Thursday, July 25, 2019

Not Today, Satan!

Quick photo blog of my African Voyage:
On my birthday!
I celebrated a birthday just before heading back States side. This was first thing in the morning.I took front and back angles of this photo. If I show you the back side, I'd have to kill ya. And I love you too much!

Would've been nice to be with the rest of the family during this special time, moreso on my mom's birthday, but.....
Birthday outfit! Turquoise like the ocean water we were at.

My sis took me to the beach, we had a major photoshoot out there. It was so fun! I love all the photos!

That's us!
Apparently, I got a lot of stares what with my jorts (jean shorts) aka short shorts. They're not even THAT short! Not as short as the first photo, haha! They're rolled up in that one!. It's just that South Africa is conservative like that. At least the black South African community. So to speak.

Wearing a bathing suit for the first time since the naked photoshoot.
Remember that photoshoot? Click here for a refresher.

Some of the food from Durban

I eat a lot of protein as you may be aware, check out my food log on instagram here for inspiration.
Chicken livers, hearts, the works. All so good. Indian fusion

I did a lot of walking and physical work. I was doing renovations, after all.

Going for a walk in the white T and rainy day in the Converses

Note to self:L Buy rain boots!

Working! Hands peeling!

Don't feel bad for me, I loved every minute of it. It was kinda therapeutic being away from my lovely hubby, Calvin! 

Going down memory lane, means touching on the not so easy parts as well. 

Eating Durban Curry. Runny nose and all lol.

What's your favorite cuisine?

Out and about and lounging at home after homemade ice cream

The thing about being around my sister, Pumla, is that, she's a maverick in the kitchen! Who has an entire fridge filled with homemade ice cream and doesn't even eat it?

Sitting in my closet lol. That was my chair in Durban. 

I made that floppy beanie myself. That was my first time wearing to my birthday gift from Pru, my sister. She took me to the Cheetah place in Cape Town. We hung around Cheetahs and other wild cats. It was so special! We had a blast! I'll show you those pics when I can find them. 

The garage and working so hard, I sweat

The garage that someone quoted me hundreds of Rand (South African currency), to clean for me. It literally is empty and took me minutes to clean. Nah, thanks boo! People be trying to make dollars out of you when you're live in America. That's why I just do things myself and then pay myself... generously! sorry! Not sorry!

Mud houses and views along the Transkei / KwaZulu Natal Route

Have you ever lived in a mud house? I hear they are really cool in the summer. I suppose cold in winter!

Last moments with family. Sad to say goodbye to my room and to my loved ones

One took me to the airport, one stayed behind. The goodbye was hard. I called mom just before I left the house because I was going to leave my SIM card behind, it still had credit in it and I was going to be able to use it in The States. 

Cape Town International in front of Nelson Mandela Statue And Airplane Food

There was a guy at the airport, who came and sat right next to me. The airport was empty and dude wants to sit hip to hip with me! What the eff? Suspicious! Next thing, he left his bag next to me. I'm like, this dude got me fcked up, if he thinks I'm about to get in trouble with his stuffed back pack. I got up pronto and started walking around. When I sat back down, he tried chatting me up. Nah, boo! I kept that convo short as heck. The hair on the back of my neck was already all the way up! We were not going to be friends. Not today, Satan!

The food was edible. I ate everything but the carby stuff, i.e. rice, bun, crackers.

Aaaand we're off!

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A Roach Crawling up a leg!

Enjoying my baths; day in and day out!

