Monday, January 05, 2015

Why Be So Nasty And So Rude

In the words of Kevin Hart in  Think Like a Man Too, "this is Vegas!"

I checked in at the hostel, I had already booked a bed for my first week in Vegas whereby I would be looking for a place to live. I would then take it from there. They have storage for giant luggage pieces in the office. I left my big pieces there and took my carry on with me, laptop, headphones etc. I was going to have 9 roommates after all. Never be caught unprepared! There were two people or so in the room when I got there. I said hi. One responded, one didn't. What are you gonna do? Maybe they have headphones on, maybe they are focused on something and didn't hear me, maybe they are deaf, maybe they don't understand English, maybe they don't feel like saying hi, maybe, maybe, maybe.

I picked a bed. Since boarding school, I have always liked the top bunk. The thought of someone stepping on my bed with their dirty feet, or better yet, shoes on my bedding, didn't sit well with me. I want to be the person who steps on people's bed. As the late Mahatma Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see in the world. So I be the change! No? That's not what he meant? My bad! Alas, all the top bunks were taken when I got there. It was May 31st, the very beginning of Summer. I expected the place to be busy. I was just happy they had a bed for me. I found a bed in the middle of the dorm with two beds on either side of me, so I had people from three top bunks step on my bed to get to the top. You know what they say about not focusing on what you don't want? Well... It was all good though. You can't have a stick up your ass when you travel a lot. You've got to be open minded and easy going. Especially if you stay in hostels. If you want to be high maintenance, book a private hotel room!

I freshened up in our only shower in the room. One shower and toilet for 10 people. Problem? No problem! We are backpackers, we'll make it work. We're grateful to have indoor plumbing. Most of people in hostels have been in the roughest places anyways. That's what I like about hosteling. Not a word, I know, well, I think. It's not highlighted though. I guess it is a word. Hosteling, mh, whoda thunk it? Now that is really not a word! At east, not officially.

I went for a walk and took pictures along The Strip. It was very, very hot. I didn't go too far. I went as far as the closest fast food restaurant, Burger King. I grabbed a burger and Ice cream. I am not a big fan of Ice cream. Maybe I no longer have the sweet tooth I used to have growing up. You will seldom see me buying candy, I am not those girls who can't go so many days without eating chocolate, and I don't drink Soda or coffee. Here and there, I drink, Green tea, Peppermint tea and or Chamomile tea. All herbal teas for the health benefits and I don't add sugar. Anyway, on my way back to the hostel, I thought to myself, I'm in Vegas! What am I going to do for the rest of the evening? I called The old man that I was supposed to meet up with on my birthday trip to Vegas in April. Remember him? Tortoise? The one who performed an entire blues song over the phone for me the first time we spoke on the phone? Well, there was no speaking, he performed the song and then hung up. He picked up. I was like,

Me:    hhhhiiiiiii!
Tort:  Yes!
Me:    How are you? Long Time!
Tort:  What do you want?
Me:    What the heck! What?
Tort:  You heard me! What do you want?
Me:    Uhm, you don't want me to call you? I thought I'd just call and say hi!
Tort:  Oh, hi.
Me:    Why be so nasty and so rude? Just Kidding, those are Nene's words. I                   should've said that though. Why are you so cold to me right now?
Tort:  Brook, you came to Vegas and left without seeing me!You didn't even call
          me while you were here.
Me:    I did call you. I called you the very first day I arrived in Vegas.
Tort:  And you never called me again.
Me:   Tortoise, you have my number and two phones; a house phone and a                     cellphone, you could've called me as well. You have my email address, you           could've emailed me. Why are you making it my responsibility to call?
Tort:  I was waiting for you to call me when you had a chance to meet up, Instead,           you left without meeting me
Me:    Well, I'm here now!
Tort:  Here where?
Me:    Here in Vegas?
Tort:  You're in Vegas? You're not in Vegas! You went back to LA last month!
Me:   So you're gonna tell me I'm not here even though, I myself am telling you that
          I'm here.
Tort:  What are you doing here?
Me:   Well, I am going to live here, I just moved here
Tort:  When:
Me:  Today. I arrived a few hours ago.
Tort:  Where are you going to stay?
Me:  I'm staying at the hostel on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Tort:  Which hotel, the strip is full of hotels?
Me:   Hostel not hotel.
Tort:  I can't believe this. That must be temporary, where are you going to stay                 after?
Me:   I am looking for a place, maybe a studio apartment or a furnished room.
Tort:  Well, you know, I don't have beds in my house. What's your budget?
Me:   No, no no no! I didn't call to ask for a place to stay, I will rent a place closer            to the strip. I'll be fine!
Tort:  You'd better be careful, it's dangerous here, do you have pepper spray?
Me:   No!
Tort:   A Gun?
Me:  Tortoise, please, I just arrived. I will be making this place my home for a
         while, please don't dampen my spirits now. It's too early for that!
Tort: It's the truth, you're gonna need such things here especially as a woman                alone.
Me:  Anyway, talk to you later.Thanks for taking my call(aintNobodygottimeforthat)
Tort:   Wait, what are you doing tonight?
Me:    Probably sleeping!
Tort:  Come here! I'll email you my address.
Me:   Uhm, no! You come here!
Tort:  Ok. I'll come get you!
Me:   Yeah, I'm not coming to your place though, so
Tort:  Let's go grab dinner or something. I'll buy you a burger
Me:   Heck no! No burgers!
Tort:  A pizza?
Me:   No, tortoise, if you want to take me out, take me to an actual restaurant,                  none of that fast food business. No dollar menu items. I can buy that myself
Tort:  (giggled) ok, I'll take you to a nice restaurant close to my house.
Me:   There are lots of restaurants on the Strip. We can go there.
Tort:  Why don't I come there, then we'll figure something out? Text me your                    address.
Me:  Ok, sure. Call me when you get here. Cheers!

