell me we're meeting tomorrow and then never contact me again and expect me to still be cool with you. Ain't gonna work!

I asked him over and over to send me a picture of himself, he refused, he refused. He was like what if I don't like how he looks. He just wanted to meet up, be friends, see where the whole thing will lead, which I was totally ok with until he stood me up. He wanted to know how I met Tort. I told him that we met on a dating site. He was like, whoa! You dated Tort! I told him, no, I didn't. We just talked and became friends. He jumped to a conclusion that I must have been open to dating Tort for me to give him my contact details and stay in touch with him that long blah blah blah. What a closed minded fool! Who cares anyway? I didn't even know what he looked like, he failed to meet me when he had asked me to, so what's the beef?

He couldn't be long on the phone, he told me he had just called to apologise. I never heard from him again. Like for real this time! I was ok with it. Whatevz. Maybe he and tort walked into the sunset and lived happily ever after with each other.

There's a dude that I met online. He was like hey, do you wanna go for drinks or something? This was the very same evening he first contacted me. I thought, this is my kind of guy, we wen't going to spend eternity back and forthing with emails and sht, but I had to politely decline and ask to meet up the following day in daylight. He agreed. He told me he rode a bike. He wanted me to meet him in a shopping centre near his house. Uhm, no?  Come to the Strip. That's where I was plus, it's the Strip, everybody goes there. He agreed.

I got ready that morning, he called me when he was on his way towards The Strip and when he had arrived. He told me he was on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Charleston. That was down the street from where I was, but where exactly are you boo? I'm not meeting you at the traffic light, this is not that kind of deal! He told me he was going to just meet me there, then we could ride together somewhere. I had a weird feeling about the whole thing. You know me, I have met people in all kinds of situations, that was a first, even for me! I walked towards the place. There's a Walgreens there, he was parked at the back of it. He was soooooo hot! I didn't see that coming! He had sent me some vague ass pictures, in one of them, all you could see was his brain! The camera was right in front of the nostrils. I am not sure what the intention of that picture was. Maybe he was checking if his nose was clean and didn't have a mirror. The fck do I know!

He was really tall, nice body, he would've looked hotter if he was riding a real motorbike. He was on a Moped. I am sorry, It's hard to take a grown man seriously on that girly bike. But that's just me! I did pose on it for a picture though. Why not, right?

He asked if I liked it, I  said I did because what else do you say? He took me for a spin on it. It was nice, two grown people squashed on a moped. What better way to enjoy Vegas? He then tried to steal a kiss. That came from nowhere. I thought he's cute but I am not understanding what's going on right now. So I smiled and told him I had to go. He asked if I didn't want to go back to his place. No, dude, I don't want to sit in this condensed situation with your for a minute longer, plus, I don't want to go back to your place at 11am. You're being ridiculous! He asked to see me again, I told him to call me

Sunday, May 03, 2015


"Don't ever walk away from me!"
I was like OUCH!
"Tell me you'll never walk away from me when I talk to you again!"
Ok, I won't! Fuuucccckkk!

At that point, I just wanted him to let me go. I didn't care if I swore under oath to things that I know for a fact were not true. I just wanted to be set free. Plus, I knew I was never ever going to be back to that house, so none of it mattered. He wanted us to talk about the fact that I walked away from him while he was talking. I wasn't in the mood for that sh*t. I was not in a good mood, it had just taken me more than two hours to get to his house, which is just 20 minutes away by car. I wasn't trying to have nonsensical conversation at that point. If he were such a gentleman, he should've let me vent, instead of cutting me off and being a hypocrite about it by expecting me to listen to him talk after he just cut me off. Who does that? What an asshole!

Eventually, I went to sleep. I was exhausted. First thing in the morning, hunter brought me coffee to bed, I don't drink coffee but I had a sip or two for peace's sake.
That's the actual cuppa he made me. You know me, I take pictures of everything.

