Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Family Drama!

I’m in South Africa for the first time in years, having the time of my life! I have my own room, no husband is gonna keep popping in, wanna be start’n sumthn or anything! The rest of my family still had no idea I was in the country, so we started with mom. I called her from my sister’s phone to confuse her.
Mom picks up,
thinking it’s my sister. I talk. She gets confused. She’s like, ‘Hayi man, ng’ban’lo?” (Who dis?). I’m like, it’s me ma! She’s like isn’t this Prudence’s phone? Is she there with you? I’m like nope! She just wouldn’t get herself to guess that I was the one who came home. She got so confused as if the only possibility that my sister and I would be together would be if sis had come to visit me in Los Angeles.
She asked for witnesses, we got my sister’s partner to come on the phone, he, ahe believed but not her own flesh and blood! The shame! When your own mom doesn’t believe a word! Haha!

Disclaimer: I’m trying to get the blog up to date. Right now, I’m om my iPhone, the writing is tiny as all get out, so, excuse any and all typos, please and thank you!

Happy to be around family

We tried calling my other siblings from Pru’s phone. No answer. The following day, one of them  called back. I ran to the phone and responded. This is one of the people I was looking forward to hang out with the most! Almost a week later, another one returned the call. Linda! By now, she had already heard that I was around. She called me on my own, sounding ever so weird that I didn’t tell her I’m around. Errrr! I tried to surprise ya! I Tried to make arrangements to visit everyone in all their respective cities / provinces. You know me, I’m big on vibes. The vibe I got from one of the provinces wasn’t in line with what you’d wanna feel when you’re planning to see people for the first time on years.

I made back up accommodation arrangements, just so that I can be happy and see some people in installments, considering, they didn’t sound that psyched to see me. I may be wrong, I’m going by what I feel / felt at the tome. You must understand, I’m tired and emotionally all over the place, jet lagged and vulnerable. These aren’t excuses, it’s what i was going through. All I wanted after everything I’d just escaped in america, was a hug from my loved ones! Not to be cut off in the middle of a sentence, during our first conversation in months. Months since you had said you would return my call when I was in America, when you didn’t even know why I called in the first place. It could’ve been the very last call I’d ever made in this lifetime! More than a month later, I feel like you called because, at this point, you kinda had to cos I’m here! Also, you can’t complain that you weren’t told about my trip, I’m still waiting for your call back! Maybe if you’d returned my call from more than a month ago, I’d have let slip that I was planning to come over. Just maybe!
Free stuff that came with my room
Told ya in the previous blog that my sister had personified my room for me, above are some of the things she put in a little basket for me. Some of my favorite things! You know, I'm so about that nail life and that lip life!

First, there was load shedding, which I mentioned in previous blog; then, I found out that there was shortage of water in the Western Cape. That’s the province I was in! Public restroom taps were turned off! They had less water consuming alternatives. It was a very interesting time! I was hearing that households had a certain quota they were allowed per whatever and then after that, the rate of water would spike up! Apparently, there were trucks full of water being hauled from other provinces to The Western Cape  Not long after arriving in South Africa. Lots of jokes were made out of this situation. Too soon, but they were great!

pumlasfood lamb
Lamb made my Pumla of PumlasFood

Before I knew it, there was another new problem across the South African nation! Listeriosis! Listeri- what? I asked! It was breaking news! People were dying from this bacteria found in chicken from one giant chicken supplier and cold meats, the works! As soon as my sis and I found out, we called the rest of the family to alert them! I called a family member I hadn’t talked to yet from my sister’s phone and acted like nothing was different. The person on the other side played the heck along. We were making faces at each other like, can she not tell who she’s talking to? I ended up cavingand asking. She was like ‘eh eh! Ndiyayazi! UnguBabalwa’ (yup! I know! It’s Babalwa) and then she kept it moving. She wasn’t phased one single bit. She did mention that she was out of town for a conference. They were served chicken for lunch. A large number of attendees got sick afterwards.

We called one of my brothers and warned him as well. He was the most fun person to prank, after my mom. He was just so excited to hear my voice! He immediately changed his accent and spoke English and only in America! He’s a trip, I tell ya!
driving in south africa
Driving a Right hand drive
They made me drive from the moment I arrived! I drove my sister's automatic and my brother's stick shift (manual). It was quite brain activating, I tell ya! Haha! From driving on  one side of the road to driving on the other in a matter of hours and having to look for a gear stick! I loved every bit of it. I love to drive, they know that, so they let me!

First morning in the country and  a lot of people had already placed orders. People wanted shoes and bags. I was excited because that meant less luggage for me back to The States and of course, the Benjamins $$$!

Some of the stuff I brought to sell and give away

I’ve a family member who drives for Uber. He came by to meet Pru and I up as we were going to run errands. He didn’t know I was around. I went and opened the door when he arrived. Amazing! I just love surprising people! The reactions are life everlasting! He was standing by the door totally expecting to see my sister. I opened, his brains tells him it’s her but his eyes are like, neope! I don’t think so my n word! He does a double take. His jaw lands straight on the ground. Mine too! From laughing! It was so great! I love my family so much!
What are you doing up there?
He's wearing shoes I gave me forever ago! Nothing better than someone treasuring something you gave them. It makes you wanna keep giving them stuff, so I did! In this pic, I'm inside a car, he's standing on the seat lol.

We drove around, ate, had altercations with staff at the shops. I was made fun of in my face by people working at some of  the shops for my accent or choice of words. I totally don’t speak in American in my regular life. I can turn it on and off. It was off but I guess I’m so used to using certain words that they could pick something up and I was the butt of their joke. Pathetic, really! But whatevz.

Electricity was back, so Pru cooked amazing food as per usual. She. catered to my low carb needs, which I truly appreciated. They have a fridge dedicated pretty much to Pumla’s recipe testing. That thing is the devil in four legs! So many ice cream flavors, each one better tasting than the next! Heaven help me, I’m tryna lose weight!

One of the breakfasts my sis made 
If you wanna cook like her, buy her cookbooks, find her on all social media @PumlasFood and place your order. Let me know how you like them!

Gotta bounce yall, I ended up finishing the blog on my PC the following morning. Right now, it's 05:24am. That's how much I love ya! 

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time. Please post you comment, I love hearing from you!
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