I headed back to the room. Put on a dress and some sandals. I was still tired and it was too hot to dress up. I just wanted to look decent. He arrived in about 30 minutes. He called when he was at the parking lot. I grabbed my purse and headed out. I was happy to have something to do that night and to finally meet Tortoise after all the time we had been talking on line and over the phone. Before he hung up, he asked me again, how tall I was. I told him I am 6'4, which I obviously am not. That's 193cm or 1.9m. I did tell him eventually, how tall I am. He lied and told me he was shorter than he is. I guess his height is his thing. He couldn't wait to show it off. Forgetting the fact that he's a hundred years old. There should come a point in time where vanity subsides and you lead either with your charm or your pocket. Don't judge me, I'm just saying!

He got out of the car, he is tall, about 6'3. He had a pink button down shirt on, which he folded on the sleeves, a hat, long hair that's tied to a pony, knee long shorts and sneakers. It sounds kinda out there on paper, but he made it work. He looked ok. You could tell he was comfortable. It's his style, I guess because, that's how he was dressed in his online pictures. We hugged and I tried not to run for the hills. He is quite in shape but there's something about the face that, I don't know. He's not ugly, there's no such thing as ugly anyway. At least, in my opinion. He looked too old, I think... or something. We chatted in the parking lot for a second. He said let's get in the car and go eat. First, he commented on how short I am. I'm thinking to myself, Shut the f*ck up! You're old, what the heck! The nerve!

He was playing music in the car. You know me, I can be an old soul when it comes to music. I happened to know and like what he was playing. It was Bob Dylan. I commented on the music. He brought up the subject of me being his backup singer again. I was like, here we go! He told me that he is looking for an attractive lady to be his backup singer, and he thinks I fit the bill. Aw, so kind! We got on the freeway. I was like are we going to Salt Lake City? That's when I saw the sign. He was like no, do you wanna go there? I told him I have friends there, I wouldn't mind. He just laughed. Before I knew it we were pulling up in front of his house. He told me he needed to pick up something and asked if I wanted to get in. I told him that it was very nice of him to offer, but no thanks. I mean, WTF? Didn't I tell this man over and over again that I didn't want to go to his house? Who takes a girl to their house on the very first meeting? Never mind, rhetorical question.

He soon came out. We went to a casino not to far from his house, picked a restaurant and had dinner there. We were sitting, waiting for our food and just talking. He was checking out my energy, apparently, he has this talent to pick up on people's energies. He told me that when I first met him I was scared. Er, ya think? People are uneasy when they meet, this is not rocket science. He told me that I was easing up to him, but was still not there yet. Again, not rocket science! You must see what he does to pick up these vibes though. I had to put my hands facing up as if I am begging. he hovered his hangs over mine as if they have a magnet or something. He grew up in the sixties, he's a hippie. And it's ok. It was until, he tried to remove something on me with his own saliva. He literally spat on his finger and aimed. I was like, hold up! It's ok! I'm fine, thanks! Sht!

While we were still checking each other's energies and stuff, I happen to glance at the tv and who do I see sitting in the front row of Judge Judy's Courtroom? ME! I was like, oh my gosh, there I am! He went, I be damned! He saw me as well. He was so excited. I think he wanted to tell people in the restaurant that I was on tv. But he was able to contain himself. Imagine if he acted like he didn't hear me when I told him there I was lol. That would have made for an awkward moment. I've had that happen to me haha. I ordered Steak and Shrimp, Fries and Veggies, green beans or something green. I can't remember what he had. Food was ok.

After dinner, it was late already. We were there for quite a while. I had been talking to Tortoise for a while so we didn't run out of things to talk about. We had a nice, friendly gel going on. He took me straight home after dinner. He told me he had a good time and suggested we do it again. I was game. I was saying a silent prayer, please, Lord, don't let him try to kiss me. Please, Lord, don't let him try to kiss me, please Lord...


Unknown said...

OMG!!! Tortoise the Tshirt guy. Please don't tell me you have succumbed to selling Tshirts to help him out. Lol just kidding. Well he at least he took you to an ok restaurant.

Brook said...

Oh heck no!
Oh yeah, kudos to him for not taking me to Burger King.