 He made breakfast, we showered and watched movies. I am not a big movie person, I am a big person, just not a big movie person haha! When Hunter is watching a movie, he expects you to enjoy it as much as he is. Actually most people I know are that way. If it's their favorite movie, band, song, or whatever, they don't understand you to love it as well. I know that people don't like the kind of music I listen too, and I am 100% ok with that. You won't have me force my music down your throat, nah, what for? There are better things to have down your throat anyways... ba rum bum!
The dinner he made us my first night at his house; Pork, mushrooms and salad. Devine!

We had some snacks, watched tv, maybe filmed a sex tape, who knows? I can't remember haha.
That afternoon, Hunter cooked us dinner, he forced me to watch the movie because it's very good. As soon as he did, I got turned off. I just can't do things under duress. I did, however kinda watch. Towards the end, this was just after dinner, he was lie, "are you gonna wash the dishes?" I kept wondering what happened to the nice guy I spent time a weekend with before because that right there was a monster! I wasn't washing the dishes because, the Lord wanted me to watch the movie, but all of a sudden, looks like, your highness changed his mind about that! Instead of arguing about that, I just got up and did the dishes. As I was washing them, I think it dawned on him. Or Maybe he thought I was going to challenge him and argue, he was like, 'oh, no! Why don't you wait until the movie is over? I will help you with the dishes!' I thought to myself, this mutha f*cker doesn't know what he wants from me!
Breakfast, my first morning there. Check out that cuff off of a heart replaced with egg. How can you not go back for more?

I watched the rest of the movie, I couldn't tell you what the movie was about, it was ok, but I wasn't in the mood for it. Not with a gun against my head, I wasn't. When the movie was over, we got up and did the dishes. After Hunter 'helped' with the dishes, he went and said down. Before I could open my mouth and say it, he said, "And you say...?" Meaning, BITCH, YA BETTER THANK ME! Like his life depended on it. I thanked him, just in case his life did depend on it.

At some point, while hanging out in the living room, goofing around, he dragged me to the floor and did the thing he did the previous night; He grabbed both my hands and held them behind my back, I was like WTF, that hurts! Stop it! He came closer, had his face this close to mine and said, "I know you like it when I do that! Tell me you like it when I'm rough with you?" I just looked at him, there and then, it stopped hurting. It became mind over matter. I was not going to tell this random guy that I like being handled that way when I had been telling him the whole entire time that I didn't! I mean this isn't some, say thank you! Say please! Blah blah blah sht, this is my body, and if I tell you that hurts, it hurts, therefore STOP! He kept trying to have me say I liked it, I wouldn't. Eventually, he stopped.
Lunch, the day of this blog

That night, we had a nice evening, we sat outside on beach chairs, under the stars, he smoked weed and told me some long story about who knows what? I sat there and listened and enjoyed the view of his handsome face under the stars and pretended we were more than we were.
Hunter, fast asleep on my lap.You know, I love long hair on a guy. He even had a piercing on his eyebrow.

The following morning, I got ready, Hunter called me a cab. He had to go pick up his car from the mechanic, I had to go home, back to reality. He had promised to pay for my cab rides, he didn't pay for that one. Maybe, it slipped his mind, maybe not, who knows? I'll never ask. I may never even talk to him again, anyways! The cab dropped me off at the mall. I went to Walmart, bought myself the 8pc fried chicken tray and a full, grilled bbq chicken. Clearly, I was hungry, who buys that much ready made chicken when they live by themselves. Needless to say, all I had that week was chicken.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fat Pig

Morning after passing out with Charlie at my place
Chicken tenders or whatever you wanna call them and fries and that cheesy bread thing

I was counting calories then, this meal was more than my quota for the day. Oops!

