Thursday, November 12, 2015



I was on Facebook earlier today and I saw a post of a friend of mine about her goldfish. You know thw new thing Facebook does of posting entries you posted the previous years on this day? Apparently in 2013, the friend something something something about a goldfish, so she misses them.

This reminded me off when I still stayed at Carly's and she had goldfish. I don't know if I told you this or not. I mean the part about her having goldfish. She had two little fish that she couldn't even remember the names of and which name was for which fish, even when she did remember the names.

Anyway, I think one had an Italian name and the other had a French or so. One day Carly came home from school, to find her fish dead. She said to me, oh my gosh Brook, my fish are dead! Can you help me? I asked her how she wanted me to help. She told me she wanted me to help get the fish out of the room, she wasn't going to be able to sleep with dead fish in her room. She wanted me to at least get them out of her room, I could put them anywhere else but not in the room. I was just like, anywhere else is where we all share the space! These are your fish! They are your babies! You need to figure out what you want to do with them, you and only you! She told me that she has never been to expect that before and she needed my help.

I'm thinking to myself, this chick, she has never dealt with bugs she never dealt with  roaches, she never dealt with rats, she never dealt with anything bad! And I'm supposed to be her rescuer? I'm sorry, I told her I don't even want to see them! "I don't want to talk about them, I don't want to look at them, I don't want to think about your dead babies!" I told her.

 She made a face and battered her eyelashes. I still did nothing! The following day, she was on her way to school, she left her bedroom door open for the first time since I'd been there. She doesn't really lock it but usually she closes the door when she leaves. This time, because there was death in the family, she decided she was going to share the love and leave the door open. Oh hell no! As soon as she left, I held my breath and pulled the door shut.

Later, that day, Bee, her roommate came home for a split second. Actually, it may have been day two because the first day the fish died, when Carly came home, I pretended I was asleep. I didn't want to deal! The fish were still in the tanks they died in. Carly came to me on the morning of day two to ask me to suggest what she should do with them. I told her, and you're surprised I was surprised you had pets? You are not the kind of person to give love to anything or anybody other than yourself! I told her, I said it's just not in your genes!

I'm sorry! That's how I see her! I told her that she used to call them her babies, she needed to figure out what she was going to do about them. Thhat was none of my business, at my age, I have no kids, that's because I didn't want them, And I have no pets and I never had one of my own, my family had dogs and cats and stuff growing up, but I, personally, didn't have any. And that's because I have a lot going on, or maybe I just don't want one. She decided she wanted to get those fish, so here we are!

As a matter of fact, they didn't even allow pets at her place, she went online to find. Pet that's apartment friendly. That's how she ended up with goldfish. Even then, she told me that her first choice was a pretty black and white one, she only bought those because they were cheaper. I felt bad that she said that in their presence. That's prolly why they decided to exit. Don't get me wrong, I felt for her about her fish, I did! But I didn't want that to be mistaken for, I feel so bad for you, I'll take it from here! No, that was not what time it was!

 I told her to Google what people do with their goldfish when they die. My thing was, pretend as if I'm not here! Just do things as you would if I were not here. Do you know what I mean? Eventually, because I felt kind of bad for the fish, & I was done being the same space with carcasses? I suggest that she burried them. She turned around and made that my problem agam!  She asked me where to burry them.  I was like, I just arrived from Vegas, you figure it out! You are the one who lives in downtown LA, who has in more than a year! Figure out where you wanna bury your fish! After that, she asked me if I would mind going with her. Basically she just wanted to make it my problem.

 Like, how can you not see that you're being a pain in my butt about this and I can feel you? I can feel you up my ass! How do you not see that, and stop it already! Eventually, she had to go to school or work or somewhere so she asked me if I thought Bee would help her.  I mean, even now,I roll my eyes just thinking about it. She knew more than I did that she and Bee didn't have a relationship. So, for her to act so dumb is laughable. I told her to ask Bee! I told her that that's how she would know if Bee would help her or not.

So that's the afternoon Beee came home and subsequently asked me what in the world Carly was talking about on text about fish. I told her that the fish are dead, they had been for 3 days or so. They were still in the water they died in, in exactly the same spot that they died. She told me, Bee did, that Carly had sent her a text asking her to help her bury her fish. I asked Be if she wanted to and what she said in response. She told me that that was absolutely ridiculous, and she didn't even want to dignify that with an answer.

B was like, "since I moved in here I have been killing bugs,  chasing after rats, killing roaches, spraying flies, I am NOT a handyman!" She always makes me take care of all the dirty work that she doesn't want to take care of, because she's never been in that situation before! Bee told me she's done, they are the same age, and if she can do these things, surely, so I can Carly. I was like, dude I don't want to get involved with your business, she asked me and I told her I'm sorry I don't feel like dealing with that right now, I have a lot going on, I need life, and not death.

 When Carly came home that night or the following day she asked me if I'd seen Bee.  I told her that I did. She asked me what she said about the fish. I told her she didn't say anything. Because I was not going to be the mailman. I'm not the messenger. They texted each other, in my absence, then she needs to wait for Bee to text her back or not!

 Day 4 or 5 or Lord knows what: I did what I had to do and then I came home that night I watched  Netflix as usual, & I went to bed. Carly came home, I pretended to be asleep until I actually dozed off. The following day I saw the fish tanks in the bathroom. They were empty.  I knew there and then what had happened. I think I heard the commotion the night before actually. But I just tried not to think about it. I feel so bad for the fish.

Who does that to their pets, flush them down the toilet.? The worst parent ever! Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone like that, give them something, aa pet, fowers or whatever: when it dies they flush it down the toilet? I, personally, I would not have kids  with someone like that! Maybe I'm drastic! But some people do use things like that as a test to see if someone can take care of something other than themselves. Like a kid! This would have been a dismal fail in my book.

When I awoke the following day, Carly asked me to check out  a note. Out of the blue!  Out of the clear blue sky!  It was actually around 3 in the afternoon. We hadn't talked about the fish that day. We have been talking all da,  about everything but the fish. I was happy, because I didn't want to talk about them. All of a sudden, that afternoon, she came out of her room with a somber face, and showed me this random note. I read the first line, something about mommy loves you or I'm going to miss you, something about mommy but I could tell She was the mommy in that instance. I pushed the thing so far away, as if it was the plagye. I was like, get the hell out of my space!  I am not interested, I did not want to deal!

 I asked her how many times do I have to tell you to respect my wishes about this? I don't want to talk about it! You need to respect that! She told me, " I thought I would write them a letter,..."  I interrupted, & I told her I don't want tohear it!! She tried to force the whole thing into my ears I tried to ignore it.

But, seriously, when I think about stuff like that, how can I ever miss someone like that! Someone who has no respect for me, for you, for the Animal Kingdom or anything else for that matter?

It's really sad if you ask me.


Unknown said...

Brook when are you going to accept that Carly idolises/ idolised you ;)?? Poor thing seeks your approval and wants to be like you. Take it as a compliment (tongue out). No matter how much it irritates you, she insists on it. Do you think she doesn't see that you get irritated at her antics? No. She is just oblivious to it.

Unknown said...

Brook when are you going to accept that Carly idolises/ idolised you ;)?? Poor thing seeks your approval and wants to be like you. Take it as a compliment (tongue out). No matter how much it irritates you, she insists on it. Do you think she doesn't see that you get irritated at her antics? No. She is just oblivious to it.

Brook said...

It's a compliment to think that someone idolizes you but this girl takes it to the next level!
Oblivious is the word