Friday, November 20, 2015

Furniture Shopping

While staying at my place, Dot was looking for an apartment. She was looking more for someone else's fully furnished apartment, like where the owner was temporarily out of town. She wanted to rent something like that. I thought that as a lady in her fifties, she would want something more permanent, but, for each his own! She had two apartments that she was looking at. I asked her why she didn't just find her own apartment, sign a lease and use her furniture that she told me was in storage and have a permanent base for herself. She told me that she had bad credit. I still think she could find something, somewhere if she really wanted it, no matter the shape of her credit record, but that's me. What do I know? I'm just a girl from Africa! I actually, even went on Craig's list and looked at apartments within her price range and showed her nice one bedroom apartments. She seemed excited for a split second but before I knew it, she was going to view the temp homes.

The one she really wanted, got taken. She went to view the second one and came back very happy. She told me she got it and the owner was so kind, they even lent her the car. She could use it for free as long as she needed to. I was like, this is great, man! I somehow thought that was kinda far fetched but, stranger things have happened! The night before she left, she went to work at this apartment on Sunset Strip. She came home so excited, told me that, she locked the apartment, turned around, bumped into someone, looked up and it was Collin Farrell! I was like, daaaayayyuuummmm! Where was this again? She told me she can't tell me that. I was like you didn't sign a non-disclosure with Collin, just tell me where you saw him haha. It wasn't that deep, I wasn't gonna stalk the guy or anything like that. I have his sex tape, I'm good! 

We talked till late that night and as I was about to go to bed, Dot told me that she was going to move out the following day. I wish she had given me more notice, like maybe from the time she got home? It's ok though, we had the best time together, I let that go. The following day, she asked if she could leave her stuff here until after work.  I agreed. No big deal!

It was the weekend, I was going to be out and about looking for furniture but I was going to be in the neighborhood. I asked for the key back because I needed to be able to have someone else move in if I needed to. Plus, her term was up, she would have to work with my schedule if she needed me to do her a favor. I know, I'm strict. I think I'm fair too though. I found a house online that had a yard sale. I called the lady and asked if she had a bed. I needed that more than anything else. She had it! Perfect! I asked her not to sell it to anyone until I get there. I was going to be the first one there, she lived two blocks from me. Day before that I almost bought another bed in my neighborhood but it was sketchy. It had no legs and was kinda old. When I told Dot about it, she looked like she thought I was in a round about way, asking her to help me carry it but I wasn't. I was telling her about my day. It was good to see that she wasn't willing to help me with stuff like that even after everything I did for her. Plus, it was a gigantic bed, she had told me that if  I found a bed, she was ok sharing with me. I wasn't but I thought if you want to share my bed for the same amount you're paying for sleeping on the floor, why wouldn't you want to help me carry it?

Anyway, I ended up not buying that bed. I went to the yard sale and bought just about everything they had, they were morning out, I was moving in, perfect! I got great deals too, I was the first one at their home and they hadn't even put the stuff out, we just carried stuff from their place to my car. I drove two blocks with a bed set on top of my Land Rover and a sht load of stuff inside. Thank goodness, it was just two blocks! I arrived at my house, thankfully, I'm on the ground level, and offloaded the bed all by myself. I carried the entire Queen bed and mattress to the apartment. It wouldn't fit into the hallway and my bedroom. I took a screw driver out and unhinged the doors and stuck it in there! I set the whole thing up in no time and was so proud I did it! My wish was to have a King Size bed, that's what I have in my list of things for my new apartment. Remember that list? I took the Queen for temp purposes but still had my eye on a King Size. My bedroom looked cute! 

The bed was clean and comfortable, no stains, no bed bugs, thank goodness! I was so happy! I still had my ad up for someone to come stay here for another few days to a week or two, max. I got a text from Dot telling me to drop whatever I was doing, someone is moving out and they had a king Size bed. I thought to myself, damn it man! I just just bought a Queen size bed. But I've always wanted a king size. She knew this, because I told her. She told me they had furniture for the entire house. This was going to be a one stop shop for my entire home. It was perfect but I was tired from moving the bed and other things I bought from the first yard sale! 

I got an email from a very handsome man wanting to come have a look at my place. He asked if he could call me. I was still debating whether I should go to Hollywood Hills to check out the furniture Dot was talking about or just go to sleep. There were no pictures, apparently the guy had posted an ad up on Craig's list but to find that was going to be another mission. I sucked it up and told myself, there will have to be something I will like. I gave the handsome guy my number. He called immediately. We talked, like old friends, he was another cool one. I told him I was on my way out. He rushed here and got here before I left. He also help hinge the door back for me. That dude was so handsome yall! He was so good looking that when I opened the door, the first thing I said was, 'wow, you're so handsome!' I had to get that out of the way! Then I told him to take of his shoes because I needed to know how big it is! Haha, just kidding. My home is a shoes off home. 

We chatted a bit. He told me that he was going to check out another place, on the other side of town and then let me know what he decided. I was like, ok, sure. I was renting out space on my living room floor. The other place he was going to check out was a fully furnished bedroom with it's own bathroom in a two bedroom apartment with a guy who is never home. That was a much better deal for him. I didn't expect to hear back from him. I went to Hollywood Hills and liked everything I saw there, I took the first load of stuff home by myself in my truck and then called a delivery guy and asked him to deliver the rest for me. 

Everything went so smoothly, we loaded the truck, the seller even helped load the stuff. I gave the guy my address, we followed each other for a split second, then he disappeared. That's when I realised that he had my furniture and I had no way of getting hold of him other than a phone number!