Friday, November 20, 2015

A-List Celeb

On our off day, Dot told me a very interesting story about a situation she had with an A list Celebrity. How she saw an ad in a local newspaper where the guy was looking for an assistant and replied. The Celeb himself called her back, they talked daily about all things under the sun. Her mom passed on during that week, before she started working for him. He offered to pick her up in a limo and go to the funeral with her if she needed the company because by then, after talking so many hours on the phone, they were friends. She refused, thinking that that would disrupt the entire funeral. People would be too focused on the limo and who was getting out of it etc.

Dot told me that this was just after she got back to Los Angeles from touring Europe on her world tour when she had her record deal. Apparently she was a real musician. She also danced ballet all her life, she showed me how that ruined her big toes. She was also a pianist, had been playing since she was five. She was a very fascinating person. I liked her personality. We were alike in so may ways. Kindred spirits, if you will. She has a boyfriend who is a cameraman, amongst other things. She told me this when I mentioned to her that I am obsessed with cameramen. I would love to find a man who is a tall, dark haired, blue eyed cameraman. She told me that I was describing her man. What? She showed me pictures of her handsome love. He has the bluest blue eyes and salt an pepper hair. 

He lives outside LA but works in town. I'm not sure why she was not staying with him while looking for her own place but that was none off my business. She told me he makes around $300 a day or was it $3000? I can't remember, it's my information, I wasn't trying to memorize it. I mentioned it now because I wish he had just put her in an apartment or somewhere decent while she was still looking for her next home. 

One day, way before blue eyes, I think, after the funeral, she talked to celeb. He offered to have her visit him in his mansion. She was going to stay in her own room and be pampered as she needed that after everything she had just gone through. She took him up on the offer. He told her to pack a bag and wait for the limo outside. She was told not to be late, the guy couldn't wait, he just wanted to pick her up and drop her off at the Celeb's house. 

Dot didn't have the celebs number, he used to call her with a hidden number. She tells me that she packed her bag and rushed out there door. She saw the limo pull off. She just missed it! She couldn't call the celeb because she didn't have his number and he never ever called her again. Ever! That was the end of her over the phone thing with the A list Celeb. 

Needless to say, she never got the job either. The whole thing flat on its face. It was sad because Dot says they had a nice connection, the guy is spiritual, well,religious. I asked her why she didn't reach out to him on social media or something. She told me that she was also hurt that he didn't even try after that day. Dot then went on to work in New York and all over the place. She worked for all kinds of big time shows, she has stories about people  I wouldn't dare mention here for fear of getting sued. She said that a few years after the whole A list saga, she was at a gas station with a friend... lo and behold there was A list. She knew what he looked like, obviously, but he never got to see what she looked like. She told me that he was gassing up his car, she walked to him and greeted him. She told him who she was and she denied knowing her or ever being a part of that story. She says that he looked like he saw a ghost when she told him some of the things they talked about, things only the two of them talked about, but still denied knowing her. Dot shares a name with the Celeb's sister, so that was another thing. Things you wouldn't just make up, if you were in Dot's shoes. 

That was a weird ending to a really fascinating story, I won't bore you with details, it's a very long story. I enjoyed it when she told it to me. We drove to the store, bought fried and grilled chicken and garlic bread while she was telling me the story, came back home, sat on the camping chairs and ate ourselves silly, while she was still telling the story. I didn't mind, I felt like I was there! Like I was part of the whole thing! It was great! 

She's happy with her man of more than a year, blue eyes. I think they met while doing production in one of the studios here in LA. I've worked numerous times at that studio but I would rather not mention it for the sake of her anonymity. 

While still here, during her one week stay at my place, Dot had a rendezvous with blue eyes. I asked what she was going to wear, I was just living vicariously because I didn't have my own blue eyes. She showed me a skirt she was going to wear. I had never seen her legs, she always wore jeans, tomboyish because of the kind of work she does but she has a good body, she's a dancer. When she put the skirt on, I was like dang girl! I had never seen her hair either, lol. I kid you not, she always had some kind of headgear on. She asked to do her nails because mine are always done. I was like, you got it! We never slept at night anyways, why not put our hands to good use while chatting away? I did her fingers and toes, she loved both! We used different colors. She told me her man was going to love it. 

I had taken her to the mall close by one of the evenings, she liked my Guess bag. They had a few but nothing quite the same as mine. She went there the following morning to buy it when she got paid before she met up with her man. They were going to spend the night and the following day somewhere in Calabasas or something. I thought that was interesting considering he doesn't live that far from LA and Calabasas is kinda out of the way too, why not just go to his place? Anyway, they had a good time. He took her, wait for it, to a nail salon for a meni-pedi! Are you fcking kidding me? I spent my precious time and four different nail polishes doing your nails just last night and within 12 hours you gonna take all that off? Wow! I didn't know how to react when she told me with such excitement that they went to the nail salon. It was like a stab in the back. Also, who does that to someone who went out of her way to doll you up? I made her pick the colors she wanted and everything! If you know me, you know I have all kinds of nail polish under the sun. That was a treat for her. Oh well! 

Her guy also bought her an amazing dress, apparently they were gonna go to the beach. She told him that she didn't bring bikini. He was taking her to buy a bikini when she saw the dress and loved it. He told her that she was going to have to choose between that dress and the bikini. I was like, ok, so you picked the dress, does that mean, no swimming for you? Anyway, the dress was gorgeous. It looked expensive. I found myself quietly praying, Lord, let me find myself a man who, in this situation, would buy me both the dress and the bikini. Amen! She told me that something amazing happened while they were out. A lady asked them if they were married and blue eyes told the lady, 'not yet!' Dot was so excited to hear that. She told me that she thinks he was going to marry her. I was happy for her. Lord! If we're not married yet after a year and a half of dating, let me know already that he is going to marry me; let him either propose or tell me directly that he wants to marry me. Thanks. Oops! Amen.