I couldn't finish the super thick milkshake, too full!
Above, is the breakfast Charlie and I had morning after the laundry

One morning, I was on my way downtown to donate plasma or blood. I left quite early because it can be packed over there, ain't nobody got all day just to donate plasma. I walked to the bus stop on the Strip. There was a lady already at the stop when I got there. I greeted her and stood next to where she was sitting. She seemed like she was a 'working girl', if you know what I mean. It doesn't bother me. It's not my body she uses for any of that 'work'. Not too long after I got there, this guy shows up in a blue Toyota SUV. He slows down and smiles at me. I politely smile in return. He drove off. Not before the lady fixed herself up as if to get the guy's attention. A minute later, a guy in a blue Toyota SUV, smiles, slows down and waves at me. I smile in return and take no note of the fact that it could be the same guy. A minute later, lo and behold the same bleeping guy comes back! I was just like, ok now, the fck is going on here? By then the lady had walked down the street, probably to avail herself in case that guy came back, which he did. When the guy came back for the third time, I was just like, no dude, I'm waiting for the buy, I am not selling anything. The heck!

I did what  I had to do at the blood place, they stab you with this ginormous needle and suck a whole lot of blood from you. It goes through a machine, which takes out the plasma and then returns the rest of your blood into your system. After all that, they bondage you like this...

My ashy arm. I was always ashy in Vegas, no amount of lotion was enough

Walking to the bus stop in the heat, I was sweating bullets. 

No jokes!  Desert heat!

I was walking towards the bus stop, minding my own business when...
Say it ain't so!
I tell you this is way in the afternoon! When I first saw this guy, it was in the morning! Then I saw him in a different part of town that afternoon. He pulled up at that parking and hollered at me. I turned around, took a picture of his car and asked if he's stalking. Silly question, of course! Like he's gonna tell me if he is, right? He told me he wasn't , it was a coincidence, he wanted to talk to him. I told him I was not interested. Fortunately, the guy who was sitting next to me at the clinic came by, I walked with him to the stop. I told him about that guy, he was like, Watch out for these Mexicans, they like black women. 

That's what happens when I show cleavage. This probably happens to most women. 

Me, that day.
That's not even a fraction of them, in real life haha! I got 99 problems, but a cup size ain't one of them. I write that because Jay-Z's song 99 problems just came up as I'm typing this lol.

I saw this at the clinic and liked it

Charlie and I continued chatting without seeing each other. One Afternoon, I wanted to go to the movies, Tony and I had agreed that we were going to see the movie, Blended together. I asked her that morning if she wanted to go, she wasn't feeling well, or something. Then turned around and told me she had just got home from buffet with this guy she was seeing, so I thought, I'd just go to the movies by myself; on my way there, I got lost and ended up right at the bakery. Of course, I went in! They had a dozen giant rolls on sale, I bought the brown and the white ones. I took them to the movies with me. I wasn't going to eat them in there, but I didn't have a car to leave them in. I tried to buy a ticket, the guy told me to leave my rolls in the car, food wasn't allowed in the theatres. Oy! He just wouldn't let me. I asked if I could leave them in the office, he was like, nope! I was so excited, I had already checked in on Facebook that I was at the movies. The guy let me stand there like a fool with two huge bags full of giant rolls. Eventually I left, my feelings were so hurt! I called my sister, she didn't pick up. Great! I walked towards the but stop, my sis called back. I was over it by then. We talked about other stuff, then I got a text from Charlie. He asked if I wanted to hang out at his place. His roommate had, apparently moved out. Finally.

I told him I was on my way home, he offered to pick me up. I took my God-forsaken rolls home, had one or two for lunch and Charlie came by. I offered him one of the dozens. He told me he had bread at his house. We rode to his place. It was my first time there. It's a one bedroom apartment, with a king size bed. I loved king size beds. I had a custom made one back in South Africa. Size is everything. We hung out and talked, then he took me to dinner. We just went around the corner and decided to try some Chinese place next door to his apartment. The food was divine over there, oh my goodness! 
They gave me a lot of meet too, see? Rice was on the side

I had pork, Charlie had beef, it came with rice. I know mine did. I always order rice, I seem to love it more and more everyday. The food was off the chains and the lady was so nice too. We Took the food home. We sat and ate and watched TV, it was really nice. 
My mango drink with those sweet, black round things whose name I always forget

I may have mentioned when Charlie was at my place that I didn't have my towels there, some of my stuff was at Chris' in LA. He was nice enough to store my stuff at his place for me at no charge. I did give him a whole lot of stuff in return, but he didn't want anything from me for keeping the stuff. I hadn't had a chance yet to get the rest of my stuff when I met Charlie. I mean, I practically met Charlie the same month I moved to Vegas. 

