Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Free Stuff!

I decided against calling the real estate after finding out that I forgot to give her the application fee money order. I still called daily to check on the status of my application. Luckily, she was taking my calls. I tried to stay positive and happy at all times, Lord knows part of that was really hard considering who I was living with! Day 3 or so, I called the lady to ask about my application, she told me that the other tenant was approved. I was relieved to finally know what was going on. At the same time, I was let down that I had to go back to the drawing board.

I went back on line with gusto to look for a new apartment all over again. I had to find it asap, come rain or high water. My birthday was coming up. I wanted to celebrate my birthday in my new apartment. Please! I needed that so badly!

I was still gigging on tv, singing or dancing for free t-shirts in between takes, no shame in my game! I was having a good time being back in LA. I made sure not to book the few hour shows, I was determined to work for real money or nothing at all. I would have rather stay at home and invest that time on booking myself on other shows or commercials or whatever than drive all the way to Hollywood for a few hour show. I was determined!

Carly told me about this movie she did background in, I could tell she didn't really want to tell me about it but she was really frustrated that it had been four months and she still hadn't received her check for that job. Apparently, there's this guy who books her for background work, I think that's the part she didn't want to tell me about. She didn't want me asking for the guy's number and getting jobs through her connection, even though all her other tv work was through my connections. She told me that she had been calling that guy endlessly for months and he would always tell her he was going to follow up and call her back, which he never did. One day, I sucked it up and asked her who the guy is, she just told me that it's some guy, but she no longer  was a fan of is all things considered. She didn't want to give me any info on him. I dropped it.

One day she called his office in front of me, I heard his name. I had never heard of him before, it wasn't going to be easy to find out more about him. I had a great mind to track him down, get him to book me and tell her about it, out of spite. I couldn't though because I had never heard of him. One day, she had the never to ask me about one of my connections. I told her that I didn't want to talk about the connection. I shut her down just like she did me when I asked for her connection. Fair, no?

One day, I was at home, minding my own business, doing my nails on the futon when Carly got a call from a friend of hers asking if she was available to work on a show. She wasn't. She had a 'date' with a guy I am convinced she has a crush on and is gay. She says they're really good friends. They met on Tinder though, so. She didn't want to cancel the meeting with her 'friend' for work which is so unlike her. As they were talking, I was thinking to myself, but I'm here! Just as  I did, her friend asked if she knew of anyone who was available because it was a rush call and they needed lots of people. Rush call = last minute call. She had the phone on speaker, so she was fcked. I heard the entire conversation. That'll teach her not to put her calls on speaker. Nobody wants to hear her conversations. Being in a tight corner, she asked if I wanted to work that gig. I didn't feel like it but I took it because she never hooks me up. I wasn't going to turn down the only time she ever hooked me up. Plus, the guy had mentioned that the gig was through the guy she had been trying not to give me his contacts. I thought that was a great chance for me to get them.

Her friend told her I can just show up on set. I told her that I wasn't comfortable showing up somewhere I had never been to work for someone I had never worked for, I would rather confirm with the person who was doing the booking, that's when she gave me the number of the casting guy. I was so happy. It was a good day! I made it to set on time, found the last parking spot on the lot and had a great time working. I sat next to a semi-crazy girl who had vacationed in South Africa, when I told her that's where I was from, she greeted me in Zulu. Which was endearing. We became text buddies sorta.
On the set of the court show wearing my trusted old Woolworths dress.

I got to meet the casting guy, he gave me his business card. It was a good day!

As I was stepping out that day to the car from Carly's, I saw a bunch of stuff in the hallway. It looked like someone was either getting rid of them or they were moving out. I sniffed around and saw a brand new blender amongst those things. I didn't want to grab it in case someone was moving out. I called and asked Carly to keep an eye, if the stuff was still there after an hour or so, could she get the blender for me. She sounded nervous as if I was making her steal for me. She then went outside to have a look at the stuff and called me back ever so excited! She told me that she met the owner of the things, it's actually a lady who lived two doors from her apartment. The lady was moving to Paris that night and was getting read of everything in her apartment. Carly took the blender for me and asked when I thought I was going to move  out. He thought of getting me the bed but he didn't have room to hold it for me until forever, he needed a definitive date when I was going to move out. I thought that was interesting considering she knew I didn't know for sure when I was moving out. I also thought that that was her chance of telling me she wanted me out.
The blender after I washed it a gazillion times, even though it was brand new

