Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Bye San Diego, Hello Los Angeles!

Through all the mess that had become my life, I was still looking for jobs in LA, nothing! It was like talking to a brick wall while pulling teeth! I didn’t want to move in with El and have a Perry happen to me all over again. I’d be darned. I didn’t want to move in with El to begin with, I just wanted to do my own thing, but at that point, what were my options? Plus, he didn’t make it seem like he was doing me a favour, he asked me to move in with him. He was afraid I was going to move far away, and we’d lose what we were trying to build.

I packed my bags, as usual. Boy, I tell ya I can come up tops if they were to run a packing competition. The experience I have on that, I can’t even begin! I had my ‘cheap’ bags packed, I had everything on one side in my room. Perry didn’t know when I was leaving, he knew it was coming up fast, but not when exactly. Plus, he was still secretly hoping, I’d stay. In his wildest dreams! El was to pick me up somewhere, we agreed coming to the house wouldn’t be a good idea, he was going to rent me a cab and have them drop me off somewhere. You would swear it was a top state secret mission #CIA. I was like, sure, whatever makes you feel comfortable!

He kept asking if we were going to be ok and if Perry wasn’t going to pull a Jerry Springer on him and be all dramatic and stuff. That was like his thing, He had asked me before if I had ever been on the show. Like, seriously dude! He told me that an ext of his had a cousin who had been on the show, TWICE!  I didn’t care. Still don’t. I assured him that Perry was cool people. I mean, what do I know what’s going on in Perry’s mind? Does Perry even know what’s going on up there? But I had to tell El something!

The day came! El called me before he left his apartment and told me he tried cleaning up the place for me, but didn’t have enough time to spruce it up as well as he would have wished. He asked me to help clean up whenever I had a chance (sure, ‘d love to! Seeing as that’s what I’m known for nowadays. Just ask Perry! I thought he wanted to clean the place up for  me. Now if I’m going to help....?!?!?!?)  Anyway, he STILL didn’t have  a Cellphone! He was about to hop on the shower and then leave when he called. Then he called again and told me that his sister’s car was ticketed, they had to fix that cos she has to have the car. If they didn’t it was going to be uncomfortable for everyone. He was going to go pay the ticket, and fix it up cos the reason she left it in a no parking zone to begin with was because it was broken down. Great, will this guy even make it to San Diego? I had to wait and see. #HurryUpAndWAit

He came back in a few minutes and told me the sister left without him, he seemed off-put by that, oh well. I didn’t know the dynamics of their relationship yet, so I was kinda in the dark. He showed up around two hours later, he called from some store and told me he was ten minutes away. No word about the cab. I was kind of in the dark. I told him to go to the police station, I would be there in no time. I swallowed my pride and asked Perry to drop me off there. He was shocked that I was all packed and on my way. You should’ve seen the expression on his face. I mean  I didn’t do any of that for the expression on his face, I was just ready to get the heck out of there, that’s all. He asked where I was going, I asked him for a ride to the police station. Yeah but where are you going? You know that If you need a flight ticket anywhere, I can buy it for you, right? SURE, ANYTHING TO CLEAR YOUR CONSCIENCE, PERRY! PLUS, YOU’LL DO ANYTHING TO GET ME AS FAR AWAY FROM HERE AS POSSIBLE!. PLUS I THOUGHT YOU DIDN’T HAVE MONEY? “I never have money J You know I want you to stay! I’ve asked you to stay over and over again! YEAH BUT ONLY ON YOUR TERMS!

Anyway, he wanted to know if someone was going to pick me up at the station or if I was going to take a bus, I told him something like that. The bus or you’re getting picked up? Either or! I said good-bye to the dogs, and got my Sh*t in the car, we were off. He begged me to tell him where I was going, I wasn’t about to. He wanted to drop me at the bus stop, if I was moving somewhere close by, he was willing to take me there. No, thanks! Nobody asked you!

As soon as he pulled away, I saw El driving the opposite direction looking as confused as f*ck. I tried to flag him but he was so focused on the road. He was looking for a phone. Seriously, which century are we in? Which Country, what’s happening right now? How does this man still not have a Cellphone? Perry had ended up dropping me off at the bus stop across the street from the police station. I used the station as a landmark not that I thought I was going to need the cops or anything.

Perry got out of the car, wished me luck, promised we were going to remain friends (I don’t know why he was so sure I wanted to be friends), he promised he’d stay in touch. He apologised that things ended the way they did and came in for a hug but, alas, his top was dirty, food from whenever he last ate.  He then shook my hand. It was weird to think that that was it. It really was over; time to move on!
Soon as Perry’s car disappeared, El showed up from the opposite direction. We got my stuff in the car and were off to the city of Angels, Good Bye San Diego, it’s been real! El seemed like he hadn’t taken a shower that day, he had on these baggy, Levi’s jeans,  a t-shirt and his trusted leather jacket. The teeth, again, ugh! Looked like he just finished eating a five course meal L no kisses for him then!
We shot straight for LA, he apologised for the mess in his room. Again. I didn’t get it because the reason he didn’t pick me up the day before was because he was cleaning up his room. How hard can it be (that’s what she said;)) to clean up one room?

We arrived pretty late that night in LA, we, of course made a stop at the 99 cents store to get a few things ‘for me’.He seemed pretty nervous the entire time at the 99 cents store. When I asked, jokingly, if he had a girlfriend there, he told me there’s a lady there who likes him (translation: A lady he likes or his ex). By the time we were done at 99, it had started raining, we got in the car, he found a nice spot and tried making out, but between his teeth, the situation at the 99 cents store and those darn jeans, I couldn’t. I encouraged him to get us home before the weather got nastier.

He drove me around LA a little bit, and showed me the house he and his brother owned, AGAIN! He told me the story of his brother’s passing, and how much they loved each other AGAIN, and cried, AGAIN. We bought Tommy’s burgers, one for his sister too, that way she would be in a good mood and be nice to me, he told me. We arrived at the apartment after 9pm. He had me memorise a few lines about how we met, how long we had known each other, THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP! He had his own little script of a made up version of our relationship. What was so wrong with the truth?

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