Sunday, July 17, 2016

Champagne and Caviar

It's the beginning of the year, spirits are high, goals and desires...people are excited and amped up to pursue their goals and hopefully have their desires met.

I had my own plans in mind; a list of things I had always wished for but never really thought they could materialize but now that I know better, I know that I can have anything I wish for, so can you! I revisited those dreams, I'll tell you more about them when they materialize. I don't like to talk about something until it has come to fruition.

I was at Calvin's one weekend, he threw away magazines that I was hoping to read. I was like, ugh! I wanted to read those! They're not mine but they're here, so why not? Turned out he had put them outside but hadn't thrown them in the trash can yet. The following morning, we were just talking randomly. He brought up marriage. We had talked about marriage before, nothing major but we both knew that we both wanted to get married and to each other. This time, he asked what my ideal ring looks like.
You know I already know this because I have been engaged a couple or more times before and have not too long ago had another close call to marriage. Remember? Cal told me that the reason he asked about  my ideal ring was that he had seen a ring in the old magazines that he liked and wondered if we were on the same page design wise. I tell ya, I got so excited that he was already looking at rings in that way! I asked where the ring was, I was so curious! All the more motivation to dig those magazines out of the trash! Good thing they weren't there!

Fortunately, sad page was in a magazine that was on top and it was the second page, he had earmarked it, so ...

Cartier Engagement Ring?

Apparently, there was some rose or flower event in Pasadena around New Year's. I believe Cal's mom had gone to that event. She got a bowl of roses that she gave to Cal to give to me. Nice, right?

Flowers from the Mom-in-law
The flowers were in individual things full of water, so no need to water them.

The thing full of water
I thought that was a nice gesture from someone I had yet to meet.


After I seemed to enjoy caviar in Palm Springs, Cal decided to make me caviar one morning for breakfast. 
I smiled when I saw it, especially because it was still in a bag with Champagne. I told him I remember being in Africa and seeing fancy people talk about Champagne and Caviar on TV and thinking, wow, the life of the rich! By the rich and famous, I mean the characters of Days of Our Lives and The Bold And the Beautiful.

Champagne and caviar, who's rich and famous now? lol
It came out nice, I thought it was thoughtful of Cal to re-enact my vacation breakfast.

Kobe Beef
He also made us delicious outside dinner. He loves Kobe Beef, nothing to do with Kobe Bryant! he bought that from the Japanese market and barbecued it with some Tofu and artichokes.

He served all that with my favorite fruit juice, Good Belly! So delicious!Try it if you haven't!

Dinner in the backyard

I thought this was really sweet and romantic! I just sat there while being served and took pictures, and totally enjoyed my meal.

When I was on my way to Cal's for the weekend, I had asked him if I could use his laptop. I needed to print out a shipping label for an eBay sale. I didn't want to take my laptop along just for that one transaction.

Cal's charging laptop with a set of maps he wanted me to have from AAA
How nice of him to leave it charging for me, so I find it ready to use and the maps, because sometimes my phone dies while I am trying to make my way somewhere and I end up getting lost. I think that inspired him to give me these maps for back up. I have them in the car but my phone hasn't died since. Of course! Right?

I opened the computer and...

I mean!

So cute! My heart melted! Random question! The red marker was right next to the computer. Do you think he contemplated using it before actually using Paint? (the program not real paint!). Nonetheless, sweet!

Speaking of eBay! I decided to put my Guess heels up for sale. So far, I have only received one email from a guy who is a cross dresser, he wanted to ask about size, even though all the details are in the post. It makes me think that he just felt like sharing that he's a cross dresser. You never know! People get turned on by the most random things! If they don't buy my shoes, I will be happy to keep them. they will fit me one I lose enough weight, which is the only reason I'm selling them. Slightly tight.

Guess Heels for Sale


Let me send you off with an image of money so you can manifest that and more of it into your life.
Have you ever seen so many $2 bills?


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