Thursday, December 22, 2016


parasailing in Catalina Island
Beautiful Day in Catalina Island
Let the festivities begin!

Catalina Island Birthday Trip
One of the new dresses Calvin bought me for my birthday
I was excited in my new outfit. I took flats with me because I had a feeling there was going to be a lot of walking involved.
I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone for my birthday. As if I don't do enough of those! Because eating snakes is just another day in one's life! I thought of bungee jumping. When I went over the kind of stuff one can do in Catalina, I seriously considered parasailing. I can't swim and I have a fear of heights. This would be the perfect activity for me. Right? I pitched the idea to Calvin, he was down.Fortunately, because it was my birthday, I was going to either do it for free or get 50% off, one of the two. There are a lot of free things or discounted stuff for birthday people in Catalina! 

We went  for brunch first. On our way there, I was checking out my pamphlet and GPS to see if there were any spots with free stuff in our vicinity. Bingo!

Catalina Birthday Freebies
The ice cream was free. I paid for the Brownie because love
Both the above were delicious. I love chocolate brownies! Don't you?

The restaurants were full. We didn't want to go to a totally empty one, because, why so empty, boo? We found a seafood one. We both love seafood, so host! Find us a table! 

oysters aphrodisiac
Calvin loves oysters. If a restaurants serves them, trust that he will order them!

finger foods
I love to order platters or some kind of combination meal, that way, I get to sample more of what the restaurant has to offer.

birthday lunch, seafood, catalina eats
My plate. Fish and Shrimp

The food was delicious. Even though I had desert first! On to the main event of the day!
no free tap water in catalina
No Free Tap Water in Catalina Island!

We were told that because of the water shortage in California, especially Catalina Island, they have a law not to give out free water to patrons. This, we were told after the waiter had brought me a bottle of water. I told them, not to worry about it. I had my own water in the bag, as usual. Calvin was embarrassed.
about to jump into  my death
On our way to the Boat for para-sailing

They had three couples on the boat that were all going to para-sail. We were the second one to go.

ready to parasail
I'm ready!
Wondering if the safety vest was strong enough to keep me afloat because the captain of the boat was taking us deeper and deeper into the sea. I put on my leggings in the restroom before boarding the boat in order for me not to 'flash' anyone while up there considering my choice of outfit. Calvin was excited. I was nervous and firetruck!

parachute parasailing
Up! Up! Up! And away!
They only hooked our 'seats' by two hooks. One on each side. I didn't trust that those things could hold my heavy behind up in the sky and keep me off the water. The parachute flew us all the way up, up in in the sky! It was exhilarating! Calvin was excited! He's such a daredevil! He extended his arms out and didn't even hold on to the seats. I was like, are you crazy? He told me that was fun, to try it. I tried, but only for a split second! I didn't tip over and drown like I thought I would! Also, I didn't throw up. Considering this was just after lunch.

This was indeed one of my most favorite experiences. I would highly recommend this to anyone, whether you know how to swim or not, have a fear of heights, or not. We did steal a kiss while up there as well!

I have to tell you, I was so excited when they started reeling us back down. They would do it every so slowly, keep you in a certain height and do it again and again and again, until it was time to get off the chute.

I was so glad to still be alive. Moreover, I was glad that I did it!

safe landing after parasailing

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