I got a lot done in Durban, South Africa; from getting my place fixed up, to watching lots of crime documentaries, haha! Tough job, but someone's gotta do it! To going for walks around the area, to reminisce on when I used to live there, many, many moons ago! Everything is so different now! Not necessarily in a positive way!
I had to clean the previous tenant's scum! Wonderful!
I went downtown Durban before heading back to Port Elizabeth. Mom and my sister, Pru needed some things from Durban. I tell ya, I was so nervous! I had to have my cell with me to call and confirm a few things and maybe send pics to make sure I got the the right stuff. This was going to be the first time in more than a month that I was in South Africa that I was going to take my phone out with me. Sorry, if this comes across as exaggerated... not sorry! You do what you have to do!
Taxi Rank (our version of a Bus Station)

I had the phone stuck to me, I won't tell you exactly how because I may need to use that method of operation again in the future, haha! I took a taxi from where I was, sat next to a nice lady, we had a conversation until we got to my destination. I got off at Market. Where I landed when the bus driver who molested me took me to Durbs from PE. I then walked to the market / swamp meet. Lots of vendors selling similar stuff. I went into one of the stalls and tried on one of the outfits. They laughed in understanding when they saw where I hid my phone.
Shopping Downtown Durban, South Africa
The ladies make (and gents) make these beaded jewels themselves.

Alas, I ended up not buying anything for my family, none of the stuff out there was great, unfortunately! I can chalk that up to the reason things are the way they are in SA (South Africa) in general, the economy. If they make things cheaply, they don't have to charge a lot, therefore, chances of making that sale are higher. But sucks for those who are looking for better quality stuff.
Views along bus ride
I found myself in the herbal area on my way out. I tell ya, the place ended up being a maze after all! The things I saw up there, I wish I never did! Giant roaches crawling up people's legs, shit like that! I still cringe at the thought.

I saw a lot of poverty in Durban, of all the cities I had been to during my vacation. I handed out a few bucks here and there, unfortunately, that's temporary.
Bus life. I woke up like this
The supervisor or whatever you call the person at the office in condos and I had a meeting. Well, there were several. Whenever he saw me, he wanted to toot his horn at how much the building needs him, blah blah blah. I told him that I had listed my place and would like for him to just walk prospects in and out and refer them back to me for the rest. My contacts were on the ad and I would just tell people the same thing when they wanted to view the place; to contact me back after they'd viewed it.

I headed back to Port Elizabeth, in time for my mom's birthday.

Lemon and herb chicken made by Pumla and insanely chocolatey choc cake
I'll show you more from the birthday feast when I find those pics

 My sister and I went shopping for it, cooked and all that. My other sister was at the house, she helped out in the cooking and the eating.
We ate and I did some packing, repacking and reshuffling. There was so much stuff and I was trying to fit everything into less luggage pieces. I took some of the things I had left at home forever ago as well. But I left a lot of the stuff I had brought with me. Thanks to all those who supported my business!

Bright and early, we had to get up ad head to the bus stop.

From left: Oldest sister, mom, Pru/Pumlas Food and a Facebook friend who recognized us at bus stop
 All road were leading back to America; not by bus, of course! Cape Town First! I ate junk during birthday, following morning AND on the bus ride to Cape Town! There goes my low carb diet! Haha! I didn't feel half bad though!
Halfway to From Port Elizabeth to Cape Town
Just before we arrived in Cape Town, we were hungry again. At this point, it had been about 8 hours on the road. We bought pot pies / meat pies and fried chicken. I drool  at the thought! I think everything tasted extra good cos I was hungry! We ate some and took left overs home.

We got picked up and driven home. Whew! Long Ride! Especially for me, who couple days prior was on another trip from Durban, for 16 hours. That's a lot of hours on the road! What's the longest you've ever driven or traveled by car or bus / train?

I needed to stretch my legs, so I asked Pru to come along for a quick walk. She was down! That's what I love about my siblings. They area always game for exercise. In fact, I was the one who would drag my feet, growing up! We went for a walk in the estate. It was nice and relaxing. We played swings and laughed and bonded. 
Speaking of walks! Mom and I walking downtown back home! I miss her so!

Bed time! 
Mom's trusted stomach-ache medicine: Camphor. And mine: Baking Soda. What's yours?

My bed in Durban. I told you, I had been camping!

Mom's sleeping bag and pillow and an old throw blanket of mine from back in the day
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