I told her that I would definitely be out by my birthday, April 10th, if you want to sing for me on my birthday :) Carly got me a queen size bed, I asked her to leave it in the hallway, I would check it out when I got home, she told me she also saw a pretty couch which she was going to keep for herself, she got a gigantic mirror too and a bunch of other things. I don't know where she was going to put the couch, personally, I think she was being her greedy self. I saw a lot of things that I could have taken for myself but I didn't want to end up with a bunch of things that were not going to go with my furniture. I didn't have furniture yet, I decided to let the stuff go but Carly just wanted to keep everything for herself.

When I got home that evening, Carly had put the bed in her apartment, which was sweet but I wish she had left it in the hallway because it had bedbugs! I saw about three and blood stains from them on the mattress, one was crawling as I inspected the mattress. Yuck! Carly was out with her friend, the bed was near my clothes. I was freaking out. I couldn't help  but think, this girl! The one time she does something nice, it backfired! That probably wasn't fair because how could she have known that the bed had bedbugs that were clearly crawling all over it #sarcasm

I pushed the bed back to the hallway and vacuumed the floor like a million times. I moved my luggage to the other end of the apartment. I wasn't about to move bedbugs to my new Beverly Hills apartment. Hell No! Carly felt bad when I told her about the bed bugs. She freaked out too and was like, 'OMG, are the clothes I had on safe? I don't know about things like bed bugs, what should I do, Brook!' That's kinda like a dig because it says I know about gross things like bed bugs and you don't. Why? I advised her to wash her clothes separately from the rest of her clothes or just throw them away. She has lots of clothes anyways. She did neither.

The same afternoon as when the lady told me I didn't get the old apartment, I was perusing through Craig's list. I saw an apartment in Beverly Hills, it fit everything I desired but had a blue bath tub. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Oh and a blue sink. I went on this other site that has rentals for the west side, that's Westwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, etc. The best side haha. I saw that same apartment advertised on there as well but one would have to pay to get contact details on that site as opposed to Craig's list. I bookmarked the apartment and kept looking. I was going to call them the following morning during office hours. I showed it to Carly. She told me that the blue bathroom could be worked on. I didn't make a big deal about whether or not I was interested in the apartment. I like to tell people after I achieve something not while I am still working at getting it, I believe that their opinions and energies can ruin my vibe. That may be a weird way to go about things, but it's my way. What do you think?

The Blye bathroom. 
The following morning, Carly went to school. I called the apartment people, they told me that the apartment was still available, I could view it whenever I wished. They had a lock on the door and a code to access the keys to the doors. I was then to fill out the application on line if I were interested. I took the bus to view the apartment. I tried to clear my head of any negative thought even though my spirit was kind of hurt because I didn't get the first apartment. I took my headphones with me and listened to music on my iPod. It was good times! The bus turned out not to go all the way to the street  I was going to even though that's what it said on Maps. Oh well. I walked the rest of the blocks. It must have been a ten minute walk.
That's the face of someone chasing after a dream

I loved the neighborhood. It had a lot of apartments, some of them had the to let sign. I didn't want to confuse myself by taking those phone numbers but then again  you never know! I got to the street I was headed to, walked towards what I was hoping was going to be my new apartment. It was a small building with +-10 units. I walked around looking for the unit I was going to view. Luckily, a man asked if I was looking for the empty unit. I told him I was, he directed me and told me what the code was. I made my way towards the apartment, opened the door and took of my shoes. It was too clean for me to walk with my dirty shoes on the rug. The entire place is carpeted except for the bathroom and the kitchen.

The apartment is gigantic! As soon as I walked in, I had this huge smile in my face, I locked the door behind me for privacy and just walked around smiling...


Unknown said...

Please please let's get this apartment. Knowledge you, you will spot something you don't like. And that's it. Deal done.

You and Carly have a strange relationship.

Unknown said...

She is trying to kick you out politely

Brook said...

Come on, I can't be that bad! :)

Brook said...

Basically, yeah! She better be careful what she wishes for.