Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Have A Nice Day!

I couldn't wait to go back to the apartment to tell Carly about the Surprise. It was a nice way to start my birth month!

The show was great as usual. I think I went to the Arsenio Hall Show that night. Then back home. Nothing eventful happened thereafter, the usual girl talk with Carly, laughing until out stomachs hurt. I swear, she and I would as much as look at each other and we would roll on the floor laughing. It was great. She reminded me so much of my niece who doubles up as one of my best friends. We had our ups and downs. She never cleaned up after herself. I would like to lie and say, it's the story of my life, none of my roommates ever clean up after themselves but that won't be true. Just the roommates I had at my own apartment didn't clean up. All my other roommates, at least here in the US, did. The Superhero one, would wake up and spring clean, it was adorable. If I didn't know him well enough, sht, I'd thank him for it. If you know what  I mean ;)

Carly would drop a piece of paper or something, anything, on the floor and be ever so nonchalant about it. It's a small apartment, you wanna pick up after yourself cos it doesn't take much to mess it up. I remember one day, I was so fed up with her shenanigans, I asked her if she was gonna pick that up, she looked at me, smiled, made a cute face, batted her eyelashes and kept talking. Like, hello, I don't sleep with you. I got the same thing you have, your batting your eyelashes is wasted on me. Pick the thing up and throw it in the garbage bin! It's a small place. It will take you the same amount of time to throw it in the trash can as it did you trying to seduce me! With more positive result. Let's go! Anyway, she kicked it under the bed and kept talking. It bothered me so much, I felt like she found my Achilles heel and was on it! And was enjoying watching me squirm.

Honestly, the messiness was the only problem I had with her. Only, it was a big problem because everything in the apartment was mine, so whatever is getting messed up, I have spent money on and she didn't. I am not a big fan of cooking. I stock my fridge up with tv dinners aka frozen meals. They have some good ones out there. Clearly, I'm not high maintenance, right? Or I must really hate to cook. I have one pot. A Cute, expensive, all in one I got from the Queen La Fah show. You can use it on the stove top, in the microwave or in the grill. It's amazing. After Jon moved out, I decided to start cooking and eat healthier. I had been using said pot a lot more. By the time Carly moved in, it was always on the stove being used or in the sink getting washed. That cycle stopped when she got there. First of all, after Jon moved out, I promised myself No more Mr. Nice guy! Pay 50% rent and use you own sht. This is not your grandma's apartment! 

Carly didn't care though, she has the most impressive sense of entitlement. That girl will take your earphones while you're at work, by the time you need them, she's away for the weekend. I'm talking about the ones that you stick into your ears. How gross is that? I had to use alcohol and Peroxide to disinfect them before I used them again. You can get earphone for a dollar. I don't know why she couldn't grab herself a pair. For some reason, she liked my nail polishes more than hers, so she would ask to 'borrow' mine. It's awkward. Nail polish is not expensive, she was working as a waitress and had her father pay rent for her, she came home with tips every night and would buy take out dinner every night, eat it on the bus and come home and throw the containers in the trash can, go to sleep, wake up the following day and go to work, come back with more take away containers, stuff them in the trash can. If they don't fit, they're gonna be placed on top of the can. Fck anyone else who may want to use the can. Or you can empty it. Seriously, some of the things she did, I could swear she did them just to spite my ass. Why would you go through the trouble of taking home empty containers? I''m talking about a big one for maybe a burger, one for fries, one for salad and a giant one for soda. Like a whole five meal course worth of containers! 

She also cooked a lot. There's only one pot in the apartment. That's not enough for one person, but if you are going to move in, have the decency to at least buy one more, that way you can make two pot meals. Right? Wrong! She would use that one pot, watch desperate housewives on Netflix and completely forget about the pot. That girl burnt that pot every single time she cooked with it! I'm like, don't you learn? Lower the heat! It's not that hard! (That's what she said haha, sorry, I had to ;)) She would bat her eyelashes and burn it again, sht, she didn't give a flying rats's ass. She would then soak it in the sink and live it there, eat take aways until the pot is cleaned. Not by her. My heart was bleeding. 

