Friday, December 30, 2016

Tour of Catalina Island

South African Taxi minibus
Mini South African Taxi? 
After our adrenaline rush, we went for more sightseeing around Catalina Island. There's a museum along the bay. I sucked it up and walked there. You know me, I don't walk! I wanted to see the Marilyn Monroe Exhibit.

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I read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe lived in Catalina Island for a short period of time when she was very young with her first husband. They have a small exhibit in the Island museum oif her few pictures from that time and other stories about actors celebrities who have had anything to do with Catalina. Thanks

333, catalina island fun
On Our way to Catalina Island Museum
The "Museum" is a very small part of a gigantic casino, blink, and you might miss it!
catalina island property, catalina island views
Cute views along the way
catalina island sightseeing
More sightseeing
Here we go!
Catalina Island Casino, Catalina Island Museum
The Casino
We're almost there, Brook!

Catalina Island Casino, no gambling
The Casino that's not really a gambling spot
The 'casino' was closed when we were there. Apparently, it's not a real casino where you can gamble. They do casino tours at certain hours. We went around to the gift shop slash museum side. Pay an entry fee to go into the museum section. It's a very small museum with gigantic newspaper article type pictures on the wall. It's more of an exhibit! They have benches in another small section where you can watch videos of some informative stuff if you're into that. I sat and watched some because it felt good to sit...not in the sky in a parachute with the ocean beneath me.

catalina island museum, merilyn monroe exhibit
In the Museum
It's one of those places where you're not allowed to take pictures, but it's 2016, therefore you have to take one, so you sneak one in, quick!

inside the catalina island museum
And another one for your blog! You're welcome!
Apparently, as the angry lady told us at the front desk, this is run by a non-profit organisation, blah blah blah!

bay of seven moons catalina island
Bay of  seven moons

That's what the writing on the thing says. Don't ask!

garibaldi fish, orange fish catalina island
Orange Fish
Apparently, they are called Garibaldi fish.

We had been told that we could catch the bus to the camping ground from the casino. When we were done, we asked where the bust stop was and people didn't seem to know what on earth we were talking about. In fact, it seemed like they didn't understand our language. What the heck!?!?!? I felt like I was in Georgia all over again!
Looong story short, we walked back to the CBD. It's not far.

walking in catalina island
Walking Brook
By the way, there is very little cellphone coverage in Catalina Island. It's pretty frustrating, if you ask me! So, if you think you're going to Snapchat (follow me @BabalwaBrook or any of those fun social media situations, good luck! Another down side to no network, is that it kills your battery because your phone is working overtime trying to find network. If you use your phone for photos during your trip, I suggest you put your phone on airplane mode. But if you have a camera, always take a fully charged camera with your on your trips. Don't rely on your phone. Most of my vacation photos are from my camera, not phone.

catalina island flowers
Pretty pink flowers
memento, souvernir, golf ball
I saw that ball all the way across the fence as we were walking. I must have said something about it and Calvin offered to go pick it up for me. I told him to be careful, he may be trespassing. He told me that, nowhere there does it say no trespassing, that was public property, so he went in. I guess that's my souvenir from Catalina. 

emoji, smiley

What d you see in this picture?
I didn't see a lot of buses as we were headed to the bust stop. There were a lot of people in gold carts passing us by. I wish one of them would've offered us a ride. In the meantime...!

catalina island photoshoot
More pics, please!

Just as we approached the bus stop, we saw the bus, the driver waited for us. All's well that ends well.

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