When I was leaving for my place, he gave me a brand new towel to use in the meantime. He gave me a stylus (those touch screen pens for your phone and tablet), his. I thought it was cute, he gave it to me and wouldn't take no for an answer. He also gave me pepper spray for safety. I have never had to use it, knock on wood! 
I may have snacked on half a tub of this Hazelnut spread at Charlie's. So good!

The stuff he gave me, of course I took a picture of everything! You're welcome!
He took me home, we hung out over there, lay on my tiny bed, nothing compared to his king size, and listened to music. We also watched my favorite morbid shows. The first 48. Which, if you haven't seen it, documents police as they try to make an arrest after the first 48 hours of a murder. Riveting show! My least favorite part is seeing the loved ones of the deceased. I hit mute when we get to that part. 

That afternoon, Charlie went back to his house to nap before he went to work that night. He sent me a random text about how his friend told him that I would never be faithful to him. I was like, why wouldn't I be? He said, the friend also called me this, that and the other. And that whole thing about the friend calling me a fat pig and Charlie defending me by saying, "She's MY fat pig!" At some point, I think the pressure of it all cause Charlie to ask me to lose 30 pounds. I told him I was already watching my weight, if he was going to tell me what to do with my life, he was going to mess up with my vibe. Like, don't tell a girl to lose weight, I don't care what your friends say! Otherwise, don't be with that girl!

After a few days, I sent Tony a text, asking how she was doing. There was this guy that she was seeing, long, complicated story but not mine to tell. I wanted to hear about that as well. She didn't reply. Oh well. One afternoon, she sent me a text, telling me how her feelings were hurt because she and I had agreed we were going to go to the movies together, next thing she knew, I checked in on Facebook that I was at the movies watching the very movie that she and I were going to see. That thew me completely off because, WHAT?!!?!?!?! She had told me she was sick and turned around and went out to a buffet, unless the buffet was at her house! I was glad she brought up her concerns but at the same time, I thought it was pretty weird considering her life wasn't at a stand still and I had to put mine on hold and wait for her. Plus, I never even got to see that movie. After I couldn't watch it at at the cinema, that very night, I got to Charlie's and downloaded the heck out of it online and watched it the very following day. Tony and I patched things up and were friends again.

Charlie and I just kept chatting via text, nothing serious. Hunter, remember him? The uber hot guy who cooked for me?Well... we were still talking! I was kind of in a funk one Friday when he asked if I wanted to go visit him. I agreed. He told me he didn't have his car, it was with a mechanic. He asked me to take a cab, he was going to refund me when I got to his place. I knew, I was guaranteed a great time when I got there, so I took the bus.... two.. and a cab. The cab took, roughly, forever before it got there and I was so close to Hunter's place. I couldn't walk, it wasn't that close. The cab companies told me that it was the weekend, everybody wanted to make money, nobody wanted to drop someone off, two miles away. They made a good point, but what was I to do? Eventually, two taxis were on their way to pick me up. I took the first one that arrived. I was lucky, there was a Taco Bell at that bus stop, they let me wait there and charge their phone without having bought anything. 

By the time I arrived at Hunter's, I was not in the mood at all. I just wanted to vent about the horrendous, three hour trip to his place. He wasn't having it! It must have been the full moon or something because Hunter wasn't in the mood either. When I got there, he paid the driver, gave me a hug, I started talking about how long it took me to get there, he told me he didn't want to hear about it. I was there now, and that was all that mattered. That caught me so off guard! We went into the house, sat on the sofa, he was watching a movie, he's always watching a movie! We had a lousy conversation, about Lord knows what, I didn't care, he said something rude, I didn't care, I told him I was going to bed. I walked away. 

As soon as I got into bed, Hunter jumped into the bed, held both my hands together with one hand behind my back, it hurt because that's not normally what I do with my hands; he whispered in my ear. Don't ever walk away from me again! Whoa! WTF?!?!?