Wednesday, July 27, 2016

February Food Blog

February Food Blog! Here are some of the foods we indulged in! First, Tibet Nepal Restaurant in Pasadena


Yak Chili (Yak is some kind of an ox. I guess you could call this beef)

Fried Rice

Vegetarian Dish. Tofu
Everything was so good! Our waiter was a cool guy straight from Nepal. It doesn't get any more authentic, right? You know I love Indian cuisine so This was right up my alley.

Cal was over at mine. We went out for Soul food. It had been trending in my head for a while, I mentioned it to Cal and he told me he knew a spot. When he was over, he took me there, but first! 

Betsey Johnson sleepers
I got myself those sleepers and a cute pink handbag. The sleepers were too cute to wear in private, so I wore them out. One time, I even wore them to The Fab Life. Calvin's Southern food spot was no longer there. He didn't have the address but he had been there a few times. The restaurant was close to his former client's house, so he knew how to get there. The client has since passed away. Apparently, she was a sweet old lady and Cal has nothing but fond memories of her. When we saw her house, he stopped and got out of the house and I could tell he was reminiscing. It was touching. The house is deserted. That's the sad part.

Eventually, after driving around South Central, we found a Southern food restaurant. It was packed, the line went as far as outside. We checked it out. It's not a restaurant per se, more of a fast food place, you order from the counter, pay and leave. NEXT!

Southern food

Red Velvet Cake. My favorite! 
I couldn't say no to the giant piece of red velvet cake. It was so good! I ate it as soon as I got in the car. The food was great and not pricey. I would definitely go back, even if just for the big pieces of cake.

Armenian Vegetarian Food Calvin's

Armenian Kebab 

This Armenian restaurant is not my favorite. I have eaten there a few times. Their Vegetarian is good. Sometimes, I find that vegetarian dishes are better than meat and that's rich coming from a meat lover like me.

American cuisine

The above is from some Boston restaurant. I had chicken pie. My pie sucked ass but Cal's spinach was great.

Supposedly, See's  the best chocolate in the world. Supposedly

Have you had See's chocolate? Did you like it? It was OK for me. Too much dark chocolate and not enough dairy milk. Also, where's the white chocolate?

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