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Moving on from that awkward moment at the OBGYN / Gynaecologist 

In June of 2016, I weighed myself for the first time in several months and found that I was the heaviest I had ever been. That scared me! I then started making simple changes like drinking a gallon of water every day, counting calories, and eating less junk food and cooking more balanced meals. I gradually upped my game,
ate fewer calories, leaner meats, etc. November 10th, I joined the gym. Big step! I hadn't worked out in for ever! I had booked a show that morning, Robert Irvine . Unfortunately, I arrived less than five minutes late. That's still late, so I was turned away. I could've been sad about that but I decided to turn that day around. It was 8am or so.  I went back to my car, turned on the music and went and signed up at the gym
That same evening, they had a yoga class. I had always wanted to do yoga, this was a great opportunity to go to yoga classes without breaking the bank as they were part of my gym membership.

Calvin and I had already shopped around for gyms for me and decided on this particular one. He was so kind as to pay for my down payment, all I had to pay for was the small monthly fee. We put down a big chunk down, to ensure the monthly's were low. Thanks, boo! When I signed up, I used my own money and he refunded me when I got home. $$$$$

Below was me on day one at the gym, yoga! I had on a headband I got from a monthly subscription box, PopSugar that I had won from The Talk TV Show.

Pre-First Day in the gym video:

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Yoga wasn't that bad. I didn't know the names of poses and all that. All I knew was Downward dog and plank. We didn't do plank that day. Come to think of it, I used to do yoga back in the day, basic poses for 10-20 minutes before class when I taught English in Eastern Europe. Hands up if you have been with me throughout my Georgia days

Pet Spider, Shiva
Shiva was out of the cage, playing with Calvin. I won't go closer than this!

Frozen mice for pet snake
Remember the story of the missing Rattle Snake? (hint: click on rattle snake for the blog on that). The package above is left over frozen mice aka rodents to feed it. they are very small, baby mice. 


fermented plums, exotic food
Fermented Plums
Calvin loves these fermented plums. They're super salty! Even for me and he says I could be a deer, I love salt so much!

Mom-in-law's cooking
Mother-in-law cooks a lot. She offers us her food almost all the time, because, well, she doesn't eat! I hardly ever eat the food but the above soup wasn't half bad. 

Cambodian food From Neighbors'
Neighbors usually invite us when they have a party, at least, they will invite Calvin,  I go along but only for a moment. I am a bit of a loner, you see? I mean, I blog! That should be a give away right there!

So this happened...!
ballot paper
Ballot Paper
Calvin voted.

Mexican food. Calvin's plate. It tastes better than it looks.

authentic mexican food
Mexican cuisine
We had been to this restaurant before. I saw a lot of people order this gigantic fish, so next time we were there, guess what I ordered?

fried fish. mexican fish
Fried Fish
The fish was worth everything!

Going for a walk with bae! 
If yoou squint, you will see Calvin, right where my finger is pointing.
Strolling with bae
Typical Calvin! He will stop in the middle of nowhere to go for an impromptu walk. You gotta love him.

chicken intestines, fried intestines
Chicken Intestines
Fried chicken intestines. They were OK. Too much left over poo inside, if you ask me. We used to eat this back home. Hashtag, previously disadvantaged background, we used to clean them thoroughly first. They didn't in this restaurant.

Flowers from Mom-in-law
Mother-in-law re-gifted me flowers. Not sure who gave them to her, three days later, she gave them to me. OK! Thanks, I guess!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of my weight loss progress, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,  the works. You all are amazing! I see you! 

I leave you with my N*ked yoga video.
Enjoy! Or should I say, you're welcome?

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