Second week rooming with Carly, I got ready for Vegas, as I have told you a little about it on this blog. I talked to my 'boss' whose birthday is on April 12th. Mine is on the 10th. Feel free to diarise it. I'm big on special occasions. It's the Hollywood girl in me. I will celebrate the opening of an envelope! I'm just that girl! I packed a week in advance and kept making changes until the final day. All my stuff fit in my carry on suitcase. It was a week's trip, I was going to go there by bus. I wasn't trying to be ridiculous. I had the carry on bag and a hand bag, that's it! 

Dan had invited me to leave me early, so we would have more time to spend together in Vegas. He told me that I could stay in his room with him. He had two beds in his room. I was like, yeah, that'll be a no! Thanks though! Under no circumstances is it ever a good idea for a woman and a man to share a room when they are dating before they define what the relationship is! Someone is bound to get hurt. Unless they both know they just wanna be FWB (Friends with benefits). I am not that girl. I'll have a relationship with that please! Thanks. Have a nice day now! 

He was like, don't worry, you can trust me, nothing will happen! I told him, it's myself I don't trust! Whatever. I had to come up with something not offensive to get myself out of that situation. He then told me that he would stay one more night in Vegas just so we could spend more time together. I thought that was very nice. Daniel being in Vegas while I was there that week was one of the highlights of my vacation. And year.

My bus was leaving at midnight. It's a 30 minute commute from my place to Union Station, LA. I left after 10pm. I didn't want to be late. That's like the last thing you need. You would rather be that nerd who is so early, people watching, than miss your bus. I got there nice and early, checked in and waited outside until the bus got there. It was nice outside. Union Station is beautiful too, at least outside, there are nice views, so I enjoyed all that. I was in high spirits, what was there not to enjoy?

The bus left on time. They told me my suitcase was too big for a carry on, so they put it in the back with everyone else's ginormous suitcases that probably had corpses in them smdh. I found a nice seat towards the back and got to seat by myself. The bus was nice and clean. There was a girl who was talking on the phone, telling everybody she loves them. She was literally the only one talking on the phone probably in the entire coach. Fortunately as soon as we pulled off, she wrapped it up. I was tired, I needed to sleep, I wanted to Vegas it up the following day. No time to sleep in the day time. THIS IS VEGAS! I was glad the bus was comfy and peaceful for me to be able to get some shut eye.



  1. I do hope that you didn't find hour crib looking like a pigsty when you went back from Vegas. Feel sorry for your Queen La Fah. She probably cremated it while you were away. Cute Carly. Thing is roommates like riding on the bandwagon. Mine doesn't even own a cup. And they never taught her she had to buy bare essentials. And her not rinsing the dishes on those rare occasions that she washes them is just a cream on top.

    1. Let's just say it could have been better but what are you gonna do, right? You take the good with the bad.
      My poor Queen Latifah has been through a lot.
      I think people assume that when the lease is in your name, you have to be in charge of everything from cleaning, to buying them toiletries etc. It doesn't work that way. They know that for a fact when the lease is in their name. Grrrrrr. I mean how long does it take to run water over washed dishes? She can't be for real.

    2. I have two basins by the way. So all it takes is to fill in the two with water. One with soap water and the other with clean water and voila dishes done. But NOOO. Soap water then straight to the drying rack. I like your Carly though. Very clever. Batting eyelids at you so you get embarrassed and distracted. And she gets away with it. Hahahaha. Predicament.

    3. I'm gonna play Devil's advocate here. Maybe your roommate comes from a place where they never used to rinse dishes and she just never outgrew that? I know growing up, in the farm, we didn't have taps, just two giant Tanks so we had to be careful with water. This is my wild guess. Wild being the operative word.
      Well, Carly wasted her eye batting skills on me. Didn't work

  2. Nope my roomie is white. Maybe growing up with a maid could be the reason.

    1. Oops. My bad.
      You know, you can always find another roommate