Monday, July 11, 2016

3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's New Year's Eve! I get a booking request from a lady on AirBnB. She wanted to rent the space for just a night. I didn't have anyone there but I was going to be away that night. I have a boyfriend now! I'm not going to be stuck at home watching reality TV on New Year's eve! Not that there's anything wrong with that! I love my crime documentaries more than anything else, then all the housewives, and the therapy stuff. What's your favorite kind of TV show? That sentence doesn't sound right, but who's checking, right?

I got excited when I got the request, I had to make it work! If something feels good, go for it! Don't ever deny yourself something that made your heart smile! Rather don't tell anyone and still go ahead and do it than tell people you know are going to try and change your mind, and have you moping because you really wanted them to agree with you and they didn't! I didn't want to tell anyone that I was going to leave someone alone at my house with all my belongings. I knew in my heart that it was going to go well, so I kept it there! In my heart.

I messaged the lady all the details, address, phone number, etc and told her that getting ready for NYE, I was in and out of the house, therefore I left her the key at this spot and here's this and that and the other. I knew we weren't going to meet at all but I wanted her to be under the impression I could pop in anytime. She was only going to be at my house until midnight and then go to an event in a hotel in Century City. Century City is right next to Beverly Hills, it's where Century Fox is, the studio. I love getting booked there because it took me no time to get there.

The lady asked if she could check in earlier than stipulated on my airbnb. I had no problem with that, I had already left the house, in order to beat NYE traffic.

At Calvin's, he had a gig that day. He was invited to a friend's for the NYE party. It was going to be my first time going to any of his friends' houses. I was looking forward to it. They always go to his place. At this point, I had met so many of them already. Which was good, so that I wouldn't feel out of place at the party.

We took Len along with us. The house guest. But when we got to the gas station to fill up before we actually left, he chickened out. The gas station is two blocks away from the house, so, basically, he didn't come with us. He walked back to the house. Calvin had locked the gate because he was under the impression that we would all be gone. He forgot to give Len the key when Len went back home. Len had to jump over the gate. Lordy!

Nice drive to the party! No traffic at all, thank goodness! The party was in San Bernadino. We found parking not far from the house, most of the cars were parked on the lawn. The house is owned by one of the friends. I had house envy. It's a double storey home with 3 bedrooms and a den and a giant pool in the back. It was cold and late,nobody used the pool. The house is a guy's house. I believe the guy is renting rooms out to friends. Fortunately for Calv and I, one of the friends was out of town working. He's a truck driver, they let us use his room for the night. At first, I wasn't OK with the idea of spending the night in someone's house like that but it was a good idea because the party lasted until late. Obviously! I mean we did have to be up until at least midnight for the countdown. There weren't a lot of people there. Most of the guys are from Cal's neighborhood. I have met them and one of the girls. There were two girls. The one I never met before was friendly. She asked where I was from and was so excited to find out I was from South Africa. She had been there years ago and remembers everything like it were yesterday. Pretty impressive! She remembered Durban and all that. I feel weird when people tell me things like:
'OMG, I've been to Durban!'
I've lived there!
'My sister's been to Johannesburg, they went to Soweto while there were in Joburg!'
I've lived there! 
'My mom just recently went to Port Elizabeth, it's a small town in the Cape'
It's in the Eastern Cape. I'm from Port Elizabeth. 
'I wanna go to Cape Town next!'
Cape Town is beautiful, I have family there!
I feel like such a fraud! I mean, it's good that I have been to so many places but it just seems kinda like, really gurl-ish! I don't know! I hope not!

I had a nice time with the girl at the party, we talked forever about South Africa and traveling. She is originally from Salt Lake City, needless to say, I've lived there! Haha! She said we should all go on a couples' trip to South Africa. Sounds cute on paper but I'm not big on groups. She pitched the idea to Cal and he loved it. I told him not to buy the tickets until we revisit the conversation.

There was a lot of food. They had catered. Which was kinda neat. I ate not long before we left, so I wasn't hungry. I did sample some of the food. I didn't wanna be that person! Before midnight, we kinda watched The Revenant. I had seen bits and pieces of it at Calvin's. I watched bits and pieces at the party as well and boom! 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. I'd seen the entire movie! LOL Not quite!

When the party died down and, or, rather when I was sleepy. I headed to bed. I had taken with me a small throw for the road. You never know when you might need an extra blanket. Especially in winter. Even if you're in Southern California. You just might need it! I took the throw and threw it over the guy's bedding and we covered up with a clean sheet we found in fresh laundry on his floor.  The A/C was on all night, so, that and body heat, we were good!. It all worked out just fine for us.

We had an en suite bathroom in 'our bedroom', I just wiped the important parts, brushed my teeth and we headed out early the following morning. Some people we up already, some were still asleep. We were OUT!

All roads lead to Palm Springs!

Happy 2016!


Tembz Didit said...

I watch a lot of crime docies too. IDx and CI. Food network too.

Oh wooow it sounds like fun. We sat here at home and did absolutely nothing for New Year's. BF wanted to go somewhere but we didn't go anywhere.
We did the countdown and went to sleep.

Babalwa Brook said...

It was a nice time. Especially not having to wash glasses afterwards. Haha.
I'm an ID addict!
Currently, I'm watching FBI criminal pursuit and Scorned: Love kills. Both very good shows.

Have you seen Who the bleep did I marry?

Yours doesn't sound too bad either. As long as you were with loved ones. That's a blessing in and of itself imo.

Thanks for your comment

Tembz Didit said...

I watched 2 episodes of that and never got to see it again. I watch Scorned too.
We have always been big on Christmas and I am still not getting used to the partying on New Year's eve. I know BF would like to party up a storm but I hold him back. Party pooper me 😛

Babalwa Brook said...

Oh no! You should humor him every other year or so!
My family's the other way round. We used to stay in on Xmas Day, cook and eat ourselves silly and go to the beach for NY's