Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Next Chapter

January 1st 2013
It’s the new year, now what? I did talk to my family via Skype as they hit midnight in South Africa. Always nice to touch base with the most important people in my life. Perry was gone for two days, so I had the house to myself on New Year’s Day. I El was working. I basically spent the day at home, watching something or the other on line.
El and I had a talk, he told me about his family, his relationship with everybody. His brother who died ten years or so prior who was his life. He was the oldest and when their father died, he assumed the responsibility gladly. Apparently he was a good person and brother. His sister, who molested her when she was growing up. Apparently, growing up,  the sister always jumped at the opportunity to give El baths so she could touch him inappropriately. He was a mama’s baby, still was. He and his sister, apparently didn’t get along, (could’ve fooled me!), he was still hoarding resentment from the abuse from way back when. I don’t blame him. But they seemed pretty close to me, from the stories and how they spent all their time together. He and his brother, were both into cars, they were so close, they bought a house together in Lakewood, LA. They lived there for years until his  brother passed on. Apparently El had a good job then, managing a few stores. He buried his brother from his own pocket, something he was proud to do as they were so close. After the funeral, things went south for El. He was also in a relationship with this woman who is, apparently, a musicians. She has videos on Youtube that El wanted me to see. I refused  of course! Duh! They had a bad breakup, when he moved back, he took the first job he could get and that’s how he ended up in Sears. He always reminded me that that’s not where he belonged and those people didn’t appreciate what a gem he is and how he is worth way more than he is making there.
He asked me what my plans were now that it was time for me to move out of Perry’s. I told him, I was considering moving back to New Jersey. He wasn’t too chuffed with that idea.From our conversations, I asked him if his sister really had her own place or lived with them (he and their mome), he told me she was there almost all the time but had the van. He told me that his sister has had a rough life, was raped when she was young and has never got over it. She was in an abusive marriage with the father of her son, the actor nephew. She was also robbed and beaten up by a random dude somewhere in LA, those experiences and more, made her resent men. She hates them, but she loves women and will do anything for a girlfriend. She told me, she would love me and asked me to move in with them him.
He told me that because he had moved from a four bedroomed house, he still had a lot of stuff and not enough room for it in the two bedroomed apartment he now lives in but everything was in boxes and packed away nicely. He told me that he didn’t have space in his bedroom, but with my help, he was willing to make some. He asked me to do what an ex girlfriend failed to do, and help him sell some of the things to make space and also raise funds so he can finish his huge project of fixing his Vintage Dodge. His first car, it was around 40 years old or something. He had had it since he was 16 and had been renting storage for it since moving out of the big house he owned with his late brother. I was up for the challenge and excited to be moving to my favourite city in the whole wide world, LA.

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