Monday, April 04, 2016

I Made a Boo Boo!

It's still vacation time and my phone is still off. Dude is still unable to get hold of me and is sleeping I don't know where because I locked the bolt to my house. Not my problem, when you book a stay through AirBnB, you pay before the stay. He didn't. Oh well! His stuff was still at my house, so he still owed me for that because I wasn't able to let someone else stay there, plus, he had the key to my place.

Calvin took me to one of his favorite restaurants in his neighborhood. Mexican. We picked up his friend along the way. A nice guy, very talkative, good talk though, so I liked. I looked for something I had never had before on the menu and found this cool dish that comes in a pot. I had meat, I think it was beef, then there was a plate full of rice, beans, other stuff and another plate with salad. AND the friend recommended a drink he thought I would like. I tell you, it looked like I was going to have a buffet all on my own. They also had their own dishes but mine was the most elaborate.

Part of my dish. The meat pot. The red drink was mine too

The food was good but I think I got full just by looking at it. It was way too much. We asked the lady to put it in a take out container or us.
Rice and Beans...

There is always so much food around Calvin that I couldn't tell you how much weight I have put on since we met. It's a hard one, I tell ya! (That's what she said haha).

That's me in Cal's Green clothes; his favorite color

The above is the outfit Calvin wore on our trip to to the mountain. I love how, even though he's slim, some of his clothes fit me. He has all sizes in his closets. Yeah, closets, that man has a lot of clothes!

On Sunday, Calvin wanted to go to church. I didn't have any church appropriate clothing. He offered to buy me a dress.

Cute and Comfy. I also grabbed leopard print shoes while at it

I will show you the shoes when I find the picture. I wore the dress with the shoes even though the shoes didn't really go along. I didn't buy them for that outfit anyway. I bought them cos I liked them.

Found the shoe picture!

During our shopping trip, we stopped by at this cute sweets spot. We had one of just about everything. Cal bought stuff for his family, and I had Ice cream with chocolate brownie, white and dairy milk chocolate and Lord knows what else.
The green is Pistachio ice cream so good!

 It was good!

 After church, Cal's friends stopped by for a drink or ten. We ordered pizza. I am not a big pizza fan. I will eat it, especially during PMS, otherwise, meh. To entice me, Cal ordered the best pizza around. I was like, alright, I'll check it out! It came in a giant rectangular box. One of the biggest pizza boxes I have ever seen. The pizza was good too. They ordered my choice, something with lots of meat on it. Why not, right? Well, unless you're vegetarian.

Pizza so big, all of it didn't fit in the picture!

I enjoyed the pizza. Calv had also ordered anchovies on the side.Some of her friends added ranch (salad dressing) on their pizza and some or everyone but me added Parmesan powder. I was like, dang! Tough crowd! All in all, everyone enjoyed the pizza (in their own special way!)

After out week or more off, I turned on my phone and checked my messages. There were so many from Brian, my AirBnB guest. He left me voice messages, emails, and texts. Normally, he wouldn't message me at the risk of me forwarding the emails to airbnb and  them finding out that he was a crappy guest who wasn't paying on time. He would always insist we talk over the phone or in person when he was home. He was desperate. When I got home, I messaged him through airbnb and told him the reason I had turned off my phone and that he still owed me for the time that he wasn't staying there. I wasn't going to let him in until he was paid up. He made payment ASAP via credit card and also paid for the following few nights. I was completely turned off this guy. I didn't appreciate his style at all.

After the few nights Brian had paid for, he booked again and made a payment. I accepted. The following day, I got a message that the payment didn't go through. Great! I took a screen shot of the email and texted it to him. He tried to explain his way out of it. I locked my apartment that night. He knocked and knocked and knocked, I didn't open. I thought that having been locked out for a week was going to teach him an invaluable lesson. Not this dude! 

He came home in the middle of the night, around 1am. His usual time. I heard knocks on the door and the window. I didn't open at all, in fact, I turned off my phone. He finally gave up and slept outside my front door. The following morning, I opened my door and this dude is lying out there like, what in the heck! I guess he was out there using my wifi until he fell asleep. The heck? He came in, paid me in cash and apologized again. I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I need to get rid of this guy but a few things need to fall into place first. 

When he paid that day, he also paid for the following few nights. He was good in worming his way back in by doing that. I took the money because money is money and that's why I was letting my couch out. That night, I went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I heard Brian come home. I was lucky, I went right back to sleep. Within an hour or so, there's a door on my door. The bedroom door this time. Brian never used to come into my room or even knock. He used to do his own thing, I used to do mine. I'm like, good God, what could it possibly be at this hour. I woke up and answered the door. Brian told me that he didn't want me to get mad in the morning, so he thought he'd wake me up and tell me that he blocked the toilet.


  1. You look nice in that green. Would have liked to see you in that dress too..

    Hahahaha. Brian!!!! Lol. Shame he didn't want you to wake up and use the loo and find out it was blocked. Wanted to let you know before you do yourself. Poor thing. Funny though.

    1. Thank you. I will post pictures of me in the dress in future blogs.
      That's exactly what he said he didn't want to happen! At that point, Brian couldn't win in my eyes. I was over him